Before I say anything else, I want our participants on the East Coast who have been impacted by Sandy to know that I’m thinking of you. I hope you are all safe with your families even if you are suffering the inconvenience (as I know many of you are) of being without power and without (gasp!) Internet access. Once you are back online, check in with us here or on the Facebook page to let us know you are okay. I will be extended the deadline for comments on this check-in to next Wednesday, November 7, to account for those of you without power. Now we can move on to today’s business…

It’s Halloween here in the States, but you know what is really spooky? That we have only TWO MONTHS left in the 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge! But never fear my friends, because there will be a 12 x 12 in 2013. Lots more information coming soon.

A couple of other quick service announcements. November is both Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) and Picture Book Month. For PiBoIdMo, author Tara Lazar hosts us as we strive to come up with one picture book idea a day. It’s a huge amount of fun and a great community. The guest authors that post on her blog throughout the month provide excellent idea caching and writing tips.

Meanwhile, our October author, Dianne de las Casas is the founder of Picture Book Month. Its mission is to celebrate the print picture book in the month of November. Check it out and spread the word. Be an ambassador! Best of all, share picture books with some children. Make sure you leave a comment for Dianne on her October 1st post. Not only will you show her your support, but you’ll automatically be entered to win a FREE critique from her regardless of whether you completed a PB draft this month.

So now I have to ask the scary question, because we all know it’s not only Halloween, it is also check-in day for 12 x 12 participants. Did you complete a picture book draft in October?

If you did complete a draft, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry toward Dianne’s critique. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY. You have until midnight EST November 7th to leave a comment on this post and/or the October 1st post to be eligible for the drawing.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to meet our November featured author!

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  1. In the words of Dora and Boots “We (I) did it!” Another great month of 12×12 inspiration. I look forward to the last two. – Stacy S. Jensen

  2. October draft complete! Thankfully before the storm hit, because my brain has been fried ever since.

  3. Shannon Abercrombie

    October. Check!

  4. Completed my draft for October, and just in time to lose power. Argh. Thank goodness we made it through with minimal damage, but last night had a follow up hail & lightening storm that pretty much scared the family! Hope everyone else is safe and had their power back on.

  5. I have complete all this year’s draft…and have always neglected to post that I did. Have no clue why…just goofy like that, and busy. But I have finished a new draft for Oct.

  6. Finished this month’s draft last week, well before the end of the month. Now that’s a first.

    Rebecca Colby

  7. I have completed two drafts this month. YAY!

    Beth Stilborn

  8. I just finished the last one. I did three this month. Sandy caused multiple problems and now the cleanup. But I finished it. Yippee!!!!!!!!!

    Robyn Campbell

  9. No tricks, one treat. My October draft’s complete!
    – Cathy Ballou Mealey

  10. This month’s draft: done!

  11. Love Cathy’s comment! It was a good month for me: four complete, three very rough but almost there, and one fuzzy idea!

  12. I did, I did! And it took me all month. Now, on to November…I can’t believe we are almost finished with 12×12 in 2012.

  13. Somehow, Julie, the last part of my comment didn’t make it. So, for the records, I did complete my mss, but it took me all month! Can’t believe we are almost finished with 12×12 in 2012. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I know a ton of hard work for you, Julie…thank you!
    Jarm Del Boccio

  14. Done! Just in time! Thanks so much.

    Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

  15. Yay! Another draft done.
    Karen Kallis Cheesman

  16. Just in the nick of time, I did it! This month’s draft was a challenge. I’m hoping that feeling of the ‘home stretch’ will bust out some excellent drafts for the final two months.

  17. Hi Julie! We completed our draft and posted it on our website. Thanks again for letting us share our story this month!

