We’re halfway there! Have you done your 12 x 12 Blog Party post yet? If you have a blog, please consider participating. You have until July 2. In the meantime, be sure to check out the inspiring and entertaining entries that have come in so far.

Then, because it is June 30th, it is time once again  for 12 x 12 in 2012 participants to check in! Did you complete a picture book draft in June? I did not, but truthfully, I’m not all that upset about it because I got many other things accomplished in June, and there’s only so much a busy host can get done a month (such as attend two conferences, run a blog party, become a songwriter, etc.), right???

A huge shout-out to Emma Walton Hamilton – our June featured author. If you missed her fabulous June 1st post about surviving and thriving in the “mucky middle,” you MUST go back and read it.  If you left a comment on that post, you are automatically entered to win a FREE gift certificate to participate in her 8-week online picture book writing class – Just Write 4 Kids, regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month. This is such an amazing and generous prize. Don’t lose your chance to win – make sure you comment on that post!!

If you did complete a draft in June, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY.   You have until midnight EST July 1st to leave a comment on this post and/or the June 1st post to be eligible for the drawing.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet our July author!!

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  1. I completed a draft this month. Yippee!
    Tina Cho

  2. Me, too. And I had four days to spare. I’m on a roll!
    -Jan O’Neil

  3. Yes, I’m done with my June PB. I believe you’ve met my MC, Crum at my blog party. :o) Thanks again for being an awesome host, Julie!

  4. I wrote my June draft yesterday! But don’t add me to the draw as I have been fortunate enough to do the course already. What a great prize!

  5. Yes, I have written a draft for JUNE called “Actually, I Can”…this one will be eventually published through my biz Happy Hero, fitting the “Helping Little worriers find happiness” ethos….YAY! Still needs a good polish, but, I am so excited about this one! (Nicky Johnston)

  6. I wrote a draft this month and also worked on the illos for the rough dummy!

  7. Whoo-hoo! Halfway there, and I’ve actually kept up. Yay!

    Nessa Morris

  8. I did manage to finish a rough draft this month. It’s a story I like and look forward to fighting for my right to rewrite! Thank you Julie.

    Heather Newman

  9. Yay! I finished another story – a draft, but not so bad. Six down; six to go – it’s feeling a bit like a “mucky middle” … but more towards the second half. Do-able. And the best thing: the more I write, the better they get. Oh, sure, they don’t shine – but that’s what polishing’s for.
    Thank you, Julie, for organizing this challenge. Having a “group” to work with helps on the accountability angle.

  10. Finished June Draft! This one’s rough too, but fun…. excited to see to see how it evolves. Thanks Julie!
    – cynthia iannaccone

  11. Finished my June draft on Thursday. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I’m going to work on some revisions this week before I put it aside to move on to JULY. I can’t believe how the time is flying this year!

  12. Got mine finished last week. It’s really good. *bragging* Yippee!!!!!!!! I’ll get my halfway post up this weekend. Waay behind! (((Hugs)))
    Robyn Campbell

  13. I meant to say what an awesome prize. Thanks for all you do Julie. *waving peace sign*

  14. I wrote a draft in June. Thanks. Stacy S. Jensen

  15. I completed my June picture book draft. Eric VanRaepenbusch

  16. June manuscript – completed.
    Blog party – joined.
    Highlights Annual Fiction Contest – lost.
    Done, done, and done….

    Genevieve Petrillo

  17. Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

    Yay! Halfway there! Thanks so much. I have completed a draft for this month. Thanks, Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

  18. I am revising an earlier draft. I went to SCBWI-Illinois’s Words In The Woods writing retreat and was totally inspired by the great speakers, Alexandra Penfold (great name for an editor, don’t you think?) of Simon and Schuster, Ty King, agent from Writer’s House, and Marrisa Moss, author-illustrator of the Amelia’s Notebooks series among many other books. I feel I have a manuscript worth really pursuing.

    Sallie Wolf

  19. Last minute? That’s what deadlines are for! Thanks, Julie–another draft completed.
    Lisa Rogers

  20. I finished a draft for June, posted a party post, had a great time visiting other blogs in the party hop, let’s see… what else is there? I INTERVIEWED THE AWESOME JULIE HEDLUND!!! (And the awesome EMMA WALTON HAMILTON!) June has been quite amazing, actually. If anyone missed the interview with Julie, pop on over to my blog!

    I think that a chance for someone to take Emma’s Just Write for Kids course is the best prize that ever could be offered, but please don’t enter me in the drawing, because I’ve already taken it and benefited greatly from it.

    Beth Stilborn

  21. I didn’t get a draft finished but I did work on it!
    Erik Weibel 🙂

  22. My manuscript is not finished : (, but at least it’s well on the way. Unless I get it done somehow by the end of the day. : )

  23. I did! It’s entitled, “Much Loved Dorcas”. Nothing fancy, only a retelling of the New Testament account of Apostle Peter’s first miracle.

