Age five seems a pretty firm dividing line between “baby” and “child.”  For that reason, I  hope you’ll permit me some extra nostalgia over my boy turning five today.  Because I see it as a turning point in a child’s life (and a parent’s), I’m even more emotional than normal, which is saying a lot!


Taking up residence on Mommy's chest

Jay came three and half weeks before his due date, so eager was he to enter the world.  He cared not that his mother hadn’t washed her hair for two days and had no bag packed.  From the first contraction to heralding his arrival took a mere three hours and 11 minutes.  At 6 lbs. 7 oz., he was by no means small, but compared to his sister, who had weighed in at 8 lbs. 13 oz., he was a peanut

Back when Bunny was brand new

to me.  He spent the first two months of his life mostly on my chest in some capacity or other.  He still climbs into our bed most nights at about 3 a.m.  He gets in on the left side, and rests his head on my chest and twists his feet through my legs.  Old habits.  “I love you as big as the solar system,” he says.


He lives to learn about trucks, volcanoes and space.  He loves his sister with an intensity I could never have imagined.  He will not wear “button pants” or collared shirts.  He has tantrums and bursts of temper, but is otherwise one of

First Christmas

the happiest children I have ever met.  He is slow to relinquish the comforts of the nighttime Pull-Up, Bunny and the arms of a parent, but at the same time is always ready for the next adventure around the bend.


He’ll start kindergarten in the fall, leaving me to wonder what became of those baby years.  I tried even harder with him, being the youngest, to hold fast to them, to keep them from slipping by too

Laughing with his sister


quickly.  The sleepless nights in the infant days seem to last an eternity, but the years go by as minutes.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting graduation pictures.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday to my sweet, blue-eyed boy.  How much laughter you have brought into our lives.  I cannot wait to meet the person you will be tomorrow, and every day after.

And here I was afraid to have a boy…







Always laugher




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  1. What a beautiful story. Congratulations to you and your little boy.

  2. Very sweet, Julie. Thanks for sharing. Brings up those feelings of time passing to quickly… good reminder to enjoy the here & now.
    Happy Birthday, Jay!

  3. Beautiful story with beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Birthday Jay

  4. What a wonderful story. Turning five is a big deal, but I know with my oldest, life got easier from that point on. Congratulations, mom!

  5. Well geez, now I’m crying. That was beautiful and all too familiar, Julie. I had the same kind of reaction when my oldest (now 8) turned five and when my middle son turned five this past May. Such a benchmark. Happy Birthday, Jay!

  6. So cute! Happy birthday, Jay!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite pic is the bottom one. Laughter = Priceless

  8. What a beautiful post and such wonderful pictures!

  9. Oh, how sweet. Love the sleeping picture! And what you wrote reminds me so much of my own little five-year-old guy 🙂

  10. What a sweetheart! A belated happy birthday to your precious boy.

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