  18. How about yes and submitted it? Kirsten Larson

  19. Once again I feel that I am the queen of waiting until the last minute; but I did it!
    Dana Atnip

  20. This has been a wonderfully inspiring month for me.

  21. I ended up writing more than one draft this month.

  22. I did it!

  23. YAAAY! With the help of my 12 x12 friends I finished yesterday. The subject was things on which you can swing-I had nine things and they helped me come up with some extras of chandelier, hammock, blanket, bat, golf club, monkey bars and parachute. You are all so creative and helpful!! Here’s a virtual treat in your halloween bag! I field tested the story w/my grandkids this morning and they had me read it 3 times (even without any pictures yet) (Oh- I plumb forgot to check in in Sept. but I did get a ms done. Thanks to 12×12 I now have 13 done!!) Thanks and blessings esp. to our east coast friends, Laura Anne Miller

  24. Prayers and blessings to the east coast folks, how devastating.
    I did complete my PB ms, inspired by a thought from one of the pre-PiBo posts from Tara Lazar.
    Damon Dean

  25. My prayers go out to those on the East coast of the US.

    I’ve got my picture book draft for this month completed. Yay! I am also just crazy enough that I signed up for both NaNoWriMo (I’m the ML for my region) and for Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo! With my youngest (the 7th-born) turning 4 in November also, it is going to be a CRAZY month for me!

    ~Rebecca Fyfe

  26. Check. Done. Completed. Only 2 more months to go? Say it isn’t so.

  27. All done. Can’t believe it is my 10th! This challenge has been so amazing, Julie!

  28. Hard to believe that almost a year has gone by, Julie! So much has happened…and so many more wonderful events in the near future! Yes, I actually did two…if we count Susanna’s Halloweensie Contest. 🙂 All thanks to you, fearless leader, for your inspiration! 🙂

  29. I’m all done with my October draft. Thanks Julie 🙂

    Jennifer Young

  30. Erik Weibel is experiencing a black out at the moment due to Sandy. I almost got my book finished. I am posting about it tomorrow. 😉 Erik

  31. Julie, I appreciate you thinking of those affected by the storm. I’ve been obsessed with the images of my beloved NJ shore. Fortunately family is fine although some still not allowed back in their coastal towns. Damage is truly horrific.
    I did get another draft completed this month. Thanks for your support.
    Lisa Rogers

  32. No rough draft this month. I’ve been traveling. I think I jotted down an idea or two in my journal. November should be more productive. Sallie Wolf

  33. Just finished my October draft. Thanks, Julie. Erin Pearson

  34. October draft done :•)

    Thanks again for this challenge, Julie.

    Penny Klostermann

  35. October ms is completed! Yea!
    ~Tina Cho

  36. October manuscript is complete. 10 down, 2 to go. 🙂 Amazing how the writing process works…most months I am trying to come up with just the right idea…one that I’m passionate about. This month I knew just what I wanted my story to be about, but had trouble with the execution. Thanks for always pushing us to keep trying, Julie, no matter what challenges we may face. My thoughts are with all those battling hardships this month…health-wise, Sandy-wise, or otherwise.
    Thanks again,
    Beth Thaler

  37. I finished my October Manuscript. Wahoo! 10 down, 2 to go. Thank you for supporting and lifting us up, Julie. My thoughts and prayers are with those going through hardships this month…health-wise, Sandy-wise, or otherwise.
    Thanks again,
    Beth Thaler

  38. Completed! I had my Oct idea about two months ago, and it just sat in its file until today. I wrote half of it on my iphone with a remote keyboard on my lunch break and the other half about five minutes ago, so needless to say, I made it in the knick of time. So thankful to be part of this group…you all helped inspire me to finish it!

    -Christine Alemshah

  39. I have finished my October draft and managed to come up with 2 more concepts for picture books to work on another time. Can’t believe we have only 2 more months to go!

  40. So sorry I am late but I get so confused with the time difference (I’m in Australia).

  41. How eerie that, at the beginning of this month, I wrote about how Hurricane Katrina affected my life and ignited my passion for picture books and, at end of this month, so many of my friends on the East Coast are reeling from Hurricane Sandy. Also strange that on August 29, 2012, we were going through Hurricane Isaac! A heartfelt prayer for the survivors of Sandy. I hope that picture books, 12X12, PiBoIdMo, and Picture Book Month bring a rainbow and a little sunshine to everyone.

    Thank you, Julie, for being sunshine in my life! I’m so glad I “met” you!

    Dianne de Las Casas
    Founder of Picture Book Month

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