Happy Leap Day everyone!  The whole world gets an extra day this year, and thank goodness since it’s 2012 and it might all come to an end in December! Kidding, kidding.  But this day has special significance for 12 x 12 in 2012 participants because it is check-in day.  So let’s hear it.  Did you complete a draft this month?  I know there are some of you crazy folks who completed 26 drafts for the Picture Book Marathon!  But for purposes of this challenge, you only needed to complete one.

Once again I can say without a doubt that without the support and motivation of this group I never would have written a draft this month.  I depart for my trip to Italy in less than 2 weeks and the preparation has been insane.  Knowing I had to post this check-in today forced me to sit down at my desk on Tuesday night (yes, that IS yesterday) after the kids went to bed and knock out my draft.  There is no question about the suckitude in that draft, but it has a beginning, middle and end, so I call it a month!

Thanks again to George Shannon for giving us such great inspiration as our February featured author.  If you left a comment on his original post, you are automatically entered to win a critique from him, regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month.  If you did complete a draft in February, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry.  ONE IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY.  Last month it took hours trying to figure out who everybody was based upon the aliases that WordPress sometimes uses as a name.  So that is going to be the rule from now on for all giveaways – full name must be left in the comments.  You have until midnight EST March 1st to leave a comment on this post and/or George’s original post to be eligible for the drawing.  I’ll draw a winner via Random.org and post it to the blog on Friday, March 2nd.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet our featured author for March!!

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  1. Yes, I completed a draft this month about chocolate pudding 🙂
    ~Tina Cho

  2. Woohoo! I, Elizabeth Stevens Omlor, have finished my draft for February. Can’t wait to meet the featured March author! Thanks!

  3. February draft done but not dusted (already planning some change after first round of crit group feedback)

    Gary Masskin

  4. Yes! February draft done! And revised (several million times:). 2012 is already a more productive writing year than 20211!

    ~ Linda Lodding

  5. Yes, February draft was completed. 🙂
    Jo Hart

  6. Dana Carey
    Yup! I wrote my draft this month. Needs BIG revision but it’s done. 🙂

  7. Yes, Pat Simmons has completed her February draft.

  8. Should say – also known as Tricia Simmons!

  9. I see your suckitude and raise you one barrel of horrifying. But yes, 436-word draft done.
    ~Renee LaTulippe

  10. February draft completed, but not polished. Need to get it polished now. Really enjoyed writing it. Loved researching about octopuses!

    Ramona Davey

  11. Well, my February draft was the “Whom Do I Love” poem…but I kinda felt it was cheating to use that one for 12 x 12 because I used it for Susanna’s contest. Sooooo…I wrote something else…not in rhyme…but it definitely has a beginning, a middle and an end…with lots of polishing needed in-between. Anyone have some of those handy-dandy polishing cloths? 🙂

    Oh, and something really nice just happened…I wrote a little 50 words or less poem for Marylin Warner’s Things I Want to Tell My Mother February Poetry Contest…and it placed second. 🙂 She’ll be posting about it on March 1, I think.

    Thank you, again, Julie, for the 12 x 12 Challenge…I can honestly say it has changed my life. 🙂

  12. Completed my draft and am waiting for my critique group. It’s too wordy, sorta like me. It’s all over the place, sorta like me. And it takes a long time to get to the point, sorta like…well you get the picture. Critique Group Six, Meet Angela!

  13. Hahaha…just realized I didn’t leave my name in the body of my comment so I came back…although it is also my wordpress handle, so it appears whenever I comment.
    Vivian Kirkfield 🙂

  14. Thanks for another great month Julie. I did manage a complete draft of a new idea for February – hooray!

  15. I also banged out a draft for this month ONLY because of group momentum. Thank you to all the other participants! I’m grateful for the push and the posts.

    Thank you Julie!
    Melissa Mead

  16. Finished my Feb draft-just by the hair on my chinny chin chin!!! I too agree that it was because of the momentum here. thanks all.

