Well, here in Boulder March came in AND out like a lamb.  I’ve never experienced such a warm and early spring before.  I hope that is auspicious for writing!   12 x 12 in 2012 participants know that today is the day to check-in on your picture book draft for the month.  Did you complete one this month?

I completed a draft this month – once again on the second to last day.  You guys are such slave-drivers – LOL!  Seriously though, you all keep me so motivated and inspired.  You amaze me – truly.

Thanks again to Katie Davis for giving us fantastic marketing and promotion tips as March’s featured author.  If you left a comment on her March 1st post, you are automatically entered to win a copy of her book – How to Promote Your Children’s Books: Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Creating a Bestseller, regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month. I am also giving away two of her Brain Burps About Books podcast apps. If you did complete a draft in March, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry.  YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY.   You have until midnight EST April 1st to leave a comment on this post and/or Katie’s original post to be eligible for the drawing.  I’ll draw a winner via Random.org and post it to the blog on Monday, April 2nd.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see who’s on deck for April!!

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  1. Yay, I did complete my March draft! But please don’t include me in the draw as I already have the book. Well done to all who mad it through month three!

  2. I actually completed my March draft on time! It’s not quite ready for critique, but it’s done. Thanks to 12×12, I have 3 working drafts so far this year! Yay! Thanks Julie!
    Margaret Greanias

  3. Yes, Julie, thank you! Your 12 x 12 has been an amazing motivation for me. I also completed my March PB draft…I actually have several uncompleted ones also…you know I work part-time at a retail store (for our health insurance) and I keep my notepad next to me at the service desk…you never know when the flash of inspiration ignites. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure I commented on the March 1st post…but I will go back and check now.
    It’s been crazy mild here in Colorado Springs also…I keep forgetting you are just up the road. 🙂 Maybe one day we will connect in person…I think there are a couple of us along the I-25 corrider.

  4. I’m done but already have the book! Thanks so much for another great month!

  5. Oh, I’m sorry.
    It is “corridor”. 😉
    And this is Vivian Kirkfield…but I think you know that from my WordPress logo. 😉

  6. Yes, I have done a draft for March – not very happy with it, but I have also been working more on my Jan and Feb drafts too…so 12x12in12 has definitely increased my writing work…not sure the March draft will make it to the next level – but I did it!!
    Nicky Johnston

  7. Thankyou Julie…. wow I just scrapped in with my draft to…. been a hectic month for me with so much happening….. put I made an effort this past week to get it done….yay! …. Diane Tulloch here…lol.

  8. Thanks Julie and Katie. I finished the first draft of my March pb. Very happy with this one – unlike Feb!!!

  9. My March baby has been born! Yeah! (In fact, it was triplets — yes, a draft plus two sequels!). Thanks Julie!
    Linda Lodding

  10. Julie and Katie – what great give-aways! Thanks for the motivation and great direction. My March draft was completed just last week. I think I might need to have my very own PiBoIdMo so that I can make it to the end of the year.

  11. Thanks Julie & Katie. March draft completed.

    Pat Simmons

  12. I completed my March draft! It wasn’t easy since I was also hosting the Chapter Book Challenge during this month, but somehow I managed both! (Well, I will have managed both if I manage to write the last few chapters of my chapter book today. lol!)

    ~Rebecca Fyfe

    (And this new WordPress thing that tries to get me to log in because it recognizes my e-mail is driving me nuts! I can never remember my WP password as I haven’t used it in years! So I keep having to retype my comment and type in a different, less-used e-mail. *sigh* Any idea if they are going to change this stupid new policy? It makes me dislike commenting on WordPress blogs because they’ve become such a hassle for me.)

  13. my march draft is complete!!!

  14. my march draft is complete thank you!!

  15. I completed a draft for March. Kept fidgeting with the idea then took my computer to a café and forced myself to figure out how to write it.
    Please don’t put me in the drawing for the apps– I don’t have a phone to play them on.

    On to April!!

  16. The draft is done, scrappy as it may be. It was tough here too because I spent most of the month trying to polish Feb’s draft into a completed picture book…version 10 looks like it’s the one, for now!
    So glad I have this push or I’d be a slacker.

