I can’t think of a better way to welcome Perfect Picture Book Friday back from it’s summer hiatus then with a brand new book from our September 12 x 12 featured author Peter Brown.

AND, because Amazon let me down on my pre-order of this book, I didn’t get my copy before I went to Peter’s event at the Tattered Cover in Denver. I bought one there so I could have it signed. Two days later, the Amazon copy arrived, which I am now going to give away to one lucky reader! See the end of the post for information on how to enter. ROAR! 

Mr Tiger

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Written and Illustrated by Peter Brown

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (September 3, 2013)

Suitable for: Ages 3-99

Themes/Topics: Self Discovery, Friendship, Self Acceptance, Self Expression, Individuality, Being Yourself,

Opening/Synopsis: From AmazonAre you bored with being so proper? Do you want to have more fun? Mr. Tiger knows exactly how you feel. So he decides to go wild. But does he go too far? From Caldecott Honor artist Peter Brown comes a story that shows there’s a time and place for everything…even going wild. 


This book is so new I haven’t found any “official” activities or lesson plans associated with it yet. However, I think the best activity is to ask children to write, tell or draw stories about times they felt or acted like Mr. Tiger. Peter, in his presentation to kids, talked about how, as a child, it was hard for him to settle down after playing kickball at recess. All children bristle sometimes at the multitude of rules they are expected to live by, and this story gives them a chance to act out some of those instincts in a safe way. Better yet, ask them to write, tell or draw stories about times they WISH they could act like Mr. Tiger. What a great outlet for kids to vent frustration and let their energy and silliness loose.

Why I Like This Book:

For a book so spare in text, Mr. Tiger spins a powerful tale about the importance of being true to yourself, even if it means breaking away from others’ expectations. The reason I listed the age range as 3-99 is because this story is equally relevant to adults who want to act on their innermost life dreams as it is to kids who are learning to live within the confines of what is expected of them. It’s a timeless parable. We can embrace our inner spirit, our wildness, our sense of adventure and creative freedom. At the same time, we also need to respect (and sometimes embrace) others’ points of view and life choices. Striking that balance, reaching compromise. Somehow Peter Brown has managed to create a book about the meaning of life in a way that children will understand. No small feat. And those illustrations!! Goodness.

But perhaps my favorite thing about this book is the treat that awaits under the dust jacket. I’m not going to tell you what that is, however, because I don’t want to ruin it for you. 😉

For more fantastic picture books and resources please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and find the tab for Perfect Picture Books.

To win a copy of Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, please leave a comment stating a time when you either acted on your wild impulses (keeping in mind this is a kid-friendly blog) or wished you had. I will choose a winner randomly and announce on Monday, September 16th. Good luck!

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  1. I agreed to sit in a room with a wolf. Very exciting.

  2. Love Peter Brown and would love a copy of his book. I would have to say a time I acted on a wild impulse would be when I threw it all in and decided to write for kids! Thanks for the giveaway, Julie!

  3. Sounds like a great book! When I was a kid growing up in the wild streets of New York City, my friends and I would get into all kinds of mischief. One day, we found an old abandoned trunk in an alley. (I cringe at the thought of my 9-year old doing this!) I impulsively jumped in, had my friends close the lid… and they couldn’t get it open! I screamed. I cried. I stammered. I hiccuped. Finally, someone had the sense to get my dad, who came to rescue me. Let me tell you– that was traumatic for a 6-year old. (Yes, SIX! Can you believe it? When my son was six, we didn’t even let him out of the driveway!

  4. When we heard Peter speak in NJ this book wasn’t released, was it? We just saw the amazing illustrations. Maybe I’ll be a lucky winner! One time I was “wild” was when I signed up for a college class on crabbing in the Chesapeake. It had nothing to do with my course of studies but I got to go sailing and sleep on a sailing sloop on the weekends. It was sloppy and dirty and memorable. ROAR!

  5. Recently I keep discovering books tgat would have been so helpful when I was younger. It’s great to see they are being written now. I can’t wait to read this.

  6. Man, that book is all over the place today and rightly so! Love that age range Julie. 🙂 Hoping I’m the lucky winner. I wanna see that treat. Great review! I remember when I decided to drive a friend’s motorcycle on impulse(a Harley) and well, it ended badly. I wrecked that thing 2 minutes after I started it. Ha. But it was fun while it lasted. I think I’d better stick to my horses. 🙂

  7. Nice post, Julie. I can’t wait to read this book! I guess the wildest impulse I acted on was moving to France. Wonder what my next wild impulse will be… hmmm

  8. Last year I went wild in a quiet way. I joined WORLD BOOK NIGHT which earned me 20 free copies of a book that I was meant to share with a group. The book I chose was FAVORITE AMERICAN POEMS in large print which I shared with a group of assisted living residents. I was nervous about my program. What should I say? How should I start? At the last minute I made a list of first lines of well known poems and asked my audience who had written those lines. And that was all I needed to jog yesterdays of memorizing poems and reciting them in school. Suddenly, the room filled with energy and excitement leading us all in many interesting directions. I’m smiling now just thinking about it. Maybe someone who is reading this comment will want to do the same thing. Maybe someone out there will go wild in a quiet way too.