  17. Happy to say that I did complete a draft for February. Whew! Thanks for the motivating posts.

  18. I’ve completed 2 drafts, but only one is reasonably un-sucky! 😉 This has been so wonderful to have the support and continuous inspiration. Thanks so much for the 12 X 12!

    I’m very envious of your trip to Italy. I went to college there and just love it! Have a great and safe trip!

  19. I did knock out a draft in Feb and outlined a ms for March, too. Thank you for the motivation in this group!

    -Alison Hertz

  20. Not only is my February draft (New Big Sister) complete, but my March draft is going strong! This is fun!

    “I can totally do this!” she said in February.

    Genevieve Petrillo

  21. Oops, have to leave my name in the comment too? Ok, Beth Gallagher has completed 2 drafts! 🙂

  22. hmmm, I thought I posted already? Well, here goes again!
    Thanks for the great info!
    Some more great tips and advice to add to my arsenault!
    (Don’t laugh…I have a folder filled with clips for tips, advice and wisdom from many great writers! I turn to them often when my brain decides to take a vacation)!

    Kathy Phillips

    • oops, I forgot…
      I have six (6) drafts completed! I hope I get some more ideas soon!
      Kathy Phillips

  23. Yes, I got my february draft done. I didn’t know you were going back to Italy, how wonderful! You must be crazy busy.
    Catherine Johnson

  24. Thank you, Julie, for your ongoing support. I managed the draft, and even some revisions. I’m even looking forward to March with anticipation.

    Safe travels to Italy!

    Patricia Nozell

  25. I loved George Shannon’s post!

    I did manage a Feb draft.

    Have a wonderful time in Bologna!

    Joanna Marple

  26. I got a draft completed this month, but I want to kiddify it more later.
    Have a wonderful, safe, fantastic trip, Julie!
    Happy Leap Day! One more day to ‘make it count.’

  27. I did a draft for Feb. and am beginning to like it. Maybe.
    Safe travels.
    Linda Boyden

  28. Done! *sliding in sideways* Feb RD (rough draft) completed :~])
    March well on it’s way. Amazing how one idea can spur another!

  29. Yes, I completed a draft this month about siblings. As for the Picture Book Marathon, I ended up doing a half marathon, and many of those drafts are like the one you mentioned – they have beginning, middles and ends, but they need some serious help 🙂 Still, you’ve got to start somewhere.
    Susanna Hill

  30. This challenge really is pushing me to do–or finish–lots of writing, not “just” the 12X12, so participating has many benefits. I sent out my Jan. piece to the NAESP contest. I had a half-done piece for Feb., then spent my four-hour train ride completely reimagining it and completing it. So thanks to Julie and you all, I finally have a backlog of ms to submit to my critique group.

    Italia! Hope it is bellissima!

    Lisa Rogers

  31. I actually wrote a draft early in Feb, hated it and then wrote another one in the middle of the month. So, YES I completed the challenge for the month…however, as you said…the “suckitude” factor is pretty high. 🙂

    However, on the 5th round of revisions on the January manuscript and really getting somewhere. I would never have this new ms in my arsenal if it was not for the 12×12 Challenge!

    Rock on! Bring it, March. 🙂

    Marcie Colleen

  32. Yes February draft complete. Stacy S. Jensen

  33. February draft finished, revised a few times, and eager to have its turn with the critique group. Another draft happened this month as well, but it’s not sure if it’s a picture book or not. Anyway, the first one definitely counts as meeting the 12 x 12 February draft requirements, Beginning, middle, end, and I’m quite happy with it, so far!

    ~~ Beth Stilborn

  34. February draft done and ready to submit to my critique group.

    Pat Haapaniemi

  35. In the beginning of the month, my draft concept seemed yeasty.

    In the middle of the month, I kneaded the dough and let it rise.

    At the end of the month, I baked it and sampled the finished product. Bleckh!

