One down, eleven to go!

As impossible as it is for me to believe we’re already one full month into 2012, here we are.  Did you get a Picture Book draft written in January?  Let us know in the comments section.  If you did – YAY – you’re eligible for an extra point toward a critique from Tara Lazar (but make sure you’ve left a comment on her Jan. 1 post).  You have until midnight EST Feb 1st to leave a comment on this post and Tara’s initial post to be eligible for the drawing.  I’ll draw a winner via on Feb. 2nd.

If you didn’t complete a draft this month, try not to be discouraged, and don’t get down on yourself.  Brush yourself off and get ready for February.  While the ultimate goal is 12 PBs, the main idea is to write more by being part of the group than you would have by going it on your own.

I did get my draft finished, albeit by the skin of my teeth.  I wrote the conclusion only yesterday.  With both of my kids having birthdays this month, January is always busy.  Add to that all the administration related to the launch of this challenge, and I can say for absolute certain that I would not have written anything this month if it weren’t for you guys.  So thanks!  The challenge is working its magic already!

Now, for those of you who are really, truly crazy need an even greater challenge, February is also the Picture Book Marathon.  The goal there is to write 26 PB drafts in February (with three rest days).  Good luck to those of you who participate.  I’ll be cheering you on – from the sidelines! 🙂

Many thanks, once again, to Tara Lazar, who launched this challenge for us so beautifully!!  We are all going to buy her debut picture book, THE MONSTORE, when it comes out next year, right??

AND – Be sure to come back tomorrow for our February featured author. Excitement!

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  1. Not to be deep or anything but wow, time flies! :p
    I did finish my January PB manuscript and for a first draft (with some revisions) it isn’t horrible. Yay.
    Full steam ahead, 12X12ers!

  2. It really is such a fantastic community!

    I was lucky enough to get inspired early on in the month and got my draft finished at the start of January. I don’t have any ideas yet for February, but I can’t wait to see where my muse takes me this time.

    Good luck to everyone about to do the Picture Book Marathon! (I won’t be doing it either.) And good luck to everyone on their February drafts for 12 x 12.

    Can’t wait to see who the featured author is for February.

  3. I have completed my first draft and am now working on the synopsis. Thanks for creating this great challenge – Well done too to everyone who has completed their January manuscript!

  4. Lots of ideas for working on over the next few months, but pressure to finish ‘Tabitha Posy Was Ever So Nosy’ for publisher has stopped me completing any new drafts and I started that last year so I’m sure it doesn’t count! Never mind. Ready now to get going properly in Feb!

  5. Thank you to everyone for their input and comments, especially on Facebook. It is so great to have support and encouragement from fellow writers. I have not only finished my January draft, but am now working on Feb’s, with a few ideas for the following few months; just have to flesh them out now. I am enjoying the challenge and looking forward to the months ahead.

  6. I am very pleased to have finished my Jan PB draft, and have a skeleton Feb under way, but this year is definitely going to be a real challenge for me.I will try not to become too overwhelmed as I continue do ALL the other things that are taking off with my business, my art, the kids and my karate (I am hoping to grade to second Dan Black belt end of the year) But, like most of us here, I never do things by half…. I am just loving being here meeting such fab people!

    • good luck on the second dan test. The best thing about karate is that we bring that discipline to our writing. Well, at least the “just show up” part…
      I wonder how many other martial artists are in this group?
      ~Sue Heavenrich
      2nd Dan, Tang Soo Do

      • Thank yo Sue! wow another martial artist !! Sometimes I can be overwhelmed by my goals and forget that I am *Ah-Hem* an older participant….and I think my persistence and goal setting is largely due to the disciplines of my karate!

  7. When I registered, it was mostly for a bit of fun and to experience an extra challenge in my writing as I’m mainly a novelist.

    Wow! While I had written some picture books before it was such a challenge getting the first one down and I’m only hoping I can keep up with the next 11 months.

    12x12in2012 has proven to be everything I had hoped it would be. Loving it!

