I wrote for six hours today, so I am now officially one-third finished line with my write-a-thon goal.  Too bad I should be at the halfway point by now.  I’ll have to buckle down again for the next couple of days to get caught up and hopefully even ahead of the game.  I’m a bit in despair at the moment, as I spent the entire six hours on a total of three verses.  I’ve been reading up on poetry, rhyming, rhythm and beat.  However hard I thought it was before, it is ten times harder once you try to keep a consistent rhythm and number of metric feet to the verses, all while avoiding the use of words that might work for the rhythm but do not add to the story.

Instead of pulling my hair out chunk by chunk, I’m going to meet my stepmother for dinner and drink some wine.  I am now beginning to understand how many authors produced their best work “under the influence.”  God, but it’s painful!

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