    It has a beginning, middle, and end but isn’t too tasty. February, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    Cathy Ballou Mealey

  36. OMG, I can’t believe you slipped in a draft at the end of the month like me!!! I’d lost my writing mojo until Sunday but it’s back and I’m writing again. Yes, it’s NOT a great ms, but it does qualify as completion for February!!
    Gail Handler

  37. If I can join you wallowing in suckitude – yes, a draft… thought I had it done a week ago, hated it, ripped it apart to revise. Ink still drying but at least the pieces are paper-clipped together. I promise I’ll pull out the tape later today and reassemble. Really.
    Meanwhile revised another story sitting in the “you’ve been ignoring me too long” pile… that deserves brownie points. or at least a brownie.

  38. February story is done. Well, drafted and being revised anyway. Guess they are never really done.
    Thank you!!
    Teresa Vens

  39. I did write a draft, although it needs major thinking-about to figure out what it’s trying to say. And I’m happy to have written some notes already for the March draft.

  40. Yes, I’m one of the Picture Book Marathon runners, and I did it — 26 drafts in 28 days! Ready or not, March, here I come!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip to Italy, Julie. Have some dark chocolate gelato for me!

  41. YAY!! Done last night – now I need to get the illustrations. It’s been a rough month – but having the deadline really made it possible. At one point my bunny even ate a piece of the draft….that character really wasn’t vital to the plot anyway. Hmmmm–maybe the bunny was trying to tell me something. Looking forward to tomorrow’s guest. Thanks, again, Julie – and I won’t be a mystery participant again.

    • I have a bunny, too, Laura. Babygirl ate the corners off many pages of a YA ms I was editing for a friend. I made editing suggestions, but Babygirl just went ahead and deleted. LOL

      • We had our first bunny for 13 years. He was laid back-cuddly and predictable. Now, bunny #2 is totally different-obstinate,demanding and only cuddly when he wants to be and only alongside of you.

  42. I completed my February manuscript and I have rough thoughts for March! Thank you again Julie for 12 x 12!
    Eric VanRaepebusch

  43. I got mine done really early in the month this time! Count me as complete! Megan Bickel

  44. The editor of one of my previous books wrote last Friday asking if I had anything in the hopper. I sent her the one I’ve labored over this month. Two days later, she said she wanted to show it to her colleagues at their Friday meeting and would get back to me. Fingers crossed! It was my second story of the year.

  45. I completed my first fiction story in February. It’s even been critiqued by my group. Now on to reworking and querying. Thanks for all the support 12 x 12 ers.

    Kirsten Larson

  46. Shannon Abercrombie

    I finished a draft for February! Shannon Abercrombie

  47. I completed a draft. I have to agree it was majorly sucky, but I will work on it more.
    DH did ask what the 12×12 in 12 was on my computer. How do you explain wallpaper to someone who is computer ignorant? Keeps me inspired though.
    Linda Campbell

  48. Finished Feb. Marching on!

    Robin Howard

  49. Yeah, I pulled a Julie…finished the draft Monday evening. 🙂 Not exactly an award-winning draft, but as the sign said on the beach house, “It’ll Do.”

  50. Julie fredrick did her draft for february.

  51. I finished my Feb draft, though like many others, it still needs some (a lot) of work. Since I’ve started focusing on writing picture books, more ideas have come to write about. I’ve jotted a few notes, then schedule them on my calendar. Yesterday I checked and found I have enough book ideas to get me to October. So cool! Such fun.
    Jackie Castle

  52. Thanks Julie!! Yes, I completed a draft and in the process thought of others for the future months! This challenge is fabulous.
    I really gets the creativity moving.
    Thanks again.
    Lita Van Wagenen

  53. Julie, I was right there with you last night finishing up my Feb. draft. The sad thing is that I was planning to participate in the PB Marathon. I guess that didn’t happen, eh? Anyway, I love this challenge, and I did also work on a number of WIPs, so it’s been a great month. Thanks for the motivation and safe travels to Europe!
    Jan O’Neil

  54. Robyn Campbell did the February draft. *smiling* Onward ho!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I did my February draft! I also did a make-up draft for January since I wasn’t able to get that one done. I’m really enjoying participating in this challenge. Happy writing, everyone!

