This month went by so fast I almost forgot it’s time for 12 x 12 in 2012 participants to check in! Did you complete a picture book draft in May? I am very pleased to say I did. Mine required a great deal of research, and I started to worry I wouldn’t have time to write the actual draft. But I did, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I did not, however, end up participating in National Picture Book Writing Week (NaPiBoWriWee), but congratulations to those who did.

Another huge thanks to Debbie Diesen – our May featured author. If you missed her May 1st post giving tips on how to write rhyming picture books, it is a MUST read.  If you left a comment on that post, you are automatically entered to win a critique from Debbie, regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month.

If you did complete a draft in May, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY.   You have until midnight EST June 1st to leave a comment on this post and/or the May 1st post to be eligible for the drawing.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet our June authorl!!

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  1. I completed a draft. I’m five for five, so far. 🙂 This one needs some work…I need to make it funnier, but that will come in time. :p

    Sharon Mayhew

  2. I didn’t complete one…I completed three and wrote down 8 new ideas! 🙂 How many entries does that equal? LOL 🙂 I also did not do the NaPiBoWriWee. For now, I’m trying to curb new drafts and work on polishing all of the stories I’ve got in my arsenal.

    Thanks for checking in and holding us accountable each month! And thanks to Debbie for her great post and generous offer.

  3. I am SO surprised at this month…I thought I was in an every other month pattern, but turns out this month was a winner! I shook out a story that’s been in my noodle for a while. There’s a ways to go, but I’m proud of the start! May June be as fantastic! Huge thanks to you both, Julie and Debbie!

    Carter Higgins

  4. I did complete the May draft, but sadly don’t love it. At least it’s done! Now, on to a new month of ideas. 🙂

    Beth Gallagher

  5. I finished a rough (and I mean rough) draft so I’m five for five. Mine needs some research, but that will be done in collaboration with the person who will be my main ally in this project. It also needs to be cut down to size, although since it’s for a specialized market, it may not have to follow quite the same strictures as an ordinary picture book. (And yes I’m being all mysterious. I firmly believe in not showing off hatched chickens before the eggs are laid.)

    Thanks again and again, Julie!

    Beth Stilborn

  6. I completed my fifth. Hurray! After June’s draft, we’re half way there!

  7. Yes – done! I finished it 2 weeks ago – almost forgot to check in. Working on June’s and some storyboards for the finished ones.

  8. Margaret Greanias

    I actually completed a May draft — it’s not pretty and needs some work, but it is done!

    Margaret Greanias

  9. Yes! I completed two this month! Haven’t had time to do a blog post (drat these finals!) but I will soon!

    Almost to the half way point! Congrats everyone!

  10. Stacy S. Jensen

    I did. Thanks! Stacy S. Jensen

  11. Done! Thanks for these nudges, Julie!

  12. Done. Somehow I got this month’s draft done early.

  13. I completed two and a half rough drafts this month. The first two are ehh, but the half is so far my favorite. Thanks Julie!

    Jennifer Young

  14. I finished my May story. I am happy with the start that I have. It is in rhyme, and I’m afraid at 645 words, I might have to bring out the old word whacker. This is my critique group’s submission week, and I am hoping they will have some thoughts on the best place to start whacking. As the author, y’all know that I am in love with every word 🙂 Thanks, Julie!

    Alayne Kay Christian

  15. Me too! I’m five for five. This is so much fun.
    Thank you, Debbie.
    Thank you, Julie.

    Karen Kallis Cheesman

  16. I completed two this month. Happy dance!

  17. Thanks to my daughter I did complete my May Draft! Congrats on getting yours completed, Julie!
    – Eric VanRaepenbusch

  18. Sara Trowbridge

    I’ve got the OUTLINE for May done, but not the draft – and unfortunately, I won’t have time to get to it until this weekend. This month just flew past!

  19. Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

    Elizabeth Stevens Omlor completed her post for the month. She loves this challenge and appreciates the woman who runs it. 🙂

  20. And so we meet again, 12 x 12 in ’12. And yes, I conquered you this month–and it feels good! 😉

  21. I am 99.9% finished, just a few more lines so I know this one WILL be finished before the stroke of midnight making it officially finished in May!!! Whew, that was close. And yes, this one is a verrrrry rough draft.
    Gail Handler

  22. May drafts are due? This month I wrote two!
    I even made time,
    To write one in rhyme.
    Deb Diesen that draft was inspired by you!

    Cathy Ballou Mealey

  23. Thank you so much, Julie. You know we all appreciate your 12 x 12 in 12 Challenge…and for me, it’s been an amazing 5 months. Yes, I did complete #5…but it seems the more I write, the more I realize how much I need to learn about writing picture books. 🙂 But I guess that is a good thing!