  8. gosh! the time certainly goes fast. …. I had my first draft written out and on my laptop when it was stolen, so now have managed to write it all down abiet rather messy, but it’s a draft and that’s the main thing…. yay! Already have an idea for February I am keen to work on now.

    • So sorry about those unnecessarys in our life who just crash in and foul everything up! An author I recently met suggessted emailing each draft to yourself so you never lose anything, even if a computer is stolen or crashes. Such an easy way to back up your work and I never thought of that!

  9. Yay! Finished my January pb and am just now getting very helpful critiques on the draft from my critters. I’m excited with this one but it needs some time to marinate now. On to February!

  10. Hi Julie,
    We completed our draft for January. It is posted on Night Light Stories. Thanks!

  11. Jan draft completed.. title…. gumboots.. This group is amazing!!! love ya all to pieces already!

  12. Yep, I’ve finished two, and started a couple more 🙂 I’m loving this challenge.

  13. ’tis done!
    I need challenges and deadlines, and this is a great one. Not sure about the picture book marathon-with PIBoIdMo and this, maybe I’m just a 1/2 marathon runner…but you never know!!!
    Good luck everyone with your goals.

  14. Got one draft and starting on Feb.’s early, plus brainstormed over 30 new PB ideas! Good month!

  15. belindamjordanordan

    Hi there. Thanks for creating such a wonderful challenge. The support from everyone has been awesome. I’ve finished my Jan pb, not started Feb yet, but have an idea or two rumbling around in the depths.
    Happy Feb 12x12ers!

  16. I’m done – might revise till the cows come home but I’m drafted and crit’ed from friends and family. Now for the illustrations! Thank you Julie & Tara. My life is a bit wild and wonderful like yours. You are right – it’s magic to be in this together! Maximum Energy!!!

  17. thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU! For all your extra labors and for following all of us. Thank you Julie and Tara and all others who have inspired and encouraged. I did finish my first and have 6 other titles (and some outlines). Woo-hoo! for everyone participating. GOOD JOB! Stay encouraged. Will look into PB marathon. I hurt my back over the weekend and muscle relaxers are making me fuzzy…the next draft might be about zzzzzzzzz.

  18. I completed my January ms – YAY! Thank you so much for doing this Julie. It was an inspired idea and you’ve created a wonderful community. I may try for the PB marathon, but I don’t expect to win it… maybe just give myself a kick in the pants and get a few more stories written than I might have otherwise 🙂

  19. I seriously thought about doing the PB marathon but choose to get ready for the A to Z blogging challenge in April instead. With revisions of my MG novel in progress, trying to complete my YA novel, daily blogging and doing 12 X 12 challenge, I kinda think my plate is a tad full. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about my full time job that pays the bills…lol

    Congrats to everyone that completed a PB story in January…now let’s hit the ground running in February!

  20. I’m with Mona — thank goodness for deadlines! Got my January PB done! Thanks to the ‘idea muscle’ that was honed in November, several additional PB ideas occurred to me, too. Love this! Too many other deadlines and demands (kids, pets, life) to keep up with of, or I, like many of you, would also immerse myself in the PB marathon.12 X 12 is definitely my speed!

  21. Hi Julie,
    One down. It feels good to have a story finished – rough as it is…
    Already thinking about tomorrow – and where this next month will take me with this challenge. My goal is 12 for the year – but you’re absolutely right. even if I end up with four or five, I’m farther ahead than if I had done nothing.
    And I know that if I hadn’t put “write a story for 12×12” at the top of my month’s I would have kept shuffling it till the other “more important” stuff got done.
    But hah! now I have a story about string. exciting, eh?

  22. I’m finishing up my January manuscript. I really appreciate all of the support and positive attitudes out there! It is so inspiring to be in contact with others who are working towards the same goal! Thanks for putting this together, Julie, and Happy Writing everyone!

  23. I got my January picture book written, and now you have me considering the craziness that is the picture book writing marathon! lol!