  56. I wrote my manuscript earlier this month — spent the morning drafting and revising in a hut; it was fabulous.

    Happy writing,
    Heather Cyr

  57. Julie, this month’s draft came early and fast…there’s nothing quite like playing in mud puddles!

  58. Happy Leap Day, Julie. Glad your 12x12x12 challenge has been such a big hit. 😀

  59. I got my ms done on Feb 2, which was a good thing since I was in the ER on Feb 3. Nothing serious, and better now, but I was dragging for three weeks — no energy, no writing, and so overtired I was having trouble comprehending short sentences. Jonesing to write with my group tomorrow morning. Hope the expected snow storm doesn’t cancel it. Also interviewing someone for a mag article this afternoon. It feels so good to wear my writing hat again. 😀
    —Carol Munro

  60. Yep! I finished the last few sentences yesterday! It’s a story of a fallen leaf around Thanksgiving…Jarm Del Boccio

    P.S. Italy?? I’m jealous! 😉

  61. I finished a new story on Feb. 15 but have no idea where the last two weeks went. Hello March.

  62. Glad you were able to get your draft out on time Julie:) I was lucky enough to get some time in earlier in the month. I’m happy to say I now have two mss on the check list for this year so far, yippee!!

    Jennifer Young

  63. Just wrote my draft this morning! Thank God this was a leap year; otherwise, I would have been sunk!

    Nicole Zoltack

  64. February- check! Not just check, but check and smile because this month’s manuscript turned out to be one I really love! The road of Revisions lies ahead, but it’s all right because I’ll be walking it with characters I like and a story that I’m willing to stand by – – – sounds sappy? Maybe – but true!

    When this little story grows up into a big, strong, published story book, the 12×12 can expect a big shout-out in my dedications!

    -Melissa Kelley

  65. Yes I managed a draft for this month…… even though its been quite a month! Needs some work on it, but I feel pretty okay about it. Can’t believe you zapped a draft up in one night like that!…lol.

    Diane Tulloch

  66. Got a couple drafts done! One of them to make up for January.
    Ben Clanton

  67. Yay! Happy Leap day! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty happy about having an extra day to get stuff done!

    Good luck to everyone in the critique draw, and have a great day, Julie!

  68. I did it! It was a draft I’ve been marinating for a long while…met the character EIGHT years ago, and finally found the right story for her at the Big Sur Writing Workshop in November. It needs some work, and is awkward in places, but it’s in the hands of my critique group now, and being a finalist in the 12x pitch contest is helping with motivation! It could *possibly* be my very most favorite thing I’ve written ever. So yeah. February was a good month. 🙂

    Carter Higgins

  69. I completed my draft but I plan on reworking or shall I say revisiting it later. I am happy with it and look forward to illustrating it!

    I agree with Carter Higgins, it has been a good month.


    Toni Rico

  70. I completed my February draft, and even spent some time revising another one. It has been a good writing month, and I am looking forward to working on a new draft in March. Thanks so much for all of your motivation Julie!

    Sandi Hershenson

  71. Ta-da! I did I did – finished a draft for leapin’ February. Thanks for the posts!

    – Pierr Morgan

  72. Its a good thing I finished my Feb PB the first weekend in Feb, otherwise I never would have made it! Congrats to everyone who completed their Feb PB!

  73. I finished my draft, yay! Now comes all the revisions. My Feb PB story wasn’t high on my list of drafts that I wanted to write from PiBoIdMo, but for some reason it leapt out at me & wanted to be written. Congrats to al that completed their Feb draft! Cheers!

    -Dana Atnip

  74. This time, I finished my draft ahead of time! So I decided to utilize the extra time to edit and revise it even more. I am so grateful for this experience!

