I just learned that May 1-7 is National Pet Week.  This year’s theme?  Adopt a Pet.  We did just that a year and a half ago, and got our beloved Rocky.  He’s put is through many a ringer since then, but tonight as he curled up on the loveseat (all 75 lbs of him) between me and my husband, I have to say it has all been more than worth it.  I had the same thought last night as he fell asleep next to my daughter’s bed, curled up with her stuffed pink poodle.  If nothing else, he’s brought an endless stream of funny (in retrospect) stories to our lives.  To wit:

Today I took him for a short run along Boulder Creek.  Rocky is not water dog.  I’ve tried to entice him to swim, but never with success.  At the end of the run, I took him down to the creek and was surprised that he went right in – just up to his doggie “knees.”  Then he slipped on a rock and fell chest-deep.  He came right back to shore.  I walked him a ways further down the creek and found a flat rock where, if he went in, he’d likely be over his head and I could finally see him swim.  I got him on the rock, intending to nudge him in sideways, but he leaned down as if to sniff the water.  He quickly lost purchase on the flat rock and went into the water – nose first with his hind paws flapping briefly in the air before surrendering to full submersion.  He emerged shortly thereafter, climbed out and pulled me for dear life away from the river bank.  Doggie swim = FAIL.

Oh, and last week my mother stopped by for a few minutes, petted Rocky and asked him, “Have you been a good boy today?”  I said, “NO, he has NOT been a good boy today.”  Immediately after I said it, he barfed on the kitchen floor.

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But then look at this face.  I ask you, could you resist?

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  1. Love that face!

    I’m hoping to go see Wayne Pacelle in Sarasota on Sunday, promoting his book The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them.

    For more info:

  2. Such cutie! We have 2 rescue dogs and they are the best ever. One tiptoes daintily at the edge of any water, doing her best not to get even her toenails wet. The other plunges into anything that remotely qualifies as swimmable and paddles around in doggy bliss! (The second one actually has very similar coloring to Rocky:))

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