  24. I’ve mostly written the January draft, and plan to finish it by today…just squeaking in!

  25. I finished my January draft. I appreciate this supportive group. And Julie, if I can help, please let me know.

  26. I finished my January ms and have run it through a couple revisions. I love the support in this group. I am ready with a pitch for my February book, now I just need to write the draft.

  27. January draft is DONE. I don’t know what I think of it yet, but there’s definitely stuff to work with. On to February!

  28. I got it completed! Onward ho! I like this little story. It’s funny!

    I’m signed up for the PB Marathon too, but I don’t know if I’ll win it or not. Maybe? Thanks Julie! *waving*

    Good luck to everyone in February.

  29. My January story has been written and revised. Needs more work but it’s nice to have a draft so far along in the first month of the year. Thanks!

  30. I completed my January draft in the middle of the month. I had time to get it read by my Critique Group, revised, and then read by my writing class last night. Ready to revise again! Its really turning in to a fun piece. Thank you, Julie. This community is amazing! I am truly grateful to have found PiBoIdMo and now this challenge. I feel it really encourages me as a writer and helps me keep moving forward, getting better and better with every step. Looking forward to working on February’s draft. I have a few ideas already, not sure which one will be “the one”…but we shall see!

  31. I did finish a draft, after many rewrites, and I like it well enough to take it to critique. Thanks for the company and the encouragement!

  32. Whew! I made it! The draft is done and with some revisions and more revisions, I think I will be happy with it. Congratulations, everyone!

  33. Done. Doesn’t mean I’m happy with it yet, or ready to show my crit group. But it’s done. And that’s a start. Thanks!

  34. After five starts that didn’t work, I wrote a sixth that did – Yay! January = done.

  35. Woo! I’m so glad I finished my January draft! WOW….I’ll have to check out the Februay challenge, just a peek won’t hurt right? OF course we will all be buying THE MONSTORE when it comes out next year! Duh! LOL.

  36. Tracy Warren (@socialTracyW)

    I finished my first manuscript last night! I can’t wait to start on the next one.

  37. I finished my January draft, and even completed a blogpost about it!
    Here’s the link:

    On to February!

  38. All done for January, looking forward to what Feb has in store. And looking forward to Monstore. Thanks Julie.

  39. I’m a hoping to get this one draft done by end of today! Good luck all and happy writing in February!

  40. ‘Out of This World Opposites’ is done. Several members of my newly formed critique group have already provided feedback. On to February!

  41. I finished my January picture book draft and even submitted it to my critique group for feedback. I too will be cheering (from the sidelines!) those who take on the picture book marathon challenge in February! And I’ll be looking for Julie’s book when it releases next year!

  42. Hi! It’s me again, Ty!
    We got a very sticky picture book draft donezo for January!
    Whew! 1 down…

  43. January done and February is rolling around in my brain. So love all the support and encouragement from this group. We all rock!

  44. After spending most of the month noodling an idea, I woke up at 2:30 this morning and wrote a draft of a completely different story. But yay, one down. 🙂

    This is such a wonderful group!

  45. Finished January MS “Goodbye, Blue” about two hours ago. I am not pleased at all, but it’s done and already in the hands of my wonderful writing buddy, a fabulous fellow 12x12er. So even if my draft isn’t the best, I’m so grateful to Julie and the challenge for bringing this supportive group together. Hopefully February will be my month!

  46. THanks for the challenge. I finished one + one on the way!

  47. January draft is done, and I can’t wait to buy Tara’s book when it comes out!

  48. I’ve finished my first draft in the ‘nick of time’! I rewrote the ending per Tara’s post, and I’ve entitled it, “Waiting for an Idea”, which, of course, is just a working title. The PB reflects on the benefits of reading from a kid’s perspective, which hopefully will draw in the stragglers. Thanks Julie, for spurring us on to gather our PB ideas into manuscript formation. I can’t wait for February’s inspiration!

  49. I completed my January draft, and will be polishing it in February, along with working on the precursor to this one PB when it comes back from manuscript evaluation, working on the second draft of my MG novel, and getting back to an adult novel, plus blogging, the care and feeding of the Children’s Book Hub Facebook Group, getting ready for the A to Z Challenge in April, and regular life, so no marathon for me!