    Jarm Del Boccio

  24. Margaret Greanias

    I completed a draft this month and it wasn’t at the last minute! Yay!

    – Margaret Greanias

  25. June draft complete – check!
    End of school celebrations complete – check!
    Summer vacation planned – check!
    Caught up on reading blog posts, email, Facebook, etc. – postponed to July!

  26. YES! I have completed at LEAST one PB manuscript each month including June. Woo hoo! Thanks for the challenge. I have LOVED it. Donna Koppelman

  27. Made it! This month it really feels like an accomplishment.

  28. Whoo-hoo! Just started – and finished – my June draft. I’m a flash-in-the-pan-gal, I guess. Way more fun for me if I don’t have time to think. And I have to say that being linked with all of you writers dedicated to your drafts has spurred me on. Thank you! And thanks, Julie, for another great month of it. Pierr Morgan

  29. Julie…the party was a blast!!!!
    My plane leaves for Chicago in 2 hours…so I have to run and get dressed and get to the airport.
    12×12 has been incredible…I’m looking forward to the next 6 months.
    And yes, I did complete the June pb draft!
    Vivian Kirkfield

  30. June draft complete. Thanks! Kim Murray

  31. June done…check check!!!!

  32. I only had “half” a PB done ’cause I had to stop and write my Halfway Blog Party post–BUT I finished the PB just under the (sweaty) wire. And now I need a long, cool drink. 😉

  33. Finished one pb draft for June.
    I joined the half way blog party.
    Lost the highlight contest.
    Had a fantastic skype critique with Mira Reisberg.
    Today I almost was not able to post this message due to a 13 hour power outage in a 90 degree heat wave. ugh! Yay for air conditioning!!!

    Thanks again Julie!!!

    Jennifer Young

  34. It’s been a good month.
    I finished the next pb in my season series.
    I queried some agents.
    I joined the blog party.
    And got to eat some strawberries from my garden.

    Rena Traxel

  35. June draft complete – a beginning, a middle, and an end! And on the last day of the month, which always gives a little artificial thrill. And I kind of like it, too. :o) July, let’s DANCE!

    –Melissa Kelley

  36. My June Draft is called My Life with Dogs, inspired by FB-thread comments from12x12ers!

  37. Finished my June pb draft just in the nick of time…*whew*
    Had awesome fun with mid year party roll on the next 6 months.
    Oh, and don’t enter me for the prize as I have completed Emma’s fantastic pb course 2 years ago.

  38. I did one! It has one of those darn mucky middles, but will be fun to revisit. Loving June! So much to celebrate!

  39. June draft done! But not completed til this afternoon! Whew! So many stories kept coming to mind this month, but I finally decided which one to write. Unfortunately, it sounded better in my head. Oh well…now I have lotsa time to revise it if I choose to.
    But thank you, 12×12. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have these 6 somewhat snazzy manuscripts. Happy Half Way, everyone!

  40. Yippee- I’m in! 6 MS in 6 Months – thank you everyone for the enthusiasm that keeps me plugging in (not on). I look forward to the re-write in June’s raw MS

    Melissa Mead

  41. Wahoo! June rough draft done now time for fun.

  42. Wahooo…I did it! Draft #6 complete. Thank goodness for deadlines. I’ve been playing around with a particular storyline in my mind for over a year and I finally coaxed it to life. I’m excited to start revising it. Oh, and one of the best parts is that it’s my first first-draft that is less than 600 words, with the exception of one board book I wrote. Yay!
    Thank you for all you do Julie!
    Beth Thaler

  43. I just finished my June draft under the wire–today, June 30th. This month was the first time I’ve written a first draft of a PB in pieces. I was busy so I did a little in a waiting room, waiting in a café and finally the last bit at home (told myself I couldn’t go out & play until I did it). It was a busy month and it was good for me to see I can work around the stuff that pops up.

    Dana Carey

  44. Woo Hoo! I completed this month’s draft 🙂 That’s 6 for 6.

  45. Patricia Nozell

    Julie, I did finish my June draft, my 7th so far this year, but have written no songs. I did, however, set up a Facebook page featuring the two pups who are featured in my June draft (and several other PBs in various stages of revision). Check it out in a “spare” minute, http://www.facebook.com/TwoOrangePups. Sadly, I am not a blogger, so I can’t participate in the blog-fest. Perhaps, though, the girls will reflect on 12×12 in their next Wednesday Woofs of Wisdom…

    Many thanks for keeping us on track!

    Patricia Nozell

  46. It’s hard to believe, but after a week of finals, I was able to meet the June deadline! I guess stress brings out the best in me 🙂 Hooray! Congrats everyone!

  47. I finished my June draft on June 4 and have spent the month revising older drafts and researching agents. Thanks for this great challenge!

