…sort of.  While not entirely finished, I did manage a Photo “really made loads of progress so that what remains is very manageable.”

If you recall from Saturday’s post, step 1 of the “Unclutter Your House in One Week” is to spend the weekend prior clearing out and organizing “sentimental clutter” – photos, letters, cards, and so on.  Since I’ve been meaning to organize my photos for years, I decided to start there.  To give you a sense of what I was up against, how about a visual?  I started with the largest and most unruly collection of photos, all jumbled up in a gargantuan size Rubbermaid tub.

Round One: Me against giant tub FULL of photos

By early evening on Sunday, I had that same tub of photos corralled into ziploc bags, organized by era, year and/or event.  I also had an entire trash bag filled with duplicates, overexposed shots and just plain bad shots.  It was a great feeling, seeing them all organized like that.  BUT…

There was no time to rest.  As of 7:00 p.m. Sunday, I still had the following to contend with:

By 10:30, after several more hours of organizing and a couple of glasses of wine to “make the medicine go down,” I had made it 2/3 of the way through these boxes. Not too shabby.

So is it possible to sort and organize/eliminate sentimental clutter in the span of one weekend?  Uhh… not unless you’ve been religious about organizing your pre-digital age pictures since at least 1982.  Although I have the end of photo organizing in my sights, I haven’t even started on the letters, cards and trinkets I’ve collected over the years.  Even so, am I glad I got started?  Do I feel now that it is possible to do and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel?  I have to answer with a resounding, YES!!  Here are a few other things I learned along the way:

  1. It is possible to have too many wedding photos.  Did we really need 2000 photos of this blessed event?  And that’s in addition to our professional album and the one Phil’s mother made us with the “best of the best” from those taken with private cameras.  The answer is no, we did not.
  2. I should never, ever cut my hair to chin length again.  Lordie but that is not a good look for me.
  3. Organizing can be fun.  There, I said it.  For as much as I had been dreading going through all of those photos, it brought back a lot of memories and turned out to be an enjoyable way to spend some time.  I was especially grateful for the sweet chubster pictures of my kiddos in their baby stages. After spending the better part of the weekend listening to them whine, bicker, yell, complain and sass, it was nice to look back on the halcyon days before they could talk!

Now it’s time to move on to the “official” Day One of the declutter project.  On deck for today: my wardrobe (this means bedroom closet AND dressers), my desk and the “reception station,” or entryway area.  Full report on that tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! Well done on launching into the de-clutter! It’s pretty inspiring.

    You know, since reading your first post about it I’ve been sorting stuff out and am selling a bunch of my text books from my uni days as well as other books that I don’t adore and won’t read again. There are currently stacks of books sitting by my desk waiting for a buyer, but the rest of the room is looking quite a lot tidier as a result! Am going to get stuck into other areas of the house as well.

    Organizing IS fun, and the sense of feeling lighter and freer that comes with getting rid of the clutter is just wonderful.

  2. I’m inspired!!! I put that book on hold at the library. Can’t wait to start weeding the wedding!!!

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