    Eager to start on February’s draft. The little guy in it has been asking for several days now, “Is it my turn yet?” so my main character is ready and waiting!

    Here’s my post about January’s challenge

    Thanks, Julie!

  50. I also finished my January draft. I probably wouldn’t have done it with out the extra help. Thanks everyone for the great support!

  51. YES! My January draft, Sasha’s Perfect Job is finished. I even started on my February draft already, so I’m keeping my head above water, so far.

    Picture Book Marathon??!! #%$*& REALLY?! No. I’ll meet you on the sidelines, Julie.

  52. Already finished my January draft and have my idea already for February!

  53. First draft done! Needs work, but the bones are there.

  54. Made it, whew, with a bit of time to spare, thankfully, as these past few days my head has been swimming (not quite as well as my lead character can swim) with all of the tidbits gleaned, new contacts made, and so much, much more @ SCBWI NY12.

    Now on to February…

  55. I finished my first non-rhymed story for my January PB. Thanks, Julie, Tara and fellow 12×12 challengers for the deadline, advice and encouragement to get ‘er done!

  56. January draft is done 🙂 Thanks again for all you hard work organizing this challenge and creating this wonderful community!

  57. January’s – that I did! Amazing catalyst this 12 x 12. Yahoo! As for Picture Book Marathon…I’ll cheer with you sideliners.

  58. My January is done! Congrats on getting yours done as well. yay for 12 x 12!!!

  59. First draft done and I even made it in time to bring to NY SCBWI. Thanks for this amazing motivation and community!

  60. I did it! 1 down, 11 to go. This draft was NOT on my radar, but it swooped in at the last minute and stole my heart a little bit.

  61. Julie, you’ve accomplished something stupendous! And I know that everyone who is participating in the 12 x 12 Challenge is very grateful to you. 🙂

    I actually did a post on my blog about it today. 🙂
    And yes, I did complete my January PB draft…Caroline’s Hat (or Caroline’s Flower-Sprgged Hat).

    Thank you so much, Julie…you’ve spurred me on to finally do what I dreamed of doing for years!

  62. I finished a picture book manuscript in January! I liked it a lot, but my writer’s critique group didn’t think it worked as a picture book. They thought it would be better as an early reader or chapter book. Looking forward to February.

    I can’t thank you enough, Julie for this opportunity.

  63. Yea, I finished one!!! Full steam ahead on book #2’s draft. While I took the time to polish the first book (even got some writer friends to critique) I don’t plan to do that for every other book in every month!)

    Thanks for this challenge and support!

  64. Yes, I finished a January Manuscript – in fact, I finished two of them… but I like one much better than the other. 🙂 Bring on the February! Maybe I can do something with the one I don’t like… but more likely I’ll give February its own special manuscript of love!

    Julie, your karma is shimmering and throwing off sparks right now. You’ve started something GOOD.

  65. I completed my first draft for January! I have also started adding to my list of ideas so that I am ready for the rest of the year! thanks again Julie for organizing this, it is a great motivation to write!

  66. Jan draft finished ; ) and Feb draft ready to fill the blank screen.

  67. I did it!!

  68. Now that’s a great way to kick off the new year! My January draft is complete. True, its needs are plentiful, but it’s done. Thank you Julie for the inspiration and organization putting this all together. What an amazing response to your challenge!

  69. Finished my January draft. I’m so excited to start on Feb!

  70. My January draft is complete…and, as I commented on FB…it is VERY draftish. I can say that had it not been for this challenge, I do not think I would have a draft written. So, Julie, many, many thanks :•)

  71. I finished my first draft early this January! Hope I’m as lucky next month!

  72. I didn’t get one complete this month, but I have the idea ready to go for February! Next month I shall triumph! hehehe

    CONGRATS to all who finished this month!!

    • Lissa thanks for commenting even without a draft written! You have the true spirit of the challenge – just write more and come along for the ride.

      You WILL triumph in February.