  17. March isdone and on its third critique. Yeah to all you 12x12ers!

    Robin Howard

  18. i already have the book…………………..o_0

  19. I did. 12x goal and group are fantastic motivation. Stacy S. Jensen

  20. Draft is done. (And I already have Katie’s book too. If you don’t win it, you should buy it: it’s worth it.)

  21. I already have the book, and depending on the podcast have probably heard it, but I did complete my March draft… although it’s a little less polished than it might have been if a certain marmot wasn’t keeping me very busy! 🙂

  22. March draft complete. Check. Next month isn’t looking good with kids out of school for spring break, Easter, two birthdays, a trip out of town for a wedding and finishing up my online writing class. I might be getting up earlier then I already do! – Kim Murray

  23. My march draft is complete. It needs some polishing, but overall I’m happy with where it’s going. I already have Katie’s book (awesome) so I don’t need to be entered in the drawing. Thanks! -Heather Newman

  24. Nothing like a deadline to make something happen! That, and a cloudy day too cold to do the gardening I’m so tempted to get started. So, the March draft is done, and again I have something to send to my critique group. Many thanks for the motivation. Had a super inspirational time with so many fantastic writers last weekend at Whispering Pines in RI.
    Lisa Rogers

  25. I am excited that I created a March draft, completed half of a chapter book, and have an April pb idea swirling in my head! Thank you, Julie, for starting what has become a winderful writing community.
    -Alison Hertz

  26. Finished my March draft, but it does need work. The 12X12 support and inspiration have been GREAT for me! Thanks everyone, but especially to Julie for organizing this! 🙂 With 2 young children, and running 2 businesses, this group has forced me to get to work writing. (Which is what I enjoy most.) Thanks again!

    ~Beth Gallagher

  27. Draft done! This is the first one I’m really happy with! Finally!! Good luck and congrats fellow writers.

  28. Draft done, but it’s very “drafty”–leaving lots of room for improvement!

  29. I completed my March draft. Needs some work, but I really happy with how the idea has developed throughout the month.
    -Eric VanRaepenbusch

  30. March draft done. This is really helping with motivation, Julie 🙂

    Catherine Johnson

  31. Two done in March! (Does that mean I can save one as an “extra” in case I have a bad month?) Nah…

    • Hi Shutta–

      I am Sue Budin’s sister in law–met you in person at a children’s book discussion group in Ann Arbor. I was wondering if I knew anyone in this 12 x 12 group. Congrats on writing 2!


  32. I wrote my third picture book just two days ago as well. Nothing like a check in to motivate one. Thanks, all!

  33. Our March was in like a lamb out like a lamb too. So strange…. Last year we were still getting snow in April. I hope spring doesn’t change its mind and turn back to winter.

    I finished my third pb manuscript too. Congratulations to everyone who was able to do it this month. Keep up the good work! If you weren’t able to get one this month…don’t give up…keep writing. Maybe April will bring you two wonderful ideas. 🙂

  34. I completed a picture book this month, it just wasn’t the one I thought I was going to do! I will try to do five pages of the one I planned on doing this month next month!

  35. Hey Julie and everyone! I have not been checking as much as I’d hoped (but hoping this will change in April!) but am on track for completing a draft each month (eek!). It is now becoming a habit to just do it and am loving it. Along the way even more picture book ideas are flowing into my head. Feels pretty darn good to be back in the PB zone, so figured it about time I shout out a THANK YOU!

  36. Carol Munro here. YES! I completed a ms. I was inspired by a poem written by Jane Yolen. Drafted, tweaked, and nearly ready to be submitted. YAY!

  37. Done and done! Three completed and another one beginning tomorrow. Congrads to everyone.

    What a weird winter. Hmm, I think I have a new idea in my head. 🙂

    Robyn Campbell

  38. I did complete a ms this month–or a revision of an older ms. Send it in to SCBWI WIP grants. It was worth doing whether I get the grant or not because it really helped me rethink my structure.

  39. Lori Grusin Degman

    Thanks again for the kick in the butt! I managed to finish a ms but it’s got a long, long way to go!

    • Hi Lori–

      Good luck with this 12 x 12 challenge. I’ve been more of a lurker than active on the challenge and it’s keeping me motivated and on task anyway. I am working to become more visible in the group. Glad to see someone I know from SCBWI-IL!


  40. I completed my March draft earlier this month. Thanks so much for all you do, Julie!
    ~Tina Cho

  41. I finished my draft. It needs a major overhaul, but it is a complete draft with a beginning middle and end. Kirsten Larson

  42. I finished my draft. It’s very very rough but it’s finished yay!!

  43. Draft complete…by the skin of my teeth and the hair on my chinny chin chin!

  44. Julie Rowan-Zoch (my fb comment): Attempting the Feb marathon really opened my brain drain! 1 PBdummy: scbwi wip grant (crowd of fans still gathered and cheering outside), 1 rough and 3 very rough. While cleaning yesterday had to jot ideas, kept paper/pen in my pocket, kept stopping to write more and have what I hope a the next 3 draft ideas! March came in like a lion and is going out roaring too!

