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Hello everyone! How was your August? Mine was thrilling, exhausting, rewarding, and memorable. Most notably, I had the honor of being on Faculty for the SCBWI-LA conference. I even got to ask many of my favorite authors and illustrators why they were grateful to create books for children. I even hijacked Katie Davis’ Brain Burps About Books podcast so I could share their responses. Give it a listen if you haven’t already. Lots of inspiration tucked into 20 short minutes.

But the key question of the hour is: Did I write a PB draft in August? Did you? The answer for me is no, BUT I did do an extensive revision on an existing manuscript that had been eluding me for some time. I’m still not sure if I’ve gotten it “right,” but I am ecstatic that I’ll have something to share with my critique partners this month.

Now it is your turn. How did you fare in the dog days of summer (Northern Hemisphere)? Let us know in the comments and of course in the Rafflecopter.

Quick reminder: Submissions to our August featured agent Jennifer Mattson will close today at 6:00 p.m. Eastern/3:00 p.m. Pacific SHARP! Our September featured agent, John Cusick, will accept submissions from GOLD members in September. HOWEVER, John’s submission guidelines will be delayed for a few days because he is out of town for the Labor Day weekend. I will announce on the Forum and the Facebook Page once submissions to him are officially open. Thanks for your patience.

Here is what you need to do to check in for a chance to win a critique from Corey Schwartz, even if you didn’t complete a draft!

  1. See the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post that says “Critique with Corey Schwartz” at the top.
  2. Click on the “Comment on Corey’s Blog Post” button. It will reveal the task, which is to comment on Corey’s August 1st post. Commenting on Corey’s post is mandatory and gets you one point even if you didn’t complete a draft in August. If you haven’t yet commented, click here to do so. Then you click ENTER on that option in Rafflecopter, which will then open the next two options.
  3. Click on the “Wrote a PB Manuscript” button. This will ask if you completed a PB draft in August. If you did, click ENTER, if you did not, move on to the next step.
  4. Click on the last “Revised a PB Manuscript” button. This will ask if you revised a PB in August. If you did, click ENTER. If not, move on to the next step.
  5. Submit your entry. Rafflecopter will track your points.

You have until midnight Eastern on September 1st to enter your results. I will then have Rafflecopter draw a winner and announce it on the blog on September 2nd.

Many, many thanks to Corey for helping us earn our black belt in rhyme!

Finally, don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet September’s awesome featured author!
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  1. This has been a good month for me. Not only did I write and revise my monthly manuscript, but I have come up with a whole bunch of ideas for manuscripts I can write in the coming months. 🙂

  2. I am delighted to say that after quite a dry July (as I was travelling for a month on the other side of the world) I managed to have a very constructive August with lots of ideas and one completed new manuscript that I really enjoyed writing! 😀 As ever, many thanks Julie for keeping us all going!

  3. Back on track, post knee replacement surgery, wrote, revised, submitted. I’m back!

  4. On to next month!

  5. Congrats again, Julie, for your amazing month. I am happy with this month – between summer activities and travel, I managed to have a really fun idea for a story, revised a couple of stories, worked on some art, and became productive last week when the girls went to school. Looking forward to a couple of productive months before the black hole of the holidays kicks in.

  6. I am really excited about August’s story thanks to an idea from my 7yr old. Congrats on a superb month, Julie!

  7. Got it all completed 🙂
    ~Tina Cho

  8. Nothing new for me this month, but I did do quite a bit of revising.

  9. I wrote a PB, and it was terrible! However, I did get started on another PiBoIdMo idea, which will require a ton of research. I’m jazzed about it though.

  10. I DID IT!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I did it in one month!!! I have a COMPLETED PICTURE BOOK!!! (I also edited it – alot) 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 WOO!

  11. Woohoo! Finally was able to write a PB and revise an old one. August was good to me!

  12. I revised a few manuscripts this month. I was also very excited to write a new manuscript this month. I attended Jon Sciescka’s and Mac Barnett’s presentation at the SCBWI summer conference where they presented their book, Battle Bunny. The format was fun, different, and subversive. It encouraged to revisit a project which had only been an idea for over six months, and just go for it. I am loving it so far, and looking forward to sending it to my critique group.