  73. Finished my January draft and got a few great suggestions for edits at the SCBWI winter conference. I started writing February’s draft last night on the plane home before I gave in to the exhaustion and fell asleep. It’s going to be a great year!

  74. All finished and starting on February. good luck everyone.

  75. One drafted, edited and sent for critique at SCBWI Southern Breeze’s SpringMingle conference (Atlanta, late Feb.). Started next one last night!

    Love this challenge!

  76. YAY! January draft is done. Love the motivation of this group. And Julie, might I string virtual lights around paragraph two of your blog? 😀

  77. January draft is done. Congrats to all those who finished the challenge! What a great motivation.

  78. I finished with only one day to spare. I love how this challenge is keeping me focused and moving forward. Thanks!

  79. You guys can only imagine how awesome it feels to open up this post and read all of your “smiling” comments. I am so, so happy that the challenge is serving to motivate and inspire everyone – not least of all me!

    Congratulations to everyone for being a part of this!

  80. Congrats on your finished draft! Life has whirled away with me this month, but I have a draft too. Whew! I do know that while I’d love to do the PB Marathon, I’d be insane if I tried. LOL I’ll instead keep going with 12 X 12. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, support, and the great group of people!

  81. Yay! I finsihed my draft last night around midnight! Under the wire, but I’m proud that I did it. Now for some character sketches and onto the next Feb First Draft! 🙂

  82. Done! Really pleased I made time for it, hoping to keep up the momentum in February. Thanks for the push into action!

  83. It’s been my most uninspired writing month in a while, but managed to write a ms I love towards the end. Looking forward to February. And thanks for all your amazing work, Julie!

  84. I’ve written my first story! Yipee

  85. I finished — not entirely happy with my ending…but it is a full, complete rough draft. Now I’m glad I get to put it in a drawer for a while and move on to something new.

  86. I can’t believe it, but I did it! Now for the challenge next month.

  87. All done and ready for February! Thanks for creating this great challenge for all of us to participate in 🙂

  88. Draft finished, but honestly, the ending is flat. I think it needs to “steep” awhile, and hopefully the true ending will reveal itself to me. Sooner rather than later would be nice!

  89. I didn’t feel inspired early jan, but then writing friends, an inspiring piboidmo fb group and an inspiring 12×12 fb group helped me to not write one, not two, but three stories!!! The first one turned out more a magazine story, one still needs to go through the revision cycles and one is ready for submission 🙂 a very big thanks to all of you!!

  90. January PB in rough but made it. This project has a way of keeping me on track. Look forward to Feb. new idea.

  91. Yup, finished my first draft. Though I must admit it needs a tremendous amount of rewrite. eek.

  92. I did it! I surprised myself with an entirely different draft yesterday. It was not the one I had worked on all month. Funny how things like that happen! 🙂

  93. I’m impressed the brand’s launch. Lots of great work! Thank you and thank you for this challenge. It’s the first writing I’ve done (except school newsletters, plans of action and teacher reports, etc.) since college papers. I’ve always wanted to write children’s books. NEVER had the courage. 12x12in12 gave me that courage. My eyes fill with tears as I write this. I cannot begin to tell you the positive turn my life has taken. I completed my January draft. Yes, it is AWFUL! Yet, I couldn’t be more proud of, The Eve of Long Night’s Moon. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • Oh Pam, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we’re proud of you too! Congratulations!! You’ve taken the first and biggest step!

  94. I did it! – and the magic of the challenge and support helped me make the deadline. Thanks, Julie, and Congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to a happy and productive year working with you all! Janis

  95. Whew! I just finished…a rough and ugly story. It was a specific request for my jumping bean who asked for a book all about the letter “y”…so he can practice “y” words.

  96. I’m loving 12×12 – it’s given me exactly the kick-start I needed. Have finished Jan manuscript, although on to third edit, and finished rough draft of Feb. Also have a notebook brimming with ideas. So a big thank you to you and the group!

