Author Tara Lazar is hosting the second annual Picture Book Idea Month, (PiBoIdMo) to take place in November.  Tara came up with the idea last year to give picture book writers an alternative to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that also takes place each November.  The goal?  Develop one idea for a picture book each day for the entire month.  The ideas do not need to be fully fleshed out or in complete draft form.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m sure it will be a challenge by the end of the month.

That challenge, however, is what I am most looking forward to.  Multiple writers have given the advice, “Don’t take your first idea because that will be the obvious one.  Push yourself; stretch yourself into the original – the story only you can tell.”  So I’m hoping that by scraping away all of the immediate ideas that come to mind in the beginning of the month, I’ll be plumbing the murky depths by month’s end and hopefully, will come up with some winning ideas.  Tara herself is a PiBoIdMo success story.  The first book she sold, THE MONSTORE, was an idea she developed during last year’s PiBoIdMo.

Want more info?  Here’s the PiBoIdMo category archive from Tara’s site.

Who else is participating?

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  1. It sounds like a great idea, but I think I’d better spend Nov polishing existing ideas. Since the twins are coming in January, I won’t be able to do much writing/submitting at the beginning of next year. I need to get everything ready that I can in before then.

    So… next year.

  2. Love the idea and love the logo.

    Good luck!

  3. I love this! What a great idea; almost like a month of brainstorming. I am hoping to do Nanowrimo this year, but haven’t committed to it yet!

    Good luck, and have fun!

    • I’d love to do NaNo too, but I figured I’d better stick to PBs right now. I’m really thinking about NaNo for next year though.

  4. I’m in! Love your idea of plunging the murky depths. Oh, wherefore art thou murkiness??

  5. Through murky waters we trudge
    Searching that precious gem
    In boots we tread
    With nets aloft
    Hair billowing in the wind
    Let us scavenge for our muse
    Come forth and join us

  6. Looking forward to it! I can’t even stop the ideas coming already. I posted a PiBoIdMo warm-up today. (With Bob Dylan! Well, kind of…)

  7. Wow! I had never even heard of this. I’m WriMoing, as my art skills atrophied about kindergarten, but I have some friends who write kid’s stuff, and this seems like it might be a great place to seek artists with a ‘like vision’ or something…

  8. I found your blog via the Writers Platform Crusade and wanted to stop by to say hello. Hopefully this will give me the drive I need to get on with my writing again.

  9. Heather & Catherine – clever & cute responses.

    Tara – neither can I!

    Hart – You don’t need to be able to illustrate to write a PB, and PiBoIdMo is just about coming up with ideas for them.

    Sarah G – hello and welcome! If I don’t already have your blog up under my “Crusaders” list, I will get it there.

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