  24. Hey Julie! Got it done despite the life challenges in our family this month. It is going to be really, really funny in future drafts. (I love funny.) Congrads to everyone who finished and even those who did not finish but at least started either an outline or a draft. Yippee!

    Robyn Campbell

  25. Yep…started and finished. I had been thinking about it for a while and when I actually sat down to write, it flowed out pretty fast.

    I’m a little anxious about summer, though. My writing time is drying up fast. Sigh…

  26. After last month’s miss, I’m glad to say I finished something this month. With a torn ACL it’s a lot easier to keep my butt in a chair 🙂

    • After last month’s miss, I’m glad to say I finished something this month. With a torn ACL it’s a lot easier to keep my butt in a chair 🙂

      Wendy Greenley

  27. Yes I completed a draft this month. Sorry I haven’t been present. Have been on vacation and won’t get to past posts until I get home. I know I missed some good posts.

    Patricia Tilton.

  28. I did complete a May draft and have already received some great feedback from my critique group! Thanks – Heather Newman

  29. Yes – I started it so early in the month that I plain forgot until I sat down to work today! What a nice surprise. I’m still so excited and encouraged by this group – thank you for all your work!

  30. May draft – done and done. Am I crazy about it? Not really. Is it finished? Yes, and that will do for now…

    Genevieve Petrillo

  31. I completed several drafts – not quite enough to say that NaPiBoWriWee was a success, but more than enough to met my 12×12 commitment. Looking forward to June 🙂

    Susanna Hill

  32. I wrote 9 pb drafts this month. Thanks to NaPiBoWriWee and 12×12 for the inspiration and support! I am 13 drafts for 2012 so far and have queried 10 agents. Thank you for creating this challenge that has brought together such a wonderful group of writers.

  33. I did indeed complete one…just not too crazy about it, but, after reworking it a couple of times, I’m letting it be!
    Jarm Del Boccio

  34. I completed mine!! 🙂
    Marcie Atkins

  35. I completed 2 1/2. Love the first one I wrote, iffy on the second, I think the 1/2 will need a fair amount of editing but may turn out to be good, we’ll see. 🙂

    Nicole Zoltack

  36. I completed two drafts this month! One was the entry to Susanna’s writing comp, and the other is the PND draft I’ve been working on for the last few months 🙂

  37. Yes, I completed one, not a great one…but still one is done….it was a really tough month, with sickness, hospital, but a month I am glad is over. thank you Julie for featuring my ‘story’ in 12x12in12 weekly focus.
    Nicky Johnston

  38. Hey Julie,
    I did complete a draft for a rhyming picture book about monsters this month.
    I’d surely like another opportunity to win.
    I’m in Peru, and I’m actually finding a little time each day to work before I go off grid for a week.
    thanks for a great blog and I’m looking forward ot net month’s guest pb writer.


  39. Note to self: when trying to write a picture book draft in a month DO NOT focus on history/biography. I did not complete a May MS, however I’ve had some success revising April’s, and I have a head start on June’s. Congrats to all who finished.

  40. May draft completed! Yay! And I like this story, too. Last month’s draft was a dud, destined for my show-no-one drawer.

  41. Hi,

    It percolated for a while and I made several starts, but kept getting stuck. I began to worry, then it finally all came together. Yippee!!!

    Happy writing for June everyone!
    Kim Mounsey

  42. Julie Rowan-Zoch: completed 7 in the first week, and another two. In June I can only afford to write one – too much revising to do! This also means I have sorely neglected my garden, but look at all that is ‘germinating’! Congrats to everyone as we approach the mid-year mark!

  43. Yes, I completed a May manuscript, being inspired from my niece.
    Thanks, Julie and Debbie!
    ~Tina Cho

  44. Lisa Rogers finished her draft (a nonfiction picture book this time!). It’s great to be in this together.

  45. Julie, you so inspired me to get mine done before the last day – I finished mine TWO days ago! Yay! I’m so proud. Thanks again for all your wonderful support! -Jan O’Neil

  46. I didnt think it was possible this month. I even told myself I didn’t have to try considering I had a baby (a beautiful, healthy boy) but I did it! And even more shocking I like it!

  47. Finished my draft for the month of may. 🙂

  48. Bet I’m the last one, but I did it! Yay for the motivation to complete PB draft #5! Thank you!
    Beth Thaler

  49. Got a manuscript done. Needs lots of revision but the rough idea is there!

  50. Conjured up two new PB drafts this month. Both fairly meh right now, but at least they’re down on paper. Also managed some rewrites on a couple stories, wrote a song on the side, and crafted a query letter with the help of my awesome crit group. All in all a good month.