  97. Yes, I completed a January pb manuscript and can’t wait for my critique group to read it this month!

  98. January was good to me. Finished 2 projects that were on the back burner and an entirely new story for the 12×12.

  99. I just finished less than an hour ago! I am so proud, its the 1st ever book draft I’ve finished! Party at my place! o/

  100. Done and done! Ready for the next one!

  101. My January draft is finished and has been through a few rounds of revisions. I can’t wait to figure out which PiBoIdMo idea I’ll tackle in February (or I might expand on a writing exercise I wrote in a PB workshop a couple weeks ago and turn it into a manuscript).

    Yay that you were able to finish your draft, while organizing this amazing challenge for us! I’ll also be cheering on the PB Marathon peeps from the sidelines. Twelve this year (plus I’ll hopefully still squeeze in seven for NaPiBoWriWee in May) will keep me busy enough, along with revising older PB and a couple of MG, too.

  102. I finished my first draft ever!!!! :´) this challenge has been extremely inspiring and motivating ♥ Thank you so much Julie!!

  103. Julie, this is such an awesome challenge! All of you are my heroes!

  104. Knocked out a draft while waiting for school to start one Friday night! A main part of the story is a never ending noodle, which started out as a PiBoIdMo idea that a friend got really excited about. Can’t wait to see what February brings!

  105. I did a PB draft for January. It’s inspired by my favorite stuffed animal from childhood (but fictional). I do not have a blog and am totally new to picture books, but very much looking forward to this journey and getting to know the other inspiring writers in this community. Thank you for including me in this project. Becky

  106. Just finished my January draft in the nick of time! Thanks so much for organizing 12 x 12, Julie. Having a goal really helps!

  107. I did it by the skin of my teeth, too, Julie! Finished today. It’s about a sassy little girl whom some think is too bold, until one day…well, you get the idea.
    It’s realllly rough, but I guess that’s what first drafts are all about. Without this challenge I would never have finished it. Thank you.

  108. One down and 11 to go is right! Here’s hoping the next 11 manuscripts come as easily as the first did.

  109. I am going to post about what I did this month tomorrow on my blog (I didn’t get a whole draft done but I did do some work on it 🙂 ). I really liked reading people’s update on what they are doing. The never ending noodle idea is awesome!

  110. I’ve also finished by the skin of my teeth and technically have an hour or two left for edits. 🙂 That said, it was great having the goal and staying motivated to not let this month slip by. My manuscript came from a memory of my kids and my dad during our visit two summers ago. My dad’s a great story teller and my kids were a great audience. Made for a fun book.

  111. I finished my January 2012 manuscript. I’m polishing it up to send to my critique group.

  112. I finished a January draft. Still needs lots of work though. I also completely re-hauled another ms, and I’m really happy with that one so far.

  113. Yea, I did it! I only had one day because I just found out about 12×12. It’s a good thing it only had to be a rough draft!

    February suddenly looks very promising. :o)

  114. January draft has been completed, revised and is actually available on the net for anyone interested… I am this month’s featured emerging writer on and my latest submission, School Teacher vs Zoo Keeper, is my 12×12 manuscript for January. Happy writing everyone.

  115. I’m so excited that I actually have my very first ever draft for a children’s PB. One month ago wouldn’t have imagined that I would be doing this.

  116. Kathleen Cornell Berman

    I finished my January draft two days ago. Can’t wait to start the revisions; my favorite part. There is something really fun and satisfying about cutting and pasting words. I am really excited about being a part of 12 x 12 this year.

  117. Got my PB draft done along with one of my goals listed on my blog! And three days before deadline! Whoa…how am I gonna top that next month!
    This is such an exciting, encouraging challenge and I’m loving it, the comments, the camaraderie of the whole group of authors from newbies to veterans. Thanks Julie for adding it to your busy life.

  118. I have a draft, but decided last night that my book needed one of those pages for author’s note, as I want to show the history behind of main object of the book.