  75. I completed my draft early in February, so I’m itching to get started on March’s story!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting 12×12 together. I hope this month’s administrative duties are easier for you!

  76. Susannah Buhrman-Deever

    Thanks Julie! I finished my draft–not pretty at all, but done and room for more fiddling and play. I’m loving the monthly deadlines to keep me motivated. Hope you all are enjoying this ride!

  77. Congratulations on finishing a draft in the midst of everything going on, Julie! I did finish my draft for this month, but I’m thinking it will be a better board book than picture book. Another project for another day.

  78. Completed my *really bad* February draft… but it’s complete with a beginning, middle, and end — just needs LOTS of work!

  79. Finished! Just hope I can keep up the pace!

  80. I finished my February draft. Onto next month! – Kim Murray

  81. Brenda A. Harris. Finished February’s draft. 🙂

  82. I never officially signed up for 12 by 12 in 12 (cuz I’m chicken). But I did finish 2 drafts in February! Laura Barnes 🙂

  83. Finished my Feb draft! Needs a heap of work, but the bones are there. Thank goodness for the extra day this month… Helen Dineen

  84. I finished my draft… Along with some sketches and several edits. Love this challenge! Andi Osiek

  85. Thanks to George Shannon’s words of wisdom, I was able to crank out February’s draft in record time! Now, it’ll probably take the rest of the year and lot’s of help from my crit group to make it fit for submission! Thanks again Julie, for providing an excellent motivational tool. You rock!

  86. Yay! I finished my draft this morning.

  87. I joined the Picture Book Marathon for this month, so I actually wrote 26 manuscripts this month, but only about four of them were any good. lol!!

    ~Rebecca Fyfe

  88. The draft is sucky, Julie, but it’s done! 🙂 ~Susan Barclay

  89. I am not thrilled with my February draft, but it is a complete draft nonetheless! March here we come!!! 🙂

    Natalie Fischer

  90. I am happy with my finished Feb draft ~ started now on my March draft….not so sure I will be saying the same next month!!

    Nicky Johnston

  91. February is complete! Right on the boarder, but was hit with inspiration last night on the drive home. There’s nothing like freeway driving and trying to scribble at the same time! ~ Sara Trowbridge

  92. Glad to see a few others are in a February funk like me. I finished a second story (beginning, middle and end!) but the words don’t feel “alive” like they do when you know you’ve captured the essence of what you wanted to say. I tried to work on it today, to feel more satisfied with the accomplishment, but the love just ain’t happening. I’m channeling Clarice (from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer)…”there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true…tomorrow is not far away.”

    Wendy Greenley

  93. okay, you getting your draft out last night inspired me.
    i first had this idea during PiBoIdMo 2010, have been mulling it over for the last two weeks. finally reading your post this morning got me to spit out the draft during my lunch break today. If we had a suckitude contest, I’d probably win. thanks for inspiring me.
    -Darshana Khiani

  94. I finished! I’m exhausted, and it’s ONLY February!!!
    And, this ms is very different from the ones I’ve done in the past. After I rip it apart and piece it all back together again, I think it will be a neat story!

    Thanks for all you do, Julie! Have a blast in Italy!!!

    Bethany Telles

  95. Julie–
    Many thanks for all of your wonderful posts. I completed my February draft! This feels like a big cheerleading team behind me too.
    Marcie Atkins

  96. I DID IT! I did 22 picture book ms this month thanks to the February Marathon someone suggested! and I posted on Facebook both this month and January, but I am not sure that I posted on your BLOG in January! BUT I DID IT and I AM IN.. even wrote one in December cause I thought that’s when it started!
    OK…Thats all.

    • OOPS….
      I DID IT! I did 22 picture book ms this month thanks to the February Marathon someone suggested! and I posted on Facebook both this month and January, but I am not sure that I posted on your BLOG in January! BUT I DID IT and I AM IN.. even wrote one in December cause I thought that’s when it started!
      OK…Thats all.

