Today’s PPBF selection is from one of our April Author-Palooza authors – Sandy Asher.

 Too Many Frogs

Written by Sandy Asher, Illustrated by Keith Graves

Philomel, February, 2005

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Themes/Topics: Friendship, Habits, Animals, Bedtime, Reading, Books, Manners

Opening/Synopsis: From Booklist: Rabbit settles in his cozy wing chair by the fire and starts to read a book until he is interrupted by Froggie, who invites himself in and asks to hear the story. On successive nights, Froggie shows up again, makes himself snacks, and plunks down on a pile of pillows to listen to more reading aloud. Then Froggie brings his huge family to the evening storytime, and Rabbit has had enough: “Too many frogs! Too much fuss!” He tells the Frog clan to leave, but guilt catches up with him, and he invites the family back. The humorous, repetitive text is well matched by the funny, expressive illustrations.

Activities: I found this great activity sheet for the book which includes extension activities and discussion topics. Here is another website that lists more than 50 activities for frog-themed picture books, including TOO MANY FROGS! I think this could be very funny as a drama exercise, even with just two kids – one being rabbit and one the first frog. In fact, I think I might just try that with my kids this weekend…

Why I Like This Book: I am a lot like Rabbit in this story. When I cozy up with a good book, I just want to be left alone… most of the time. In fact, I can be quite a curmudgeon about it. But since my kids were born I have come to appreciate group reading time and sharing stories together. Reading them their bedtime stories is easily my favorite part of the day. My kids love the silliness of the frog and the fact that he is oblivious to Rabbit’s feelings. As a writer, I have to say I love the few rhyming parts in the story. This book is an excellent example of how to stir a little rhyme into your prose.

For more fantastic picture books and resources please visit author Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and find the tab for Perfect Picture Books.

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  1. Great book to share, Julie, and a shout out for Sandy who is a local writer and a fantastic person who has encouraged many of us fledglings in the eastern PA SCBWI.

  2. I just read this book and it’s funny & very cute! Oblivious frog, for sure. And grumpy rabbit! And the very idea of inviting oneself in to raid the fridge ….

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, Julie, and for all you’ve done for the rest of us with 12X12. Thank you, too, Wendy!

    There’s just one phrase in the Booklist review I have to object to: “guilt catches up with him.” It’s not guilt. It’s the realization that sometimes more is better. 12X12 is further evidence of that!

    • I like the idea of stirring a little rhyme into the prose! Those froggies sound silly enough to be darn sweet!

    • Sandy, it’s funny you say that about the “guilt” comment because I didn’t think that captured it either, and Kirkus is usually very good. Rabbit realized that he enjoyed having friends around – it wasn’t guilt.

  4. I need this book, Julie. It sounds like a teaching writer picture book. This one and the book that Susanna has up have raced to the top of my to buy list. Gonna order it this weekend. I think I’m Rabbit! Ha. Thanks Julie. *waving*

  5. Love you last line: This book is an excellent example of how to stir a little rhyme into your prose.

    I agree – the rhyming bits are like the chocolate chips in a cookie!

  6. Love the book cover illustration – looks adorable. I too like the pbs with a mix of rhyme in it. Thanks for sharing Julie!!

  7. That sounds really cute and a great lesson for all. Thanks Julie!

  8. I haven’t read this one, Julie, but it looks and sounds terrific. Thanks for adding it to our list. I will have to add it to mine (TBR that is :))

  9. The cover is cetainly engaging. It sounds like a lot of silly fun! I have never seen it before. Thanks for introducing it — like the message.

    • I hadn’t seen it before either. This is one thing I love about discovering new authors as part of the 12 x 12. So many wonderful new books to enjoy!

  10. What an adorable story, Julie! Yes, I want to be left alone at times, too, but I’m glad I am able to read to my kids during our home school day, even tho’ they are teens.

    • I think it’s fantastic you’re still reading to your kids in their teens. I hope to be doing the same thing one day.

  11. I too love stories at bedtime. It’s one of the few times the kids slow down for snuggles. If this book encourages some snuggling, I’m all in!

  12. This looks like such a fun book! I think in my dreamworld I will someday write picture books with the perfect blend of prose and rhyme. 🙂 These are the ones I fined most appealing to read. I am always in awe of children’s authors who do this so masterfully. I am really looking forward to reading Too Many Frogs and learning from Sandy.

    • I have actually written a PB with prose and rhyme, so I LOVE finding books like this that show how it can be done well.

  13. *typo–find not fined… 🙂

  14. The cover is whimsical! And what a funny storyline! I’ll be sure to check out this book from the library! 🙂

  15. What an interesting sounding book! Always looking for something new to check out in the library…thanks for the idea.

  16. Sound delicious. Will check it out. Thanks f or introducing it to us. 🙂

  17. This sounds hysterical! I have to get this book!

  18. This sounds like such a fun book!

  19. Great choice! I love frogs and I love this book. Thanks.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  20. Cute book! (And I am still working on my 12 x12). 4 for 4!



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