  45. Kathleen Cornell Berman

    My March draft is done! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration.
    I already have the book! Looking forward to writing nine more drafts (or more if I am lucky).

  46. Yes, I have done my March draft. Where did this month go??? Thank you so much for keeping us all motivated and connected. I truly appreciate it!
    Jennifer Kirkeby

  47. Julie, this whole 12×12 experience has been a good lesson for me. I signed up thinking, well, maybe… But it works! Now when I have a picture book idea (okay, not every time), there’s a good chance I might try it out instead of dismissing it. And like I tell my students and clients, you don’t know what’s going to happen until you put it down on the paper. It’s just odd how I can subconsciously decide that the advice I know so well and give so often doesn’t apply to me, too. ; )

    My editors ask to see new manuscripts and instead of starting new ones, I’m often tempted to keep revising the old. This month I not only finished the manuscript, I sent it in—not that I recommend doing that, since that incubation period and the opportunity to look at your work with fresh eyes are so important. But it felt good. And I have you to thank for that.

    Deb Lund

  48. Kris Quinn Christopherson

    I completed a MS… such great motivation everyone is.. and so supportive !
    Kris Quinn Christopherson

  49. By the skin of my teeth! Actually finishing the supplemental text right now (even as I type….). Not perfect, but a solid draft that I know has potential. Thanks for keeping us on track; you’re a great task-master. And thanks for dropping by my blog. Always good to see ya,
    ~Sue Heavenrich

  50. Done, done, done…and a little earlier than last month, so it’s even more of a victory! Thanks Julie for making us more productive and creating one of the most inspiring PB communities online, you’re the best!

  51. Pat Haapaniemi
    Done- just under the wire!

  52. yes, i completed my rough draft last night. whew!
    Julie Fredrick

  53. Done. Painful to both write and to read. 🙂 The draftiest of all drafts! But its done! Onward and upward to April. Thanks for all of the proding.

  54. I finished not only my March draft but my April draft too!

    Heather Cyr

  55. Miranda Paul
    I’ve got five written. Two I really like! Thanks again for hosting this. Already have ideas for the next three….let’s hope this keeps up all year…:)

  56. Like you Julie, I was close to the end of the month before inspiration hit. March was a way busy month for me. Let’s hope April is a bit calmer so the creativity will flow better. You are right, the 12×12 group is a great source for inspiration!

  57. My March draft is written and revised a couple of times. This is such great motivation!

    I don’t need to be entered in the draw, because I already have the book, and it is EXCELLENT!

    Bring on April!

  58. Finished March – looking ahead to April. This is fun!!!
    Bobbie Henry

  59. March draft done!

    Congrats to everyone who met their goal for the month.

    Cathy Ballou Mealey

  60. Yes, i did complete a draft this month – that is, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end… althought I don’t particularly like it. It needs WORK – and this month I spent quite a bit of time revising some of my previous months’ first drafts, and therefore poor March suffered. Le sigh. I have to believe, based on the past 31 days, that there’s hope for March – come May or June, I might even love it!

    Wishing inspiration and success to all – – –

  61. oops – forgot to leave my name!

    Melissa Kelley

  62. NOPE! Slap me on the wrist, put me in the corner. I’ve been up to my ears with poet wrangling for Poetry Month and revising the stories for my early readers, so nothing new on the personal PB front. I’m sinking!

  63. Yes, Julie, I did complete a PB in March and sent it to my online critique group. I was surprised I had time since I was up to my eyeballs trying to promote authors to send me autographed copies of their books so I can promote their works at my booth in May for the Children’s Festival of Reading…but I managed to sneak in some writing time anyway…;0)

    Donna Martin

  64. I finished a draft just not the one I thought I would. I did an ABC picture book for a school project. I didn’t do my goal this month – to do five pages of the original idea. I wil make that my April goal – to give Louie and the bookstore life! 😉

  65. I did it! I completed a draft in March 🙂 I’m very excited because I didn’t manage to do that in the first two months, so it’s a big improvement for me!! Yay!
    Cindy McCown