  119. Finished a *very* rough January draft… just! 🙂 Thanks for the challenge, Julie.

  120. I’m so happy to have completed my draft! Although I’m still making changes & revising, it’s been born! Thank you Julie, I’m having a lot of fun with the 12x12in12 challenge! 🙂

  121. Finished the first one! If I can do it under the circumstances of this past month, it can only get better from here! I’m in for the Picture Book Marathon too – last year’s experience was great (and very hard – but great things are often hard to do…) and it showed me that I am a writer, whether or not I’m published yet. Even I had my doubts about my claim to writing, until I finished the marathon with twenty-six picture book manuscripts under my belt! One thing it does do though, is require you to plan very clearly for the ways in which you will maintain your other writing commitments. I had aimed to have some poetry out there circulating somewhere at all times; at least under consideration somewhere, if not in print or online and published. That was hard to maintain, but batching your work helps. Start planning to use your lunch hour, plug in small five or seven minute ‘writes’ into your schedule (that’s in the parking lot, waiting room, etc. time) and prepare your work area so that you are ready to pick up where you left off and keep on going. I started a list of ideas I had – even the sketchiest ones – so that I could just grab one if need be. I also found that trying to change genres on myself forced me to write differently and brought me to new areas and subjects of interest and forms of creativity. Best of luck to all of you! We can do it!

  122. Now these are my kind of contests. This is about as much fun as bringing out my crayons and my color book. Thanks for the contest Julie.

    The marathon seems a tad bit of overdrive for me. I may pass on that one. We’ll see.


  123. I got a rough draft completed yesterday. And rough it is, but much more rounded out than when I started. 🙂 I will try to polish it up while also deciding which story idea to take on for February.
    Thanks, Julie, and congrats on completing yours for the first month.

  124. Congrats to everyone! I finished a few days ago and have been tweaking it a bit. I’ve started my draft for February, too; I’m even more excited about that one than this one. Kathleen, I agree about deriving satisfaction from cutting and pasting. I’ve realized that besides being an important editing tool, it’s a vital part of my creative process. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie.

  125. Since i joined the group late, I had only 2 days to complete my story. Thanks to PiBoIdMo, I was able to write a story in a knick of time!

  126. I did get a draft finished last weekend. Not very happy with this one, so will let it lie and hope down the road more inspiration will come. It’s all good!

  127. Finished the draft of a story I have told for more than 10 years but have never completed in the written form. I did a draft once ( many years ago) and shared it with my group but the presenter, (who was an author) completely dismissed the story as ridiculous. I had told the story many times to kids and they had always loved it, so I knew although the written version may have needed work, the story had merit. It has taken me this long to leave that memory behind and take it out of the drawer to have another look at it. I am going to polish this draft and start sending it off. I know the universe pointed me in the direction of 12x12x12 and I am going to do my part and stay with it. I have loved the support – both the giving and receiving. x

  128. Yay! I am done phew! 1 down 11 to go 🙂

  129. Wow! Julie, I thought I was busy…anyway, I did finish the draft, and am so glad. Already thinking of the next one…and none too soon. I’m training for the Boston Marathon, so I don’t know about the pb marathon, but thanks for the push!

    • Boston, wow! You must be FAST. I have done two full marathons and then one half. I can’t imagine training for Boston. Congrats, and good luck. No PB marathon for me, either. I write like I run, SLOW.

  130. Oops. failed to write that draft in time. Oh, well. Two for February then.

    Love reading all of the success stories above. Rock on, writers!

  131. Finished mine! Man that was TOUGH! This is a ms. I’ve been working on for a very long time, and it’s still ROUGH. Thanks to the deadline to help me crank it out. And now the fun can begin – the revising!

  132. Yes I have a story for January. “The Funny Looking Frog” is the name of my story. I wasn’t sure we had to post the story or just comment that we did it? But, I guess it is the later. Thanks for this challenge and look forward to posting 11 more!

  133. Yep!!! January was so much fun!!! Looking forward to Feb!!! Congrats everyone for completing Jan drafts

  134. Got mine all done, too!! I am having a blast, and it’s keeping me consistent. I really appreciate this. I’m beginning to feel like a “real” writer!!

