Important note: Due to a recent family emergency, I will not be drawing April winners until later this week, and possibly next week. Once I know when winners will be drawn, I will post that information here on the blog.The monthly check-in procedure AND the deadlines (commenting by midnight ET May 1) are the same.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Whew what a month! I can’t say I’m sorry to see this one go.  It’s now time for 12 x 12 in 2012 participants to check in.  Did you complete a picture book draft for April?

For the first time, I must admit I did not complete a draft.  What can I say? Life happened.  However, I am participating in National Picture Book Writing Week (NaPiBoWriWee) starting tomorrow, so I hope to make some good ground there.

Many thanks, once again, to our four featured authors for April-Palooza – Jennifer WardLinda Ravin LoddingSandy Asher, Susanna Leonard Hill!!!  If you left a comment on their April 1st post, you are automatically entered to win a critique from Jennifer, Linda or Susanna or a copy of Sandy’s book WRITING IT RIGHT: How Successful Children’s Authors Perfect and Sell Their Stories, regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month.

If you did complete a draft in April, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry.  YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY.   You have until midnight EST May 1st to leave a comment on this post and/or the April 1st post to be eligible for the drawing.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet our May authorl!!

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  1. i completed mine. Kelly McDonald
    hope things are getting better love xx

  2. I completed my April draft about a lion cub. Thanks for all you do, Julie!

  3. All the best, Julie, and take care of yourself.

    Yes, I did finish my April draft thanks to a writing retreat at the beginning of the month.

  4. Yes, April draft is complete…I think it may even be my favourite so far!!
    x Nicky Johnston

  5. Hope the month of May is much better for you Julie!

    I completed my April draft and like Nicky Johnston, feel it may be one of my better ones!

    Ramona Davey

  6. Hope all is well with you Julie, take care.
    I decided to slow down a bit this past month and said no to A-Z so I could concentrate on ensuring a draft for this month which I have done, and feel good about it. Like the others have said… heres hoping May is much better for you.
    Diane Tulloch

  7. This one was a bit rushed but done.
    Catherine Johnson.
    Hope everything is okay Julie x

  8. Julie, sending light, love and hugs to you and your family.

    My April RD is tucked safely away in my 12 X 12 e-file.
    [ + backed up on externally :~) ]

  9. I hope everything is OK with your family Ms. Hedlund.
    I actually got my whole picture book done this month! Now I am going to work on a new one!

  10. April draft is done! hurray 🙂
    Julie: I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Kathy Phillips

  11. I completed my April draft and would love to win a critique from one of the other authors, although I already have Sandy’s book. I hope things are getting better for you! And I’m going to try for NaPiBoWriWee too 🙂

    Susanna Leonard Hill

  12. I completed another draft this month. Julie, I’m sorry things are so tough. You have lots of support from this group. Best wishes, Lisa Rogers.

  13. Will Orser completed his draft for April! I love rhyming picture books! 🙂

  14. Got started on the draft, but after the NE conference, went back to another story, tweaking per suggestions from professional.

  15. Draft complete! Congrats to those still going strong!

    Shannon Abercrombie

  16. Hugs, and then more hugs your way!

    April draft complete!

    Still haven’t decided about NaPiBoWriWee, as I have none of the prep Alison Hertz suggested!

    Joanna Marple

  17. I compketed my April ms earky in the month and have even taken it to my critique group! Thank you for this motivating challenge, Julie.

    -Alison Hertz

  18. My April draft is complete.
    Thoughts & Prayers
    ~Penny Klostermann

  19. I completed a rough draft right under the deadline. :p
    Hope things are looking up, Julie.
    Dana Carey

  20. Just squeaked in with my draft (finished it Saturday).
    Julie Falatko

  21. I finished April’s draft and it’s almost ready to submit to Rate Your Story.

  22. My April draft is complete.

    Good luck to those tackling NaPiBoWriWee this week, and to all 12X12’ers for the month of May!