  48. June has come and gone and I am the proud creator of 6 picture book layouts with stories thus far! YES!!!! Sheri Cook

    • Elizabeth McBride

      Sheri, do you prepare layouts for all of your picture books? Are you illustrating them as well? Thanks, Elizabeth McBride

  49. My June draft is my favorite because it is a
    Catherine Johnsonbout stinky matters and has names like Lord Flatulence 🙂

  50. Hope I have still made it on time – am at 4 day SCBWI Conference in Sydney and have lost track of time. I have completed my June manuscript, it was so satisfying to write! 🙂

  51. Elizabeth McBride

    I completed a manuscript for a children’s board book this month (while continuing to work at other PB manuscripts). But I am wondering how much of a market there might be for board books. You don’t see many calls for them. I’m hoping to defy the odds since I have a couple of manuscripts for board books to sell!

    • Elizabeth, check out Baby Bug magazine for an interim placement for those board book manuscripts. You can still work on getting them published after they appear in the magazine, although it’s good to make sure Cricket hasn’t changed their policy.

  52. Thanks to the encouragement of my wife, and the presence of a new goat in our pasture, I DID get my June draft done…titled “As Goats Go.” It turned out well, but of course needs polish.
    Can’t believe we’re halfway there…I’m now FIVE for SIX. Maybe I can catch up next month.
    Damon Dean

  53. I did it yesterday, knowing I was signing at Costco today. But I’m stunned at how this happens month after month. I think, “This is the month I won’t be able to do it,” and then it works out. Julie, I’m forever grateful!

  54. I just completed a rough draft for this month. That’s five for me this year, but all need work and polishing.

  55. Wait. Julie. “Become a songwriter?” Are you just going to leave us hanging like that? ; )

  56. I did it again! Needs a lot of revision but done!

  57. Squeaked out two 1st drafts in June.
    Revised a 12×12 manuscript from April.
    And yes, I WROTE A SONG about 12×12 and posted it to the “Halfway” blog party (I’m #30.)

  58. kelly McDonlald

    I did it, barely. Was the first time i got to the last week. I did write a chapter book though 😉
    Kelly McDonald

  59. Yes, I did! Hooray for reaching halfway!
    Jo Hart

  60. WooHoo! Six down, six to go.
    I forgot to sign my name before and also…
    Can anyone tell me how to change my picture? This icon makes me look like perpetually bad-tempered robot librarian.
    Karen Cheesman

  61. I completed my June draft. Yeah!

  62. I have a draft for this month too. Admittedly it is ROUGH, but it’s still a draft!
    Shai Stephenson

  63. I finished my June draft. 🙂
    Marcie Atkins

  64. Yes, yes…I finished it two days ago! #6: “Diligent Dorcas” (tentative title; I’ve run out of creative juices.)

    Jarm Del Boccio

  65. Yes, Yes…#6: “Diligent Dorcas” (tentative title; I’ve run out of creative juices!)

    Jarm Del Boccio

  66. Just checkin in! I am coming in at the last minute here. I did not complete a new manuscript for June. I am still revising my May manuscript and currently working on an article as well, but it is not completed yet!
    Happy writing to everyone!

  67. I JUST squeezed my June draft in during the last few days of the month. I’m hoping to get an early start for July. I can’t believe it’s halfway over already. Go go go to everyone on team 12 x12 !!!!

  68. Finished a draft I’m really excited about!

  69. Kathy Cornell Berman

    Yippee! I did finish my June draft and half of my next one. I am on a roll and so thankful for this
    motivating group.
    Kathy Cornell Berman

  70. This is my first time not to reach my goal of a draft a month! I had some PiBoIdMo ideas that I started developing, but never completed one. I just didn’t like any of them enough to continue. I am disappointed that I’m only at five…but then I think FIVE!!!! And I can’t stay disappointed. I am looking forward to July.

  71. Almost missed posting that I completed a ms for June! YAY!
    Carol Munro

  72. Done, a counting PB for me. Going to the critique group this week. Love this group.

  73. Yup, I’m late. Out of contact with internet this weekend. I did get a story done. Surprised myself with it. I’m really pleased.

  74. I finished, but didn’t check in in time…oh well.

  75. I finished my manuscript for the month and can’t believe we’re already half-way there! (I didn’t check-in on time, but thought I’d check-in anyway.)

  76. Well, apparently I’ve been having too much summer fun. I completely forgot to check in. Congrats to June’s winner!!!! I did complete a draft, inspired by my backyard quail. It’s in free verse, which is a first.

  77. *Sigh* I’m late with my check-in. Our 30th anniversary was July 1st. We were gone and by mutual agreement left screens at home. Anyway – got June’s ms completed – just wanted to make it official albeit late. Congrats to everyone else.

  78. This is the first time I haven’t completed a full first draft of a pb. I did finish my first draft of a mg novel though….and it started at a picture book. 🙂

    Congratulations to everyone who is 6 for 6!

  79. Hi Julie,

    I had to have sudden surgery at the end of June and then have been recovering. Sorry for the delay, but we did complete a June draft. Thanks so much! Mel and Chris

  80. TWO drafts in June. Woo hoo!

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