HOW is it November 30th already? Just ONE MONTH left in the 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge!

I know I keep promising to deliver more information on 12 x 12 in 2013, and I will. I WILL! I am shoveling as hard as I can to unbury myself and get everything ready. It will probably come as no surprise that registration will not open tomorrow as originally planned, but I am shooting for December 5. Registration will also stay open through February, so never fear — there will be plenty of time.

And I know many of you are more than prepared after completing the always amazing Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) and getting inspired by the Picture Book Month posts about why picture books matter. Have those ideas ready. You’re going to need them soon!

So, now is the time to let us know if you completed your picture book draft in November. I have not (yet), but I’ve had it written in my head for days, so I hereby commit to getting it on paper before the day is done. Please remember to leave a comment on the post from our November featured author — Linda Arms White — one of my own mentors. If you do, you’ll automatically be entered to win a FREE critique from her regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month.

If you did complete a draft, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry toward Linda’s critique. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY. You have until midnight EST December 1st to leave a comment on this post and the November 1st post to be eligible for the drawing.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to meet our December (and final) featured author for the 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge. You will NOT be disappointed!

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  1. I completed by Nov. draft yesterday. I can’t believe only 1 more month left! Wow!
    ~Tina Cho

  2. Hard to believe, but I finished my draft and PiBoIdMo early this month! How is it that when more is due, I’m better at getting it done early? Anyway, thanks again for all you do!
    -Jan O’Neil

  3. Parts on paper, parts bubbling in the brain, and a few more hours to bring what will be a very rough draft all together. But I love the MC (hope you all will, too, someday) & the storyline, so I believe this will be one to which I’ll return to polish to perfection (or at least publication)!

    This story is one of my PiBoIdMo ideas; I have another one that I can’t wait to flesh out for the December draft. Here’s to 12×12!

    Thanks, Julie!

  4. I completed my November draft, turned it into a story, and will send it to my critique group on Sunday. Yay!!!! Thanks for keeping us accountable.
    Mona Pease

  5. I’ve finished an d I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow, Julie!

  6. It’s done. Not great. But done. Thanks 12×12 for making me get my butt in chair!

  7. I didn’t do a whole draft, but I am still working hard! 🙂

  8. I completed my November draft with the really fun PiBoIdMo idea. I was hoping to save it for 12X12X2013 but could not wait!

    Cathy Ballou Mealey

  9. I completed a november draft and am sorting through my 12x ideas. Ready to get to work for 2013. – Stacy S. Jensen

  10. finished! cynthia iannaccone

  11. Heyya Julie. Never fear about the registration date being changed. We’re sitting on ready whenever it is. Except, I mentioned to someone it would be tomorrow. I hope she sees this. 🙂 I have my draft for Nov. done. Plus, I have all my ideas nestled neatly in a notebook and I’ll use them for 2013 12 x 12. I’m feeling good! Can’t wait for tomorrow. CONGRADS to everyone whether you completed a draft or not. This is F-U-N! *waving and smiling*

    Robyn Campbell

  12. I completed a November draft. Haven’t been able to say that I’ve completed a draft in quite awhile. Whew! Kim Murray

  13. I finally managed two this month, having failed abysmally in Sept and Oct.

  14. I scrambled to write a draft on November 27th, thinking I had missed writing one for the month, then yesterday as I tidied my computer’s desktop, I found the draft I’d written in early November on a totally different topic. (Yes, my brain is apparently aging at a rapid rate. In my defense, it has been a rather exciting month.) So, I have TWO drafts to show for November. Bring on December!

    Beth Stilborn

  15. Finally getting back on track. I did my November draft! Yay!

    ~Nessa Morris

  16. Geez–I almost forgot to check in – and I have 2 Done & Done. PiBo helped with those. Congrats to every one else!

  17. I have completed the worst draft ever known to man. =)

    -Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

  18. Yep, pulled one of my PiBoIdMo’s and cranked that PB out for November–and I really like this one. Don’t know if anyone else will…;-)

    Cathy Hall

  19. I have 14 (very, very, very)…rough drafts done!
    Now if I can just find time to work on them 🙂

  20. My November draft is so rough I cut my fingers on it while typing it! ;~)

  21. After a false start on Monday, I finally sat down this morning and worked out a draft of a story with one of my PiBoIdMo ideas from earlier in November. This is a very different ms for me, but I like it a lot.

    I’ve had a lot of months where I’m sliding in with a draft on the last day of the month — I just hope I’m not sitting hunched over my computer on New Year’s Eve!!!

  22. I’m looking forward to participating in this event next year. I just finished with PiBoIdMo, so hopefully I’ll have enough useable ideas to get me through.

  23. My November 5th idea for PiBoIdMo went from idea to fleshed out rough draft for 12X 12 in the same writing session!

  24. I completed my November draft, it was also one of my PiBoIdMo ideas, so thanks to both challenges tey work great side by side! Can’t believe we have only one month left…

    Ramona Davey

  25. November draft – finished. December draft is actually started already. Looks like this is really happening! So much fun!