    Cathy Ballou Mealey

  23. Good luck this week! I finished my April draft. Thanks so much,..Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

  24. Julie – I hope things go well with you, and this month is better for writing. I finished my manuscript last week – again, featuring mud. What is it with spring and mud around here? Anyway, am off to a fresh page and getting a one-day head start on my May book. Getting one finished each month is challenge enough this year, so I’m skipping the 7-books-in-a-week event. Have fun & power to all who go for it. See on tomorrow’s post.
    ~Sue Heavenrich

  25. I finished not one, but TWO picture books in April! Not to toot my own horn, but this is no small feat given that the teenage boys down the street broke into my home and stole my laptop at the end of March! Writing well is good revenge, and the challenge has really kept me on track. 🙂

  26. I finally got on board and completed an April manuscript. Thanks for this great project!

  27. Julie, I hope and pray all is well. I will be praying.

    I completed one, it might be gobblygook until I fix, but it is what it is, right now. I need to make it funnier.

    Yes, thanks to all the wonderful featured authors. You guys rock!

    I’m doing NaPiBoWriWee also. Not blogging so it will be much easier. Thanks for doing this. *waving*

  28. Julie, I hope things improve at home. If you need help with Excel spreadsheets this month, please let me know. I did complete my April draft, and it’s been through my wonderful critique group. I feel really good about it, so my goal is to clean it up ASAP and get it to Rate My Story. Kirsten W. Larson

  29. Yup – I got several picture book manuscripts written this month – wahoo! 🙂 e

    • Oops – I thought it was going to put my whole name in there, but it didn’t: Elizabeth Dulemba

  30. Hope things go better soon, Julie.
    I did get a draft done. Whew. This one is a chicken story. Guess I’m going to the farm this year.
    Linda Campbell

  31. Yay, after not finishing last month, I got one done in April. It’s not even the one I started in March.

    I hope all is easing up for you, Julie. Take all the time that you need, both for yourself and your family.
    -Jan O’Neil

  32. I completed my April manuscript – just one, but I really like the idea.
    Eric VanRaepenbusch

  33. My thoughts are with you and your family, Julie. *many hugs*

    I completed a draft and revised it a couple of times — a bit more revision and it will be ready to go to my critique group.

    Take care,

    Beth Stilborn

  34. Julie Rowan-Zoch: The draft is rough as I am not savvy with pirate lingo – looking forward to the research though!
    And YIKES to Kelly Karsner Clarke – hope she got that laptop back!

  35. Yes, I did complete one for April…a guessing book called “Busy as a?” Good to hear that things are slowly stabilizing, Julie…take care!

    Jarm Del Boccio

  36. I completed my April draft. Now to tackle May! Happy writing to everyone.

    Julie, I hope all is well with your family soon.
    Holly Ruppel

  37. Tore my ACL and LCL last week and am sorry to say I don’t have anything I’d call a “new” completed ms this month. Did two revisions I’m proud of, but nothing new. And I can’t walk. So it’s not a good month.

  38. April draft is complete – and my most sincere strength, energy, and love to all in this 12 x 12 who have had or are having a “rough” spring. Seems to be going around, rather fiercely. Julie, singling you out because hey, it’s your Blog – I hope all is Writerly again very soon!

    Melissa Kelley

  39. Ahh me. I did not complete a draft. It’s okay. The year is young yet and Wednesday’s my birthday!! Take care of yourself, Julie.

  40. April draft – Done. So far, I’m staying on top of it. How much longer…? That’s the question.

    Hang in there, Julie.

    Genevieve Petrillo

  41. I actually completed my April draft with a week to spare, unlike all the other months. Hope all ends up okay with your family, Julie.

    Margaret Greanias

  42. Yes, I finished an April draft and I’m a bit excited, because this one may have potential! I wrote my first draft weeks ago, and have written subsequent drafts.

    Hope everything is going well on your end with your family.