  97. Shutta Crum. PB ms for this month is already with my agent! (And I forgot to post that I did one for last month, as well. That one is already out to one of my editors.) So far . . . so good! I’ll post if one of these gets sold!

  98. Way to go everyone! Julie, I think this support group is amazing! I just finished my draft for February. I know it’s too long right now, but I’ll go back and fix that in a few days.

    So excited about next month! I’m hoping to get more than one done, as we are going on holiday and I can’t imagine a better spot to write than on the beach. 🙂

    Happy writing everyone!
    Sharon K Mayhew

  99. Kathleen Cornell Berman

    Yes I finished my February draft. I still need to tweak it and get it to my critique group. I love, love 12 X12, as much as Picture Book Month. Such a great place to find inspiration and encouragement. Thanks!

  100. Congrats to everyone for another draft done. I finished too! 2 down 10 more to go!

  101. I did an outline of my book! Next month, my goal is to write FIVE pages!

  102. February draft is finished…pretty bad, but a beginning, middle and end is on the page.

  103. My February draft is completed. It’s good, but needs to be chopped down quite a bit.

  104. Yea! I got my February draft done – hooray for Leap Day and for the support, encouragement and discipline of this great project. Thanks, Julie and Fellow 12×12 ers!

  105. Julie, I love your unabashed confession that you did yours last night! We have all been there. This month I actually finished early because I was so excited to finally sit down and write something from an idea I generated at a conference a couple years ago. And, I think this one has legs…
    PJ Sheridan

  106. Lori Grusin Degman

    Congrats to everyone who completed their February draft! I finished min and I actually like it! Thank goodness for PiBoIdMo – both Jan. and Feb.’s stories were from there!!

    Good luck with your march drafts!!

    Lori Degman

  107. Whew! I can’t believe I did it! Original draft #2… I finished it 10 minutes ago… but I did it! This challenge is AWESOME!

    Next month’s challenge to myself? Finish the draft PRIOR to the last week of the month!

    Jen Keller

  108. Currently revising draft #2 and working on the beginning of draft #3. Loving this challenge! Thanks!
    Annie Silvestro

  109. I did complete another draft. It feels really good. I’m so grateful for this challenge.

    Erin Pearson

  110. Hi! Yes, we completed a story for this month. We posted it on our podcast. It is called “The Spelling Bee”. http://www.nightlightstories.net/2012/02/episode-43-spelling-bee.html?m=1

  111. My FEB draft needs work, but is done. It has some meter and rhyming issues but I like the overall idea. It is a counting PB.

  112. Draft #2 – check! Even better, have already started Draft #3.

  113. Wow, down to the wire. I actually didn’t think it would happen – between illness that ravaged my entire family and a giant project launch at work…then when I was out to lunch with my sick 8 year old, I saw a very tall child standing in line for food. Inspiration struck and I started hearing the lines of the story right then and there. Draft #2 done!

  114. Didn’t get February’s. BUMMER! (I’m not sure I can “roll” this way. I write SLOW. Better luck in March…)

  115. I’ve got my draft for Feb all done, too. This is great. So much art to work on now.

  116. Picture Book #2 completed, and just under the wire, as usual. Why is it that these things don’t happen on the first of the month???? Anyway, it needs some polishing, but there is a beginning, middle and an end!

  117. I just finished – with an hour to spare! It’s definitely rough, but it’s a draft, and it’s done.

  118. Got my February draft done 2 weeks ago and started on an outline for March. Already working on it!
    Thanks for the inspirational board you’ve got going. Definitely the kick in the pants I needed this year. :0)

  119. Honestly, if not for this challenge, my February draft would not exist! Phew! Two down. Not pretty, but they’re down 🙂

    Jennifer DuBose

  120. Hi Julie! I can’t believe I’m THAT girl. You know, the one who finishes her February draft with 8 minutes to spare. It was the ending that was just killing me. Thank you again for this opportunity. Who knows how long this story would’ve rolled around in my head if I didn’t have a deadline. So now I just need to cut the length in half!
    Beth Thaler

