Can someone please explain to me how this happened?  I used to roll my eyes when, carrying her around as an infant, people would stop to admire her and say, “Enjoy this time.  It goes by fast.”  At the very beginning, I was only too eager for it to go by fast so I could sleep through the night again.  But somewhere along the way, it’s like the speed hit maximum overdrive.  Sometimes I’d like to dip her in plaster to keep her the same – just for a little while.

But then, the changes are exciting and beautiful too.  She is a reader, a writer, an artist.  She loves ballet, basketball and skiing.  She is quick to provide comfort and slow to hurt feelings.  She has ever-evolving ideas about the world and her place in it.  If she has a flair for the melodramatic and is prone to mood swings, she also has infinite reserves of kindness and generosity.  She is love itself living inside my house (and my heart).  And if I am guilty of sometimes stewing in nostalgia, I am equally eager to embrace and enjoy whatever her continuing metamorphosis will bring this year.  Happy Birthday sweetie girl!!  You have brought us happiness beyond measure.

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  1. Melissa Glasser-Edwards

    Beautifully written, Julie! I feel the same about my daughter who will be 9 (!) in a few short months!! Happy birthday to her!

    • Melissa,

      Isn’t it crazy to have daughters this “old”? Sometimes I really do want to stop time. But it’s also wonderful to witness them turning into the women they are becoming…

  2. Beautiful! It is scary how fast time flies. It seems like it took forever for my first daughter to start kindergarten and then BAM she’s almost 9. Yikes! Happy b-day to her.

    • My mom always used to say the first years feel like every minute is a month. Then they start kindergarten and it’s like every minute is one second. I really do think that’s true. Once they start school it seems like the time just melts away…

  3. Beautiful birthday post for the birthday girl. Treasure beyond measure.

  4. Oh Julie, she’s absolutely adorable! Those eyes and freckles remind me of my daughter, who I also wrote about this week.

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

    • Thank you Sherri! We were teasing her by trying to count her freckles tonight (which are fewer in the winter), but I do so love that spray across her nose. I think she must get them from the Irish on my side of the family (although I don’t have them myself).

  5. She is so adorable! Time does go by fast, doesn’t it? I always try to enjoy every moment. My oldest is 6 and a half. I do miss how he used to snuggle on my chest all the time. My youngest is 4. She was not a snuggly baby, but she is now. Of course I don’t wish they would get younger or stay little, either. But I have enjoyed them and continue to be enlightened by them. Thanks for sharing!

  6. She is beautiful, Julie! I hope you all had a fun day yesterday!

  7. She’s going to be a heartbreaker some day! I wonder if it is as strange to watch your children grow up as to grow up yourself.

  8. Oh, wow… what a beautiful tribute (and a GORGEOUS pic!). That made me cry. I agree with you… I still think of my five-year-old as a baby…time does fly!! I can’t believe how big they get and how fast.

    Thanks also for your kind words and great advice on my blog today… I really appreciate it!

  9. What a beautiful girl. I can see why you’re so proud. Happy birthday!

  10. Oh. how darling. Both the photo… and the words 🙂

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