  135. Got mine done last Thurs 26 Jan just in time for SCBWI critique day in NYC! But decided to take my manuscript that took me most of 2011 to write into the critique session. 😉 It went really well! Thank you again for putting this together. On to Feb manuscript and honing 2011 and Jan!

  136. I created my very FIRST picture book draft because of Julie and the 12x12in2012 PB Challenge. It has been a lifelong dream and I did it!
    The very act of DOING this has me so excited to create more!

  137. Done! At the nick of time. Deadlines help me – give me structure to my chaotic life! Also thanks to Marcie Colleen ( for organizing the SCBWI PB Writer’s Crit group in NYC) – the feedback from the group helped me a lot. Not to mention, that’s how I found out about 12x12x12. Yay Marcie! Yay Julie! Yay Tara!

  138. One draft draft down. Thanks for this Julie. Hope we are all still here in December!

  139. One down! It’s so great to see all of the writing accomplished (above posts). Congrats to all who completed a January ms!

  140. I finished my first draft, also by the skin of my teeth. I had a lot of distractions this month, don’t anticipate next month to be any less hectic, so (like everything with SCBWI) the 12×12 is keeping me focused on my writing and my dreams. Thanks Julie for organizing this!

  141. Congratulations to everyone who has finished a draft for January! I finished my early in the month, and can’t wait to get cracking on February’s pick from my PiBoIdMo crop. Thank you again, Tara!

  142. I finished my January pb and even managed to do a rough dummy. Loads of fun!

  143. Rachel Smoka-Richardson

    January = one completed picture book draft, one completed MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the amazing Vermont College of Fine Arts!

  144. I completed one draft and have a list of ideas! I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people. Thanks for this!

  145. I have a draft but have yet to revise it as I had hoped. Bring on February!

  146. I know I’m late! I did finish a book. I edited a previous picture book, does that count?

  147. This is strange – I know I left a comment, but I can’t find it! So here I go again: 4pb drafts, 1 Highlights fiction contest entry, 3 dummys started, joined a crit group, made new friends – all in one month!

  148. Good luck this Feb. all! I didn’t quite make it on my January draft. Got the beginning, the middle and now working on ‘the end’!

  149. Ack! Don’t remember if I posted that I finished Jan and begn Feb drafts! sorrry if I already posted, my little one is sick and my multitasking is maxed out.

  150. Lori Grusin Degman

    So happy to have a completed manuscript – and I like it! Thanks so much for the push! Congrats to everyone who signed up! 1 down – 11 more to go 🙂

  151. Finished a decent draft in January. 11 more to go.

  152. Sorry for responding late. I did complete a draft, but immediately started on my February book rather than noting the finished task on this blog. Sorry, sorry.

  153. Missed this while I was sick. But I completed four drafts in January. 🙂 Worked on the fifth yesterday.

  154. I didn’t realize we were supposed to check in until I just saw it in the FB group! Oops. Anyhow, I completed three drafts in January and have started a couple others. Woot!

  155. I’m late to respond, but did complete a draft for January. Ready for February and will be on time this month.

  156. Though I am posting late, I did get a draft written in January. That’s all the prize I really need. Like you, Julie, I probably would not have written it if it wasn’t for this challenge. Thanks for the motivation to get the job done. On to February’s draft.

  157. Ah, I get how it goes now…I was jumping all over to leave comments and forgot the most important place –here! — to say that I’d finished a draft of my sheep book. Ah well. Good thing I have a good critique group! I’ll know better for Feb. Cheers.

  158. Okay. I’m late. BUT, I finished my PB draft for January, in January. In fact, I finished it in the middle of the month which is why I probably forgot ALL about checking in here to say that I *did* finish it.

    Um, anybody buying that? 😉

  159. I’m late reporting as well, but I want to report that I did finish a manuscript in January. 🙂

  160. I was up a canyon with no internet access for a week … BLISS! … but the draft was complete. Thank you Julie!

  161. Julie, completed my manuscript for January. I thought I posted but didn’t see my posted so I posted again. This is a great challenge! 1 down and 11 more to go. Thanks.

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