  66. YAY – DONE! I even stood on my head on the bed (it was part of the story) to finish. Congrats to everyone else!

  67. I finished my draft! It’s for March.
    Brenda A. Harris

  68. I finished my March draft. Brenda A. Harris

  69. I’m finally reporting I finished a draft. Still requires an extensive revision. Congratulations to all who completed a draft! Patricia Tilton

  70. I finished March with my best story yet! Thank you so much, Julie, for organizing this amazing challenge.
    Karen Kallis Cheesman

  71. I did it for the 3rd month in a row and I’m feeling good! Amazingly, this was the easiest one, even though it was a totally new idea, not one that had been kicking around in my head for a while. And I wrote it in one sitting. It just flowed (maybe because it has to do with water?). Thanks again for the motivation of having a deadline 🙂 Peggy J. Sheridan

  72. Hi 12 x 12 in 2012 buddies 🙂

    I completed 2 drafts for March. Thank you for a wonderful group, it is very inspiring and motivating! Looking forward to April!

    🙂 Abigail

  73. i have my march done.
    Kelly McDonald

  74. I completed my draft for March!
    Mary Jo Guglielmo

  75. Yes! I’ve completed my mss entitled, ‘Have You Ever Seen a Snow Rainbow’, which rhymes both visually and phonetically. It was a challenge, but so fun!
    Jarm Del Boccio

  76. done 🙂 Finished a couple of weeks ago!

  77. My March draft is done and got a 4 in Rate Your Story (my first time being ‘rated’). I hope I can April Fool myself into a few ideas for next month.

    Genevieve Petrillo

  78. I did it–and very early in the month. It needs some serious revision, though! 🙂

  79. So happy to report that March creation is done and posted!

  80. Another last-minute draft completed. It needs work, but at least it’s down on paper. Thanks again for organizing an event that keeps us all motivated!

  81. I finished my March draft… TWICE!
    I about had a fit. I had finished it (honest to goodness) before the middle of the month. Then this past week; I went to do some much needed revising and couldn’t open the file. It had been corrupted.I had not emailed myself a copy either. :0( I had about half of it written in long hand. So I typed it up AGAIN today.

    Tracey M. Cox

  82. Wow! I’m inspired by everyone who’s ahead of the game. That’s great! I only just now finished my March draft, but I’m jumping right into April’s.

  83. Whew! Finished my PB *just* in the nick of time! And people are already working on April????


  84. Yay! Got march done 😀

    Saba N Taylor

  85. Whew! I pulled together my notes did a lot of thinking and writing and rewriting .. and now I have a draft .. very rough and needs polishing .. but it is a story now.
    This challenge is very motivating! Thanks Julie!

  86. Three months, three picture book manuscripts, done. Thanks Julie. Now is where the real hard work begins. These were projects I started before and I could see the finish line. My April PB’s finish line is way off in the distance.

    Stay strong everyone, we’ve made it through the first quarter!

    Shai Stephenson

  87. Draft of the PB for March finished but needs revision. So January, February March drafts done. Working on Aprils already. Thanks for the inspiration.

  88. Don’t need the book or app because I already have both, but I still wanted to check in. I finished book three for the year. Yay, go me! On to book four… ~Nessa Morris

  89. Woo hoo, another drafted picture book done! This is keeping me on track-thx!
    Gail Handler
    kidlitgail at gmail dot net

  90. Yipes, multitasking doesn’t work! I put the wrong ending on my email… that was gmail.com, not net
    Gail Handler

  91. I completed my March draft. I already have Katie’s book, but would like the app if I get randomly chosen. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! for this challenge. I am pretty sure I’m three drafts ahead of where I would’ve been without it 🙂
    Penny Klostermann

  92. March draft is a done deal :~D April is well on its way!

  93. I did it! I tried my hand at something a little different this month…a board book. My toddler inspired a story called “Just One More.” I love when real life lends itself to a story idea. Thank you all for the support and motivation. 🙂
    Beth Thaler

  94. This month’s picture book gives new meaning to the “rough” in rough draft, but I’m grateful for your continued encouragement that spurred my pen into action. Thanks!

  95. Elizabeth McBride

    Wonderful and unbelievable! Another one done! This has taught me how much time there is within a month to just keep getting things done – and that it can happen, despite full-time work, family emergencies, travel, fundraising, and the occasional need for sleep! Love to see Katie’s book! As the months go on, there is more and more reason for preparing to promote one’s own book! Thank you Julie and Katie!

