Short for, Nathan Bransford’s Blog Post Today Inspired Me So Much I Had To Write One Of My Own.  In the post, Nathan talks about what a writer needs most which, contrary to popular belief, is not talent but willpower.  It’s the hard work of forcing yourself to sit down and write when there are a million other things you’d rather do.  The romanticized view of the writing life is that of a writer encapsulated in a cozy nook, downing coffee and banging out brilliant poetry or prose while practically catatonic under the weight of creative genius.  If only.  Nathan points out that being good at writing, just like anything else, requires a lot of hard (and grunt) work.  Jane Yolen, in her SCBWI keynote speech, described this discipline as “B.I.C.” for “Butt in Chair” = writing.

Nathan – agent, writer and blogger extraordinaire – then took the BIC concept a bit further to come up with his own acronyms, the first one being “OMGTWISNTBICGOBINTW: Oh my god the weather is so nice today but I can’t go outside because I need to write.”  There are more.  Check them out here.  After I finished laughing my a$$ off, I decided I just had to get my own acronyms for the writing process, so here goes:

1. TOTIEFLFLIWISBRAM: The only time I ever feel like folding laundry is when I should be revising a manuscript.

2. TNTWTMREOGAIAVETQWFTD: The need to watch the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy IS a valid excuse to quit writing for the day.

3. HB?PFFTDBWYGASM: Hello, brilliance? Please feel free to drop by when you get a spare minute.

4. OWBSFCHSBSBDTHMAHGWMBCO: Oprah will be sorry for canceling her show because she’ll be dying to have me as her guest when my book comes out.

5. SACOGOWDNITQOOW: Surely, a couple of glasses of wine does not impede the quality of one’s writing.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

So, what would your acronyms be?  It can be related to any type of work, not just writing.  Let’s hear them!

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  1. YIKTMIS,BIJNTFTS – yes I know the movie is starting, but I just need to finish this scene.

    I’m good at not making excuses anymore…once I had kids my time for watching TV went out the window and I learned to prioritize the little free time I do get during the day. Thank goodness! Writing is so much easier when there isn’t a show on every night that you really have to watch.

    I hadn’t checked out Nathan’s post today so I actually read yours first! I love your number 5, I’d totally be with you on that one if I wasn’t breastfeeding and pregnant! lol

    • The fact that you can write at all while a mom, pregnant AND breastfeeding is impressive enough, now you add to that your ability to prioritize time. THAT is the epitome of willpower! Spread some of that fairy dust this way, will you? 🙂

      • I’m sending it out your way, hopefully nothing distracts it from it’s path 😉
        Willpower, definitely an important thing to have – now if only I could apply the same strength willpower against chocolate and cookies I’d be set! lol

  2. ISHGTSFHABIMTIIDMCMMMCV: I Should Have Gone To Sleep Four Hours Ago But I Mistakenly Thought If I Drank More Coffee My Muse Might Come Visit
    (When Will I ever learn?? I especially like how the tail of this one comes out sounding like a year written in Roman Numerals)

    ESTIDITPOMP: Everything Strange That I Do Is Totally Part Of My Process
    (I’ve started compulsively tagging things #thisistotallypartofmyprocess on twitter!)

    DWTYSFLCN,YBTFOYOWIAIAHOS: Don’t Worry That Your Story Feels Like Crap Now, You’ll Be Totally Full Of Your Own Self-Importance Again In An Hour Or So
    (Seriously, am I the only one that gets this way? I’m so hot/cold on my writing– it’s either the best thing ever or it’s pound-head-on-keyboard-for-best-results awful– and it switches every five minutes!)

    In a previous day job, I had a high level of daily irritation and a desk where everyone could see anything I wrote, so I took to writing out all of my frustrations in first-letter-of-the-word code. It was not a good work environment, there was a lot of repetition of IHERN (I Hate Everything Right Now) on various post-it notes and scratch paper. These however, were much more fun! Very therapeutic!

    • Cait – awesome comment!

      1. I, too, love that the end bit looks like Roman Numerals (how geeky are we?)

      2. I think it’s actually a good process to embrace all the crazy stuff as part of the actual process. Hopefully that includes procrastination and daydreaming?

      3. I’m usually more cold than hot. My “hot” is more along the lines of tempered enthusiasm.

      I love the writing in code at your former job. At my previous job, a friend of mine and I used to sit by each other during long, boring meetings and write haikus about the proceedings.

  3. How about:

    IPWTIOIMFC: I’ll Play With Twitter Instead Of Investing In My Future Career.


    IKISBWBCICMN: I Know I Should Be Writing, But Chipotle Is Calling My Name.

    That was a hilarious post of Nathans. Fun Follow up!!!

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