  121. Yes! More of a challenge for me this month to get my creative juices flowing, but yes, I did get complete my draft for Feb.
    Lisa Thompson

  122. I finished a draft called “first and main”. Yeah me!!!

  123. I finished. One draft. Maybe next month I’ll shoot for two. 🙂

  124. Dorina Lazo Gilmore

    Ok, I did it! I completed the draft with 32 minutes to spare. I was determined! I sure hope you are on Pacific time…
    Dorina Lazo Gilmore

  125. Yay! I finished it! Very last minute but I finished it. I hope this doesn’t become my habit for the next 10 months 🙂

  126. Done and dusted! ‘Waiting For Warren’ is something I’m planning ot feature on my blog soon with a couple of illustration, will let you all know. – Helga Pearson

  127. (Without spellos!) Done and dusted! ‘Waiting For Warren’ is something I’m planning to feature on my blog soon with a couple of illustrations, will let you all know. – Helga Pearson

  128. February was crazy productive! Eight finished PB drafts (a couple of which are being, turned into ebooks as I write), and edits on six previous stories (four of which will be published by CBAY Books later this year). Yay! I know we can’t have months like this all the time, but it makes me excited for the rest of 2012. 🙂

  129. Hi Julie, Your post yesterday inspired me to also write my story for the month! I loved your word ‘suckitude’, and am relieved to hear someone else thinks that OK for their first draft. THANKS SO MUCH for the inspiration! It felt great to put pen on paper….Now, to continue!

  130. cynthia iannaccone

    Very fortunate to have finished February’s draft a few weeks ago. Hope I can keep this up!

  131. My FEBRUARY creation was an entire 32 page sketched layout with a character sheet and very rough outline of the story to go with it. LOVE and many thanks to 12x12in2012!

  132. Finished February draft with a few days to spare.

  133. Julie Rowan-Zoch

    Completed 17 rough drafts (thanks to Louise who pulled us all along in the marathon) and started my 18th before the crud kicked in!
    Julie Rowan-Zoch

  134. I have my draft completed…and just under the wire. I am such a procrastinator. I actually had two drafts going and ending up completing the one that only had four sentences instead of the one that had 273 words. Sadly, it seems I am more creative under pressure. That really bugs me. But what doesn’t bug me is that I have 2 drafts. And all because of 12 x 12 🙂
    Thanks to Julie and congrats to all of you.
    Penny Klostermann

  135. I have completed a draft, but I think the story would be better as a chapter book. Just being honest.

  136. Thanks to Leap Day and my almighty coffeemaker, I did get my draft of “Farley Farkus has STINKY FEET!” done! Not only that, but I got into a 12×12 crit group that I’m very excited to join. 🙂

  137. Too late for an extra entry, but I still want to say I got February’s PB done! I didn’t get it done till late in the month because I was also doing the PB Marathon. So, I wrote 27 in February! Woohoo! Now, to see which ones actually have some merit… 🙂

    Will Orser

  138. I did my Feb. draft, though that is about all I got done. Thanks so much!

    Debbie LaCroix

  139. yay! I completed my draft for feb and had a little time to work on the draft 🙂

  140. Van Duzer, Kathy I’m a day late and dollar short but have a draft. This one is Jen the Horse. Have several from the past. Congrats to beth Stilborn for winning in February.

  141. I’m late chiming in but I completed February’s draft!

    Mary Jo G

  142. Just got back from the SCBWI Golden Gate Conference. Missed the boat with the 12x contest entry, but I did log 4 new PB drafts in February. Thanks. Tim McCanna

  143. I did complete a Feb draft…very rough but done! Was off line for a few days in sunny FL so forgot to post. 🙂 Happy writing in March everyone!

  144. I did get my PB draft done, as a short story verse coversation between a child and Mom, “When Love Bubbles Fly.” Just now checking in.

  145. Almost forgot to check in. I have a draft “The Duck who went to University”.
    Renee Englot

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