“This template takes the guesswork out of evaluating your idea and creating a professional storybook app proposal. The helpful checklists guarantee authors will include all the elements necessary to impress an editor.” — Laura Backes, publisher, Children’s Book Insider: The Newsletter for Children’s Writers

“This type of document is exactly what we are using to structure the interactivity for apps we produce now.” Stacey Williams-Ng, President & Creative Director – Little Bahalia Publishing

Three cheers for Julie Hedlund and her “Template for Storybook App Proposals!” I’ve finally sent off my first app proposal — something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly two years. I managed to see how one of my manuscripts could work as an app and with her template, how to put together a proposal. It’s been brilliant for me!Rebecca Colby

The digital age of publishing has arrived. The question is not whether storybook apps will take off, but when, how, and on which platforms. The burgeoning app market provides new opportunities for authors and illustrators. Stories told in pictures can be a terrific foundation upon which to add sound, movement, animation, and other features to enhance the story. But writing storybook apps is not the same as writing picture books. Don’t take my word for it either. Here as an article featuring Kate Wilson from Nosy Crow addressing this very topic.

But how do you propose and submit storybook apps?

For the incredible price of $6.98, use this template. In it, you will find:

  • A definition of storybook apps
  • Step-by-step instructions for writing your own storybook app proposal
  • A chart that shows you precisely what information to include in your storybook app brief
  • Considerations for developing a marketing plan for your app
  • Possibilities for submitting and publishing your completed proposal
  • Resources for further reading on storybook apps
Plus, as a BONUS, and ABSOLUTELY FREE WITH YOUR PURCHASE, you will receive a document listing e-publishers that accept submissions and companies that provide app creation tools. So go ahead and buy your copy now!

Discount Code:

I developed the template after months of researching how to submit apps to e-publishers and developers, which culminated into a proposal that I used to submit my own project. Once I started submitting my proposal, I received positive feedback on the proposal structure and contents from editors and agents. I decided to turn my proposal into a template for other authors and illustrators to use.

“A very well-conceived proposal.” — Rubin Pfeffer, East-West Literary Agency (in response to the proposal I used to create this template)

“Julie Hedlund has created a very useful template for new authors considering a storybook app. If you are preparing an app proposal, this is a great place to start the process!” — Carisa Kluver, Founder of Digital-Storytime.com



  1. Just purchased it today. Looking forward to the info and bonus material!


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  3. Just bought it and think this is a great deal, Julie!


  4. Hi Julie,

    Yes, you are my hero! I am so impressed with your know-how and willingness to learn what you don’t know. 😉 I just bought the app/template…it is downloading…don’t know what I will do with it, but if you can invent it, perhaps I can learn to use it. :) Congrats and all the best!


  5. Julie, this is amazing! I can only imagine the amount of work that went into developing it. It is so well written – instructive, clear, thoughtful, inclusive – a really helpful tool in this new area. I am inspired to try to use it for something even though I know virtually nothing about apps :) My only question is the bonus material – I don’t seem to have gotten it and/or can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do to get it (no doubt my technology-related ineptitude, but I’d really like to see it!) Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful guide!


    • Julie Hedlund

      Susanna, thank you so much for your feedback. I’m so glad you’ve found the template helpful. You should definitely have received the bonus document – sometimes it does take a few hours. If you haven’t gotten it by this afternoon, shoot me an email and I’ll get it right to you.


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  7. Okay…I’m in :)
    Thank you Julie :)


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  9. Just bought this, thanks Julie. I didn’t get the extra epublishing list of publishers with my app package.
    But I love what I have so far.


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  11. Hi Julie,

    Just bought this today – am looking forward to reading it! Thank you :-)



  12. Julie, thanks for your hard work and for sharing this. I have a story almost ready and appreciate the checklist. You are making life easier for so many of us. :)


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  16. Hi, Julie–I just purchased your Template for Storybook Apps, and haven’t even had a chance to read it yet. But I wondered… can I use this template on my I-Pad? And can I create an e-picture book (to be sold through Amazon) with it? Thanks in advance for your help! Julie


    • Julie, the Template is in pdf format so it can be read on the iPad, but it is not an app or ebook creation tool. However, the Bonus Document (which was just sent to you) does include a list of companies offering app/ebook creation tools.

      I hope this answer helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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  18. Just got it! Thanks, Julie!


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  22. Slow but sure, Julie. Bought it today. Appreciate it.


  23. Hi, i just bought it, great work. What must i do to get the extra epublishing list of publishers?.


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  25. I purchased your App template yesterday and am very pleased! It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. However I did not receive the bonus material. Do I need to do something extra? Thank you. :)


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  27. Just made the purchase! Can’t wait to see what’s in store :)


  28. Just bought it! I am so excited! Thanks, Julie! (and for the bonus too!)


  29. Hi Julie, I tried to buy this after really enjoying all the links you have but there isn’t a link to buy…is this no longer available or am I somehow on an older page or something? I will go back to 12×12 and see if there is another place to click meanwhile.


  30. Got the place to click and purchased, and read it! Ready to get going after completing Katie’s vidiot course! (and a few other things of course!)


  31. Julie, I recently purchased your storybook app proposal template after hearing you speak at SCBWI in Mackinac Island, and I hoped you could direct me to a few more resources. Do you have suggestions for where to find developers or which app creation tools to use? I’d also be curious if you have compiled a list of e-publishers who are open to submissions. Thanks!


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