  43. I did April…even early in the month! I’m on an every other month spurt here…I expect May to be like pulling teeth and brilliance in June:)
    Hugs to you, Julie!
    Carter Higgins

  44. Got in 3 drafts this month. Two were rhymers. Brings my trimester total to 12. Woo-hoo! All the best, Julie.
    Tim McCanna

  45. It was a stretch, but I did finish my April story. “Rough” is quite the appropriate word for it at the moment. I’m going to give it some more attention this week before I turn to my May draft.
    Carrie Finison

  46. “Yes, it’s done,” she said grudgingly, knowing that it was not her best effort. “Good thing the manuscript police won’t be by my house,” she thought. Ah-well she would once again have to get out the white out and room freshener.

    Julie – prayers are lifted for you and family.
    Laura Miller

  47. Sending good wishes your way, Julie, including wishes that this experience will evolve into even more fodder for gratitude.

    I did complete a manuscript this month, much to my amazement. And I’m looking into the picture book week. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  48. I completed my draft. Sending best wishes your way. Sandi Hershenson

  49. My draft is finished. Hope all is well soon with your family. Jennifer Young

  50. I’m done with April’s draft and May’s too. I’m taking the extra step since I know May will be a hectic month for me.

    And I’m so sorry to learn of your family emergency. I hope everything will be okay.

  51. April has seen me start several PB drafts. Thankfully one of them, at least, got finished–though I’m not too happy with it.

    Hope all is well with your family now, Julie.

    Jo Hart

  52. Yep, I finished one. I’m so glad I did Picture Book Idea Month and this challenge as well. Makes me go back and pull those ideas instead of letting them sit, picking up cyber dust! 😉

  53. I finished another draft too~ I agree with Cathy C Hall about PiBoWriMo ideas. I hate to leave creativity around that isn’t being used! Bring it on May! (Oh, and sorry to hear you have a family emergency, Julie. Those unexpected events can
    really mess with your life plans!
    Gail Handler

  54. Yes, I completed one & I’m fairly happy with it, too. Hope your family troubles have sorted themselves out, Julie.

  55. I wrote a good one this month and am feeling optimistic about it. I also took an online picture book writing class. Great for staying motivated!

    Sending prayers your way, Julie. Here’s hoping May is a happier time.

    Karen Kallis Cheesman

  56. Finished my April PB draft tonight. So glad to get one done, since I missed finishing Feb and March. Blessings to you Julie.
    Jennifer Rumberger

  57. Hey everyone! I have not been checking in during the month, but did get another book completed. Hmmm, not sure how good a first draft it is…but the bones are there and I like ’em!

    Hope all settles down soon for you Julie. Sending you all my best.

  58. Tough month for me. Just finished a draft in the last hours…and it is very rough. Oy! Onward to May!

  59. I did not complete a draft either, Julie. I actually completed Rena’s A-Z Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month today. So I have 26 new, original poems to show for April! 🙂 I am hoping to write two pb drafts in May. We’ll see what happens…. 🙂

  60. I snuck in at the last minute, but I did finish a manuscript this month. Best of all, May’s in already in the works!

  61. Got my April draft completed. Love the beginning, not so much the end. This is definitely one that will need lots of work.
    — Carol Munro

  62. April draft in edits and coming along. Glad your family emergency is settling down. This month just flew by.
    Jackie Castle

  63. I did it, just by the skin of my teeth. I’m excited to now have 4 completed manuscripts to work with so far this year. Thank you Julie and fellow 12x12ers for your continued support, motivation, and inspiration.
    Beth Thaler

  64. Hi Julie,
    Yes, I did complete my April PB draft…and already have the May one underway. 🙂 My husband always sees me scribbling away these days…he thinks the pencil and paper are part of my hand.

    Sorry for your troubles…I’m sure there is nothing I can do…but I am, by nature, a nurturer and fixer of problems…if I can help, please let me know. 🙂 You have done so much for me, just by having this 12 x 12 Challenge…I feel I owe you BIG TIME. 🙂 I always feel badly, though, that I rarely go to the 12 xx 12 Facebook page…I applaud those who are able to make the time to do that.