  9. Popular book today! Would love to win this one after reading two reviews. Sounds like an amazing book that will encourage a child to be his/herself. Love the illustrations!

  10. Now, did Stacy and Sheri post about Mr. Tiger too? Haha!

    • Don’t know about Stacy…but I did, Julie. 🙂 And added your link because you had posted yours a couple of minutes ahead of me. I’ve pretty much packed all of my other picture books so I couldn’t do another. 🙂

  11. I’d love to win this book and read it to my 5 wild little tigers. I guess my most wildest moment was saying “yes” to my husband’s proposal of marriage after only 3 weeks of dating! We just had our 15 year anniversary, so it was a good thing!

  12. This book looks wonderful! After college I took off with two girlfriends and we hitchhiked through Britain, from Dover, England to Inverness, Scotland, then back down to London to wave at the royals outside Buckingham Palace for Princess Anne’s wedding. I probably won’t hitchhike again, but I may have a few wild road trips ahead, who knows!

  13. I said “yes” when I got a call from our social worker about adopting our daughter. All we knew was her gender and ethnicity – nothing else. We picked her up 4 hours later (when she was 36 hours old) and have never looked back. She’s now 16 and it was the best “wild impulse” I’ve ever had. 🙂
    Hope I win! I love Peter Brown and Mr. Tiger!

  14. This book is my current absolute favorite book! Acting on an impulse…hmmm…well, I have broken out in song in public before just to embarrass my children (and this is wild because I’m a very shy introvert who’d otherwise not bring attention to herself). 😉

    I have this book already but if I win a copy, I know a very special child who’d love it as a gift. Thank you!

  15. Huge Peter Brown/Bear-Hug Hungry Lucy fan. I can’t wait to meet Mr. Tiger.

    So…wildness. Hmm. I ate carbs today. Blueberry PANCAKE carbs. That’s pretty wild for me.

  16. Love the post! Umm I guess I always wanted to ride a motorcycle

  17. During our first year of college, my girlfriend and I hitchhiked from Western WI to Milwaukee, WI to go to a music festival. Our parents would have killed us had they known, and fortunately we didn’t end up with a psycho killer. I look forward to seeing how MR. TIGER GOES WILD!

    • You know, I’ve never hitchhiked. But I have gone to concerts I wasn’t supposed to. Does that count?

      • Sure whatever was “wild” for you. Also, I don’t recommend hitchhiking EVER–or should I say NEVER! Another time we tried again, and we were afraid that we were picked up by a psycho guy, and my friend was about to jump out of the car pulling me behind her. Fortunately, we made that trip safely, but NEVER hitchhiked again.

  18. Golly! This must be some book since 3 PPBF bloggers chose it today! I’m dying to find out what’s under the jacket 🙂 Thanks for a great review and yet more wonderful activities to go with this book!

    Let’s see… something wild… Maybe the wildest thing I ever did was follow my boyfriend up a cliff face in the Shawangunks. That boyfriend (who is now my husband of 23 years) had just started rock climbing when he and I started dating. He asked if I wanted to go. I said yes, not really knowing what I was getting myself into 🙂 Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m not afraid of heights! 🙂 We rock climbed together for years, even taking our honeymoon in Joshua Tree for the climbing there, until our first child was born… at which point we decided we should be a little more responsible 🙂

  19. When I was a teacher, every year, the first time it snowed while we were at school, instead of watching the snow through the window, I said to my 3rd graders, “Get your coats on. We’re going out!” Sometimes we brought black paper and magnifiers to look at the snowflakes. Sometimes we just headed out into the white and went wild.

  20. Would love to win the book. I love the artwork. I was never particularly wild as a kid, I guess I never felt the need to rebel against anything. I do sometimes wish now, that I had taken more chances, gone of more adventures and been more wild in general.

  21. Great post, Julie! And definitely a great PPBF choice. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Glad you mentioned about the surprise under the dust jacket…I forgot to.
    And I’d love to win a copy…although I do have the one inscribed to Jeremy that I bought…but I know little Sophie will have some wildness in her as her dad was quite the challenge as a young boy…and hearing a story about being able to march to the beat of a different drummer will be empowering for her 🙂
    And meeting you was…FANTASTIC! You have a beautiful aura…it was joyful to be with you.

  22. This is a record, but a cool one, we have never had three reviews of the same book on the same day – goes to show you’re on to a winner. This was a great review, Julie!

  23. This book definitely sounds like a winner…I would love a copy to read to my autistic grandson. The wildest thing I ever did was sign up for Match.com and go on my first blind date at the age of 56. It was a disaster (in a funny sort of way), But on my third match I met and fell in love wtih my husband. So glad that I took that “wild” chance!