  13. Yes, August was insane…and I have a feeling, with all the packing and then the move, that September will be also.
    But I did write a pb draft…pretty ROUGH…but alive and standing. And I revised/revised/revised the one I sent to Jennifer Mattson the other day for 12×12.
    Julie…congratulations on SCBWI-LA…and on all the other speaking engagements you have done this year…I’m so happy you have spread your wings and are sharing your expertise to help others.:)
    And I’m soooo happy I will be getting to meet you before I leave Colorado…Hurray for the Tattered Cover Bookstore event!!! And hurray for Stacy who is driving me up there.:)

  14. I revised and wrote and worked hard. I’m a writer, after all! 😉

  15. I revised the heck out of a manuscript!!! Although I know more revisions are in its future, it has made significant progress!

  16. I did accomplish all three, although sporadically. Here and there, tucked in between busy summer events and daughters coming home for a while and us going places and friends moving away. Hoping fall is quiet and calm for me. Thanks to all for your encouraging successes and, ha-ha, your successful encouragement! When I read about you writing forward, “darn-the-torpedoes” I am emboldened to push on.

  17. Thanks to my 8 year old, I completed a VERY rough draft today, but at least I wrote something. He convinced me I had to at least try to write one to meet my goal and I didn’t think I’d have the time. I’d been wanting to try a circular story for a long time, so I finally just scribbled one out! And I’m always revising it seems, so another successful month in the hectic summer days with the kids at home. Tuesday they start school!!!!!!!! Bring on September!

    • That is so special that your 8 year old encouraged you. Sometimes I think it’s the young ones that are most successful at giving me the kick in the bum I need sometimes.

  18. Yes, I have a new draft for August, and though I wanted to spend a lot more of my time on illustrations than I did, I was so jived by my online pb writing course this month, that I revised a pile of other drafts and so am feeling really good! Glad you had such a good month too, Julie, and I can hardly wait to see some of the Front Range 12xers next week!

  19. I revised a LOT this month. I have a new critique partner and we started exchanging mss. every 2 weeks. It’s so helpful! But I also managed to finish a teeth-pulling draft, with 3 hours until midnight. I considered throwing in the towel, but for the past 4 days forced myself to write just one scene per night, and like the turtle, I finally finished. Whew! It’s clocking in at 811 words, but hey, that’s what first drafts are for, right? Gives me something else to revise for another month.

  20. I hope your knee replacement went well, Genevieve. I am looking at undergoing the surgery on both of my knees in the not too distant future.

    Is it just me? It doesn’t seem possible that today is the first of September… where did the time go?

    This has been another busy writing month… not so much writing, although I did write a new PB, abutrevising and submitting.

    I revised and submitted one of my older Historical PB manuscripts to the 12 x 12 August agent; revised my chapter book and my middle grade novel, which is set in 17th century Scotland. My count so far is nine of my manuscripts are still out there… a PB out to one 12×12 agent, a Historical PB out to two 12×12 agents along with two other agents; my chapter book out to three agents and my middle grade out to one agent.

    Hope everyone has a great September!

  21. Once again, I’ve done some great revisions and have begun some new (what I hope will be wonderful) manuscripts but haven’t completed one.

  22. I scribbled and scribbled on an idea for August and FINALLY wrote the draft on Aug. 31 – under the wire! I’m VERY ready for September!

  23. Still enjoying being a part of 12 x 12 even though I have been very unproductive and dormant. Hopefully I am like a volcano about to erupt with ideas and discipline 🙂

  24. Not a productive month for me. No draft this month. A lot going on with family.

  25. August was another tough month for me. I didn’t write a book, but I did edit one and send it off to my publisher for consideration. I also submitted a previously written book to an agent. Got rejected, but I’m okay. I love the book, so I’ll be trying to find a home for it.

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