  65. Oops!
    Sorry, forgot to leave my name…although my sign-in has it also. 🙂 But we are teaching our kids to follow the rules, so I guess I need to. 🙂

    Vivian Kirkfield

  66. I don’t know if it counts but I did it any way! Damn slow typing! Feel better anyway!
    Patricia Moore

  67. Success! Thanks to my poetry group.

  68. Whew! Mine came as inspiration for Mothers day. I managed to finish April just under the wire.

    Hope it’s not to late for comments.
    Thank you again Julie

    Melissa Mead

  69. Just in time! April draft finished. I’m praying for you and your family, hope everything is alright.
    Cheryl Velasquez

  70. Stacy S. Jensen

    I completeled an April draft.
    Stacy S. Jensen

  71. Shai Stephenson

    I finished one. Sending energy your way Julie. Hang in there.
    Shai Stephenson

  72. I did complete a manuscript for April.
    Take care, Julie.
    Penny Klostermann

  73. Done…this one really needs work! Sending good thoughts your way Julie.
    Mary Jo Guglielmo

  74. Whoo-hoo! I did it. It stinks unbelievably, but it is done. For now.

  75. I thought I’d missed the deadline, but I guess not. Whew! Yes, I finished a draft this month. My thoughts are with you Julie. Hope everything goes well this week!

  76. Yes I did it. Right down to the wire again.
    Glad to hear things are going better.
    Darshana Khiani

  77. I sure hope all is well with your family, Julie! I must say that April was a very crazy month for me as well. However, I was able to finish a draft. Thinking of you!
    ~Jennifer Kirkeby

  78. Kathleen Cornell Berman

    My April draft is done, not happy with the middle though. Definitely needs work. I hope things are on the upward swing for you Julie!
    Kathy Cornell Berman

  79. I had trouble with my connection yesterday; my comment wouldn’t post so I’m trying again today.
    I got a very rough draft sort of together for April. Not satisfied with it by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s there to do lots more work on later.

    I hope all will soon be well with you and yours, Julie.

    Lynn A. Davidson

  80. 🙁 I hope you’re okay. Thinking of you and your family.

  81. Elizabeth McBride

    Agh! It is May 3rd and I missed the check-in! I completed my manuscript on time and I’m still thanking NaPiBoIdMo for setting me up so well for this! Hope you are doing well, Julie! Thank you for all you are doing for all of us!

  82. I had a great time writing this month’s picture book. I have now written 29 picture books since the beginning of January. I completed my manuscript on time this month and every month so far. 🙂

  83. Hi Julie,

    I am hoping you are OK.

    Here is our April picture book that we completed and posted on our blog.
    Thanks so much for all you do!

    Melissa Bugaj

  84. Half a draft…does that count? So much happening at the end of the month, including the wonderful Arkansas SCBWI conference. The idea came out of the conference in an exercise we did. So, glad to have the idea. Sad I didn’t make the draft. – Damon Dean

  85. AND the late post. – Damon Dean

  86. I have to say that I am loving this challenge. I completed my draft for April and I’m really excited to keep working on it. Can’t wait to work on May’s draft.

  87. I’m late checking in, but draft is complete! I know I don’t qualify for the April prize for being late in posting, but all that matters is that my MS draft is complete! Thanks Julie!

    Dana Atnip

  88. I’m late checking in also. My April draft is finished and I have a post on my blog. Like Dana, I’m so glad that I completed my draft, that is prize enough! I had a tough April. Let’s hope May is easier! 😀

  89. I don’t know why I couldn’t find this post at the end of the month??? I did complete my April manuscript.

  90. Sorry to be late posting this, but I’m still dealing with a computer that thinks it’s HAL along with medical issues AND I participated in Paula Yoo’s NaPiBoWriWee .

    I did manage to complete 2 picture book drafts (one about an abandoned bear cub and one about the Boston Tea Party) I have revised them twice… the next step is to figure which ones will go through my critique group this month.

    Hope everyone has a great May!!

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