    Cheers. Thanks again!
    Tim McCanna

  51. Done! Done! Got two done. Wrote an extra draft during the memorial day weekend. Long drives are best for writing. Managed to keep one hand on the wheel! Just kidding. Being the passenger is the best.

  52. I’m going to count one of the five I did for NaPiBoWriWee as my May draft for 12×12. Hope that’s OK? 🙂 Thank you, Julie – so exciting to hear about all these PB drafts written every month!

    Joanna Marple

  53. I did a first draft for the 12X12 and even a few days before the deadline. (This is progress!) I also did NaPiBoWriWee and wrote the 7 drafts for that. Very good month of writing for me–now on to revisions. Lots!
    (Thanks, Julie!)
    Dana Carey

  54. Thanks to NaPiBoWriWee I made it!!!

  55. Kathy Van Duzer

    Yes I took a note from the past and created Fats and OJ – friends forever.

    Kathy Van Duzer

  56. Thanks to NaPiBoWriWee I managed to get several drafts done this month 🙂

    Jo Hart

  57. Started a story. Quit. Started another. Quit. Started a third. Quit & re-started a couple times before hitting my stride. But, got one finished. One I actually like. Whew! So, still 5 for 5 – this monthly “deadline” really keeps me focused. Thank You Julie for organizing it – and everyone else for being there to share the pain – oops, I mean JOY – of scribbling on a daily basis.

  58. Yay for Debbie Diesen and Michigan!

  59. Alas, I didn’t get one finished. worked on it, but no completion. Maybe two next month.

  60. Patricia Nozell

    Happy to say that yesterday, I finally finished a very rough draft of a research-intensive picture book (I think of it as historical fiction for the PB set) that involved learning to blow glass & loads of history about a region I knew little about. Great to dust off my research skills (once upon a time I pursued a degree in American social history) & combine them with my desire to write PBs. May even manage a MG fantasy as a result.
    Concerned that I wouldn’t finish that draft in May, I also wrote a “short & sweet” little story inspired by TS Eliot’s Cats.
    Hope I’ve left something in my brain for June’s draft!

  61. I did not. My life changed quite a bit in May – moved, turned 60, became a NaNa! All wonderful excuses, I’d say. Good good grist for the picture book draft mill.

  62. Even though I’m still having computer problems I did manage to complete 3 picture book drafts and not one of them dealt with nature or an animal. One was about a ghost that lives in a library, one about a magical blanket and the third one was about a young girl and her sandbox adventures. Now I have to figure which one will go through my critique group. This brings my total of drafts up to 15.

    Hope everyone has a great June!!

  63. I managed to write a beauty of a draft…very great possibilities. And…! I had a great crit experience with Linda Lodding! – thank you Julie and Linda!!
    Melissa Mead

  64. I didn’t get a draft done, but I did reach the goal I made for myself. Congratulations to everyone who made their goals!
    Erik Weibel 🙂
    A.K.A. This Kid Reviews Books

  65. I have had quite a productive month managing 4 pb’s! I feel quite excited about them all – of course I am at the early stage with them…the hard bit is yet to come. 🙂

  66. Kathy Cornell Berman

    Sad to say I did not complete a draft this month. But I did start one. I also started writing a prequel to another story I have. And I am taking a writing class, so I’m still focused. Maybe next month I will have two!

  67. Hi Julie!
    We completed our May draft called “Everything In This Story STINKS!” We’ll be posting it soon on our site. (Been a crazy week of stomach bugs in this house so we are getting it out this weekend!)
    Thanks! Your new blog is looking great. 😛

  68. Did it this month…and two days before the deadline! (Gosh…what’s happening to me?)
    A sad-sweet story about a granddaughter and her Poppi, already getting reviewed by my great critique group with some sound suggestions. Thanks for the challenge 12×12 group and Julie.

  69. Okay…I’m ALWAYS forgetting my name here…again, completed, and thanks.
    Damon Dean (SevenAcreSky…should I change my log-in name?)

  70. i got my may draft done 😉 happy happy dance!
    Kelly McDonald

  71. Very happy to share I have created May’s submission!!!

  72. Elizabeth McBride

    I completed my draft, took off to visit my daughter out-of-state, came home to celebrate my son’s birthday – and forgot to check-in! Did another one as well – but need to work on it some more. Love to play with logic in my stories! Had three poems published in the month of May! Thank you to Poetry Breakfast! Subscribe here:

  73. Can’t believe I forgot to check-in! I did get my May manuiscript done. 🙂

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