    Genevieve Petrillo

  26. Yes, I did! Finished it this morning. It was a tough one, sort of a fractured fairy tale. Looking forward to 2013, and all you are preparing for us. It’s much appreciated.

    Jarm Del Boccio

  27. Julie Rowan-Zoch

    One liittle-bitty draft for November! BUT it was one of my most productive months having completed PiBoIdMo and SkADaMo – and falling only pages short of reading all of David Copperfield! Whew!

  28. OMG is right! The year went be quickly. Well, I wrote my November picture book and a couple more over break. A week off from work during Thanksgiving does wonders.

  29. I completed a draft this month AND I’m actually remembering to check in for it. Boy, am I feeling on top of things today. 🙂

  30. Kathleen Cornell Berman

    YES! I finished November draft and worked on a few other manuscripts. Thanks Julie for such a great challenge.

  31. OK…draft, albeit a crappy one…is completed! 😉

  32. I did 2 this month, and one is not bad. 😀

  33. Sadly, I did not complete a draft. I have a few PiBoIdMo ideas I’m excited about, but those darn nonfiction ideas take a long time to research.

  34. Brenda A. Harris – I have 2 pb drafts done this month. The first pb draft is so good I’ve begun sketching and storyboarding it. Thanks Julie. 🙂

  35. This is truly one draft I would not have finished if it weren’t for 12 x 12 (and the six hour time difference between ETS and Germany). Thanks, Julie!
    Heather Cyr

  36. What a year this has been so far, Julie! Thanks to you with 12×12, Tara with PiBoIdMo, Kathy with 31 in 31, Dianne with Picture Book Month and Susanna with PPBF, Short and Sweets and her contests…I have done more writing in one year than in the previous 40!!!! I am living in a state of bliss! That is AMAZING!
    I did complete my November draft…and I’m looking forward to submitting a couple of manuscripts that started out as 12×12 drafts. 🙂
    Vivian Kirkfield

  37. The draft is kind of cute, kind of lame, but done! It’s all good…and like Vivian, I’ve been able to form some of these 12×12 drafts into submittable ms.
    Lisa Rogers

  38. Oh, happy day! I did it. I’d been sitting on this quirky idea ALL month. I tried here and there to get it down, but of course it flowed today. I’m completely dependent on deadlines, so once again I thank you Julie. Where would I be without this challenge? Well, I wouldn’t have 11 completed pb manuscripts…that’s for sure.
    Beth Thaler

  39. This has been a good month. I took one of my ideas from picture book idea month and completed my draft today.

    –Rena Traxel (Boudreau)

  40. Completed my November draft earlier this evening…well, late yesterday evening…it’s already A.M. here.
    A great feeling to get this and my PiBoIdMo completed in the same day. PLUS my wife turned 60 today! She’s a strong inspiration and encourager of my writing passion. Actually wrote her a poem on her birthday too. Wow, what a good day.

  41. Done! Totally amazed…

    Deb Lund

  42. Finished the draft. Wendy Greenley

  43. I completed my November draft, and I actually like it. Now to see what my crit friends think.

    Alayne Kay Kemp

  44. I did NOT get a draft completed 🙁 But I am still loving 12 x 12 since I have 10 drafts to date!!!!

  45. Oh no! December already? I didn’t get my PB draft finished…. the month wizzed by whilst I was Pi-Bo-Id-Mo-ing. I did manage to wrassle the beginnings of a story down and at least pin it onto the page (the page is worse for the wear). And I will (!!!) finish it. And I thought February was the shortest month!

  46. I can hardly believe this year. Eleven months, eleven drafts! Done.

  47. Shannon Abercrombie

    Made it! One more month to go!

  48. November draft done – one more to go for the year!

    Cathy Ballou Mealey

  49. Uh-oh…no-No-12×12 here. It’s not possible it’s December. Okay…31 days – or 29 more now…

  50. I can’t believe I missed check in this month. (I did do one – yay!)Only one more to go this year, I can’t believe how fast this year few.

  51. Sorry to be late posting this, but I’m still dealing with a computer that thinks it’s HAL along with ongoing medical issues AND participating in, and finishing, both NaPiBoWriWee and PiBoIdMo!!

    I did manage to complete 2-3 picture book drafts a month and most of them dealt with some aspect of nature or animals. My total for 12×12 in 12 is now up to 25 and I would like to hit 30 by the end of December and thanks to PiBoIdMo I am well on my way.

  52. As usual, I am late in checking in. I complete my manuscripts every month ON TIME, but I always forget to come and check in! *sigh* However, for November, I had an excuse for forgetting – NaNoWriMo. I wrote over 100,000 words and finished my urban fantasy novel (first draft) and ALSO completed my PB manuscript!

  53. Did I forget to mention that I also did PiBoIdMo and completed it too? (I’m feeling unusually productive right now.) 😉

  54. Hi Julie,

    Chris and I completed our November draft. Sorry for the late check-in, my parents were in town. Thanks!

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