  24. mm,…. does staying at an Orangutan reserve, riding an elephant, or holding a snake, seeing the midnight sun on the edge of a cliff up in Nordkapp (northern Norway) pass as being wild enough? ..lol. I missed the first posting of PPBF, will make sure I don’t miss it next week. Lovely post Julie!

  25. ‘Mr Tiger goes Wild’ sounds wonderful reading. I was an only child bought up in a rather sheltered childhood. The older I got the more adventurous I became. When I turned seventy I published a poetry book about different things that had happened in my life. The following poem is written in the third person (my Grandson)

    My Nana’s over fifty.
    But you wouldn’t think that’s so.
    When she planned her holiday
    I said ‘Where will you go?’
    I think I’ll go to Queenstown.
    And do exciting things
    Like climbing alpine mountains
    And flying off with wings.
    Skiing down snowy slopes
    Sounds lots of fun.
    A little jet boat riding
    Would be something new.
    White water rafting sounds exciting stuff.
    Riding over waterfalls.
    ‘I hope it’s not too rough.’
    But when my Nana said ‘I may do a bungy jump.’
    I thought she’d flipped her lid.
    Did she do all these things?

  26. I see that I’m in the age group for this book, and it sounds perfect!

    Hmmm… something wild. I don’t know how “wild” this is, but it’s something I’m very pleased I did. As 2011 began, I hadn’t been on a vacation of any sort since 2002 or 3. Most vacations in the years from 1990 to 2002 had been just accompanying my aging parents on their annual road trip. In late 2010, my mother died, and in early 2011, my father died. In about February 2011, a friend whom I’d only known online said, “Why don’t we go to England this summer?” I readily agreed, even though I hadn’t flown anywhere since my last trip to England in 1988 (!)

    As it happened, we had an opportunity to meet before the England trip, as there was a book-signing in Minneapolis-St. Paul that we wanted to go to, so I flew down, and we spent a couple of days together two months before we went to England. After those two fantastic trips, followed exceedingly closely by flying on my own to LA for SCBWI ’11, I now enjoy traveling as I’d never enjoyed it before, and I’m so grateful to my friend for getting me past the hurdle of that “first trip.”

  27. I keep hearing about this book. It’s time I got my hands on it! (Library hold: check!) Wild…hmmm…Hiking through Mali’s Dogon country where the temp reached 110+ in the shade was probably the most wild/dangerous thing I’ve done. Glad I survived my college days!

  28. I don’t know if this counts as “wild”… One time my boyfriend and I (now husband) were driving to NYC all the way from Ohio, and we saw the sign for the Crayola Factory. I always loved the Mr. Rogers episode where he goes to the crayon factory, and I wondered about the smell of melting wax. Add to that the excitement of a spontaneous detour, and of course I wanted to go. Well, apparently I didn’t make a decisive enough decision fast enough, because he didn’t take the exit. 15 YEARS LATER…we still haven’t been even though we live close now, and it is still a sore spot I bring up at times when I need to build a stronger case for understanding my needs 🙂

  29. another MR Tiger goes Wild review! Wild! OK, Julie, count me in. My wildest experience: camping in the Rockies and waking up in the middle of the night surrounded by deer. Their snuffling woke me up. I stayed very still and watched them munch the grass around my sleeping bag.

  30. I cannot wait to read this book. I wish my library would hurry up! Wildest thing – moonlight hike and sleeping atop Cloud’s Rest in Yosemite in my early 20’s with friends from work. One time it was so cold was barely able to sleep, that and being paranoid about rolling over too far to the edge. But the sunrise in the morning was amazing!!

  31. I must say that in my short lifetime, my Mom Person says I’m one wild impulse after another. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do tend to follow my nose. It usually leads me to fantastic adventures, like the time I ate a whole German Chocolate cake. And I know that that’s what it was because I heard it over and over! “A WHOLE cake!” “And it was CHOCOLATE!” “What were you thinking?!” Well, of course I was thinking “YUMMMMM!”

  32. I think I could benefit from going more wild. I tend to think a lot before I speak and act, mostly out of worrying about what others think of me, and a lot of times I wish I could have just blurted out what I wanted to say instead of keeping it in. But, there have been some ‘going wild’ moments. In high school I came up with this really romantic scheme to ask a boy I liked to the prom. (He rejected me in hopes of going with an 8th grader, if you can believe that smarminess.) And also in HS I used to write these long, detailed letters to people I admired on TV. I wrote one to the writers of Northern Exposure about a particular episode, and they sent me a copy of the script, a very nice letter, and a signed cast photo! These days, going wild is taking a couple hours off from being a full-time mom and doing something purely for me! Or, getting silly with my toddler and just letting loose!

  33. Hmm… Well when I was 6-8-ish I convinced my sister to walk down the street to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” to my aunt, but I forgot to ask certain people that I live with if we could… and… umm… well let’s just say the police were called and everyone was looking for us.

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