By now you might know I had the honor of meeting Eileen Spinelli at the Highlights Poetry for All Workshop in May. Therefore, I had a chance to tell her how much I love this book – and so many of her others. This is a perfect selection as we anticipate those gorgeous harvest moons we’ll get in the next few months!

Rise the Moon

Written by Eileen Spinelli, Illustrated by Raul Colon

Dial Books for Young Readers, March, 2003

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Themes/Topics: Moon, Bedtime, Poetry, Rhyme, Nature

Opening/Synopsis: From Booklist: “So rise the moon, / so round and bright, / let its tender magic fall. / Within its spell of splendor / we are / moon-hearted creatures / all.” With the joyful, dreamy feel of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this picture book for the preschool set portrays a nighttime world coming alive under a smiling, benevolent moon… In his signature scratchboard-and-colored-pencil illustrations, Colon beautifully extends the quiet thrill of Spinelli’s moonlit scenes with softly textured, full-page images that will mesmerize young ones.

Activities:  I couldn’t find any specific activities for the book, but I do have some ideas of my own. You could have your child write her or her own poem about the moon.  Have them make up their own moon-dance. Bake an apple pie with a “moon-shaped” crust.  The endpapers show lighthearted phases of the moon, so this book could be a jumping-off point for learning about those too.  How about a moon watch?  Go outside to look at the moon each night and talk about how it changes.

Why I Like This Book: I have always been in love with the moon, and this poem captures that adoration completely.  Eileen Spinelli was able to put into words that inexplicable feeling I’ve always had about the moon being magical.  The illustrations are as dreamy and beautiful as the words.  Plus, it is an excellent bedtime book.  My kids’ eyelids are always a bit heavier after I read this to them.  They are moon-hearted creates too. 🙂

For more fantastic picture books and resources please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and find the tab for Perfect Picture Books.

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  1. Lovely! And heavy eyelids round here is a miracle so I must get it 😉

  2. This book sounds so lovely, Julie! Thanks for sharing. You are right – perfect timing for all the beautiful moonlit nights of autumn!

  3. Sounds like a book I would love. Thanks for the review!

  4. What a gorgeous cover, exudes that which you’ve expressed in the write-up!

  5. Okay, the cover grabbed me. I like Eileen Spinelli’s books and this one sounds like a great read for kids. The illustrations are so dreamy. Great choice today.

  6. It sounds like a gorgeous book! I love her work so much – great choice!

  7. Ms. Spinelli is so nice! I love her books! 🙂

  8. I have a friend who was just looking for moon books for her three-year-old. That little girl is obsessed! This one is new to me though. Thanks, Julie!

  9. No doubt this girl will love Rise the Moon!

  10. We love bedtime books. Both words and illustrations sound perfect.

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