    From Elizabeth McBride

  96. Checking in! I’m right on schedule. Thanks for the motivation.

  97. Just finished! Way to leave it to the last minute.Thanks Julie for keeping us going.
    Lisa Thompson

  98. Just finished. Talking about getting down to the wire!

  99. Whoa. I thought I was going to have to wave the white flag of surrender today, but I squeaked it out. I realized that I have two competing forces at work: I noodle stories, characters, concepts so thoroughly in my head that sometimes writing them down as a draft is easier than I expect! BUT! I am s-l-o-w because I love to revise as I go. This month was a lesson in just getting out the frame, and worrying about the wallpaper later.

    The good news is that March was so hard because I am slightly obsessed with my February draft. 🙂

    Carter Higgins

  100. I did it! I love this challenge. You all are keeping me on my toes. Sandi Hershenson

  101. Yeah, I’ve JUST finished! I think I’m going to sleep for 10 hours straight! This month was NOT easy… But, hey! 1/4 of the way done!! Thank you, Julie!

    Bethany Telles

  102. Yes, I got my March draft done! Now to think of an idea for April…

  103. Done and done. 🙂 Jennifer Keller

  104. Hi Julie!

    We got our March draft done and published it on our podcast. Here’s the link to the blog post and audio link: http://www.nightlightstories.net/2012/03/episode-44-clementines-big-mess.html

    Thank you!

  105. Annie Silvestro

    I finished my March draft and now it needs a massive overhaul 🙂 It’s great to revise one while starting another. Thank you!
    Annie Silvestro

  106. I finished my March draft. Gearing up for April!!
    Marcie Atkins

  107. I finished my March draft. I love having the 12×12 deadlines!

    Erin Pearson

  108. The draft is completed and I am afraid to let my critique group look at it. Well, actually, I’m excited to get their feedback on how to clean it up.

    Pam Courtney

  109. Oops, it was my birthday yesterday so I forgot to check in! But I’m proud to have finished my March draft! Congrats to everyone who finished their March draft, I love 12×12! 🙂

    Dana Atnip

  110. Yup, I made it! I’m still dealing with computer issues but, even so, I did manage to complete 3 picture book drafts (one about a red fox, another about a pig, and one about a stream) and have revised them twice… the next step is to figure which ones will go through my critique group on Friday

  111. I don’t think I posted here for February as I thought we were supposed to leave our comments on the 12×12 In 12 Facebook page…which I did. Just to bring you up to date… in January I finished 4 picture book drafts (one on raindrops, another one about a willow tree, then a maple tree and finally a parrot) and revised them twice. February was a good month as I completed 6 picture books drafts (a one about fireflies, another about a robin, then a ground-hog, a kitten, a bat and a goose) and have put them through one revision.

  112. Sorry I am late, computer was down for 2 days so I missed this post! I managed to finish my March manuscript after working on it quite a lot and overcoming some hurdles. Finally managed to think of a way the story could end and the main character’s problem could be solved. Phew! It was close though!

  113. I finished my March draft just in time last night…but I wish I was able to whip it into better shape by the end of the month. I fell behind between Spring Break, a daughter getting her wisdom teeth out, and another getting sick after that, but am thrilled that I was still able to squeeze in a PB draft, even though it needs a lot more work than my Jan. and Feb. ones (which I know are off to great starts after running them through one online group).

    Thank you so much for having this wonderful challenge! I often get so caught up revising older manuscripts, that I put off writing new ones. I’m thrilled to have three drafts in 2012 to play around with, and can’t wait to whip them into shape and see which idea will spring to life in April.

  114. Finished my March draft and had lot of time to revise. I am so glad to be a part of this challenge. It keeps me on my toes, but that is a good thing.

  115. Finished my March ms. So ready for April!!!!

  116. Done…a very short draft, but a sweet story…needs some more work, and maybe a few more ‘spreads’ but it’s done. It’s about My March Grass Humming. Came suddenly at the last moment even after thinking all month. Since last month have joined a PB critique group and love it. Thanks Julie for this challenge, and the authors, and the inspiration.

  117. Yep. Started and stopped midway on a couple stories before I landed on one (finally!) and wrote through to the end. Goodbye March. Hello April…

  118. I know it’s too late for an extra entry, but I want to post that I did finish a March manuscript. I was super busy this March (my own March Madness..) and finished it on the last day!

    Keep writing!

  119. I also know that it’s too late for an entry – so much to do each week! But I did manage to complete another story. Thanks again for this challenge and all the great blog posts!

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