There is nothing quite like the quiet that comes from being alone in someone else’s house.  It is not at all the same quiet as being alone in your own house.  That kind of quiet is the kind that perches on your shoulder and whispers, “Isn’t there something else you should be doing?”  The quiet of your own home is one that softly suggests you throw in a load of laundry, get dinner started, organize the closets, file your papers.  The longer you keep company with that quiet, the noisier and more persistent it gets until you shoo it away and get on with things.

In someone else’s home, the heat is Quiet’s breath and the ticking clock it’s heartbeat.  Quiet makes no demands on you here.  You can wrap it around yourself like a blanket.  If you could see Quiet, it would look very much like the photo in this post – shades of black and gray and white.

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  1. your post reads like soft music and I am in with u, quiet, comfortable, and nice!

    I took a lot of vacations both winter and summer…
    As the kids grow older, not as many as they are younger.

    beautiful post!
    poetic feelings r here with your lovely words.

    take care,
    enjoy a beautiful weekend.

  2. Greetings to you from southern Michigan! The 2 younger girls are visiting Natalie in the dorms, so Pete and I are enjoying some quiet, too. I’m hoping for some cross country skiing. Where are you staying? Enjoy your peaceful getaway – hope you feel recharged when your return home.

  3. I’m here with Nancy. How long are you in MI? Is there enough snow down there for cross-country skiing? I’ve never seen so little snow in Northern Michigan before. Give the girls (and Pete) my love and have fun!!

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