Bun Bun Button

Written and Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Putnam Juvenile, October, 2011

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Themes/Topics: Special Toys/Objects, Loss, Grandparents, Multigenerational

Opening/Synopsis: From Publishers Weekly: After Gramma makes Paige a calico bunny that the girl christens Bun Bun Button, Paige ties it to a helium balloon and it flies away. Her grandmother consoles her with the idea that the wind might blow it back (“We Darlings are lucky, after all”). Although Bun Bun’s homecoming strains credulity, Polacco isn’t overly concerned with reality—this is, after all, a world in which Gramma’s pets stand up on hind legs and dance in unison to celebrate the stuffed animal’s return. Rather, Polacco offers a cozy ode to the inherent magic in a visit with a grandparent.

Activities:  Here is another spot-on and lovely review of Bun Bun Button. One great activity for this book would be to do sewing crafts with the kiddos to make a stuffed bunny.  Or, if like me, you absolutely do not sew, here is a super easy way to make a stuffed bunny from plastic grocery bags!

Why I Like This Book: Every once in a while you serendipitously come across a book that speaks to your heart in a special way. That’s Bun Bun Button for me.  My nickname for my son is Bun Bun (or sometimes just ‘Bun’).  He got the nickname because from the age of 5 months old he has been in love with a very special – you guessed it – toy bunny.  The first time we read this story about a little girl losing her precious bunny, I looked at my son and noticed he was holding his breath. It was “love at first read” for both of us.  An added bonus is the beautiful portrayal of the love between a child and a grandparent.

For more fantastic picture books and resources please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and find the tab for Perfect Picture Books.

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  1. Patricia is a master writer. I love all of her picture books!

  2. I love Polacco! Haven’t heard of this one – will have to look for it! Thank you!

  3. Any book about a Bun Bun is a good book for me! I, too, had a beloved toy bunny (Sammy) — the first night I had my pet rabbits, I put Sammy out in the pen to keep them company. When Dad rescued Sammy the next morning, he had some of his fur chewed off — proving that they appreciated him! (In my opinion, anyway.)

  4. What a fantastic image of your son holding his breath! So touching!

  5. Aw, such a sweet story about your son! It’s funny how things resonate with us for special reasons. My son was also called “Bunny” and “Bun” – but he’s 16 now and I’m not supposed to say that in public 🙂 Thanks for another great book for our list!

  6. Great great choice! Love this book Julie! I’ll have to check out the stuffed bunny craft – cute!

  7. We’ll have to check out this book. We can survive without the lovey for now. Bunnies seem to be very popular right now (or perhaps we are just in the middle of a bunny phase here). I enjoy stories with grandparents as my son’s are far away.

  8. Oh, boy, I can’t imagine if Winnie (the Pooh) ever escaped with a helium balloon. It would be a terrible day at our house. The theme of this book kind of reminds me of Mo Willems’s Knufflebunny.

  9. You had me at Patricia Polacco – and the rest was unexpected delight.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  10. Julie, Patricia Polacco has always been a favorite author. Have not read this book, though. She used to do book tours in my city in the 90s and she brought her famous Keeping Quilt, which she showed the many ways she played with it as a child. I just love her work and will check this one out. Also love Thunder Cake. She was so lively and a was wonderful with kids.

  11. Patricia Polacco has a talent for writing books that are touching and meaningful without being overly sweet. I love her work. Great choice, Julie.

  12. Oh yes, Julie…I will have to scout out this book…looks like the PERFECT picture book to give to new parents and their babies. 🙂 Thank you also for sharing your precious family memory with us…it made the review a really personal one and made me want to get the book even more!

  13. I love the cover, and I love the way it connects to your son! I am adding this to my Pinterest-Books I Want To Read right now!!!

  14. I too thought this reminded me of Mo Willem’s; Knufflebunny. Loved your little boy’s reaction to the story…. so sweet. Thanks for sharing this Julie.

  15. Hi, Julie. I’ve only discovered Patricia Polacco in the last couple of years and so hadn’t heard of this book yet. It sounds lovely. And I love the story about your son falling in love with the book…and the bunny 🙂

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