The title of Em’s new Fancy Nancy book is a very apt way to describe our Christmas this year – Splendiferous!  We spent Christmas Eve baking cookies and  tracking Santa’s progress via Norad.  Then we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and hustled ourselves off to bed to make way for Santa, who left everyone  just what they wanted.  After opening gifts, Mommy and Daddy got the best one of all – nice long afternoon naps!  We enjoyed our traditional Beef Wellington for dinner (like butter!), and wrapped up the evening with a little Christmas dancing.

The next morning I tested my omelette-making skills courtesy of my prize gift from Phil – Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  They were BY FAR the best omelettes I’ve ever made (Mushroom & Gruyère – yum!).  All hail Julia!  In order to burn those calories, we hit the sledding hill to test drive the new sleds the kids got from Grandma.  Then we came home, sipped hot chocolate by the fire, sighed contentedly.  If only it didn’t go by so fast!  Here is a little photo essay of our three perfect days.

Baking Cookies for Santa

Setting out Santa's Snack

Not a creature was stirring...

Santa's generosity

A dolly for Em

A toy boat for Jay

Pictures for Grandma

Just one creature was snoring...

Beef Wellington for Dinner

End of Christmas Dance

Taking the new sled for a test drive

Watch out!


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  1. Awesome photos. Is that a snuggie Phil is wearing 🙂

  2. No, just a super comfy hooded sweatshirt!

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