Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi over at The Bookshelf Muse have decided to celebrate the release of their book, THE EMOTION THESAURUS, not by asking lots of people to buy the book but by giving back to other writers.  They declared this week, Celebrate Writers through Random Acts of Kindness.

This writing community of ours never ceases to amaze me with its generosity, so although I am a bit late to the game, I had to participate.

Leave a comment on this post between now and 11:59 EST on Wednesday, May 23rd and you will be entered to win a BRAND NEW copy of ANY ebook or paperback (as in physical) book on the craft of writing – winner’s choice.  That means whichever writing book you most wish to own, whichever one is calling you the most, can be yours.

Follower or not, this giveaway is open to anyone.  Consider this my way of thanking all the writers who have supported me along my way, the many of you who take the time to read my ramblings on this blog, those who took on the 12 x 12 challenge with me, and any newcomers who decided to stop by my blog this week and give it a chance.  I appreciate you all!

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  1. Very kind of you Julie and what a fun way to market ones book. I’ve seen lots of Random Acts of Kindness this week from writers.

    • I didn’t see them until late in the week since I was mostly unplugged during the workshop. But I was most definitely moved and inspired to take part.

  2. It’s been a week of great generosity among writers. And you, Julie, have spent all of 2012 being generous. Thanks for all that you’ve done for the children’s book writing community, and for this latest act of kindness.

  3. Late to the game! Not really. This isn’t your first act of kindness– nor your last I suppose! Thanks for all you’ve been doing in the kidlit community, Julie.

  4. Wow! I feel so grateful to be part of this amazing community of writers. Pay it forward!

  5. I love this idea! It formalizes something I’ve tried to do over the years – every now and then pass on the perfect book (or gift certificate for a massage) that a writer needs but doesn’t know she needs. Thanks for being part of it, Julie.

    • Most writers need lots of things they don’t know they need – or won’t give themselves. So I agree that I love this idea.

  6. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing Julie. I think I could use their book!

    • I know the book is amazing because I’ve watched the entries come through their blog over the years.

  7. What a lovely idea, Julie. But then we’ve come to expect nothing less from such a lovely lady

  8. Sounds great! Thanks for your many, many kindnesses, Julie!

  9. Where have I been? I wasn’t aware of an actual week of kindness (perhaps because writers are always so supportive of one another). I should have been wearing my t-shirt — Be nice to me or I’ll put you in my novel — to encourage kindness from the rest of the world. LOL

  10. I love that people are still doing RAOK! Thank you!

  11. And I appreciate you, Julie…it’s mutual! Our 12×12 group is so supportive…I’d love to present this award to everyone!

  12. Thanks Julie. I am not only a PB junkie, but a resource book junkie too (probably the only person you know with an English-Hawaiian dictionary!). The book sounds great, although with teens in the house I bet I could have written most of it myself!

    • Yes, you have your own real-life emotion thesaurus – LOL. But you can pick ANY book you want if you are the winner.

  13. Hi Julie! Don’t enter me of course, but thank you so much for participating! This has been a tremendous week seeing so many writers be celebrated, and acknowledging the time and effort each writer puts in to both the craft and to seeing other writers succeed. I love your blog and the knowledge you share each week–thank you for all you do for the community!


    • Thank you so much Angela. You and Becca are an inspiration and the model for what we can all be doing and sharing with and for other writers. Congratulations on the release of your book!

  14. What a beautiful way to celebrate writing, writers and your fabulous blog, Julie. Loving the new look, by the way! And the graphic on this post should be a t-shirt. And poster. And mug. 😉 Sending loads of happy, grateful vibes your way. Hope you’re having the best weekend!

    • Now that you mention it, maybe I should add the graphic to my Cafe Press Store. All of the proceeds go to First Book, so the more products we can sell there the better. Thanks, too, for your lovely comments!

  15. I don’t have an e-reader, so don’t enter me in the contest but I just wanted to say how lovely I think it is that you are celebrating writers in this way. Off topic, I’ve been to Honesdale once for a workshop and agree it is a magical place. I hope you had a wonderful time visiting our great state of PA!

    • Wendy, I will still enter you because a paperbook book is an option too. And yes, Honesdale is magical. PA is enchanting!

  16. Hope this idea goes viral. Acts of kindness are a great give back to everyone. Love the idea of a T-shirt, etc.

    • Linda, since there are almost 200 participants in RAOK, I’d say it’s pretty viral, at least among writers. And I like the T-shirt idea too. May have to be adding some items to the CafePress store!!

  17. I already ordered a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus. I think it’s wonderful that they are promoting random acts of kindness so thanks Julie for passing it on.

  18. Thanks, Julie. The gift of a writing book is awesome. Isn’t our group fabulous? They’re kind and generous to everyone. I’m so happy I joined. 🙂

  19. What a lovely thing to do, Julie! Such nice way to celebrate the random acts of kindness 🙂

  20. Thank you Julie for all that you do. You are reaching out and helping many people navigate through this crazy and wonderful thing called writing (and life.) That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Have a beautiful day!

  21. Ditto to all of above…. thank you Julie and 12x12x12 participants!

  22. Thankyou Julie, what a lovely idea. I am grateful to 12x12x12 and to your posts on my blog. You are a lovely lady.

  23. Thanks so much Julie! This is a great idea. There are a couple of books I’ve been eyeing and would love to have. Thanks for this and for all you are doing in 2012!

  24. Thank you, Julie–very sweet of you! May we all find ways to pay it forward 🙂

  25. Fantastic idea!! Hope you had an amazing week meeting new writers 🙂

  26. I’ll pass on the contest, but I wanted to stop by and say you are wonderful.

  27. This is completely fabulous, thank you! I love how RAOK week is still going strong! The writing community is AWESOME.

  28. Nancy Furstinger

    How marvelous! As a fellow author, I also enjoy giving back via my books.

  29. Ditto to everyone’s comments. I love this idea that the Bookshelf Muse started.

  30. What a fun random act of kindness. Thanks Julie! 🙂

  31. oh how wonderful! thank you so much Julie! I love passing things like this on. xx

  32. This is wonderful Julie, thanks for everything you do especially for the 12 x 12 ers!

  33. Your posts are an act of kindness when I read them daily. Keep it up and way to go.

  34. Thanks for doing this Julie! And thanks for 12 x 12!

  35. What a beautiful and creative idea. I have come to expect nothing less. Thanks.

  36. Random Acts of Kindness are a wonderful way to pay it forward. Kudos to you Julie for this generous contest. And the great blog.

  37. Such a super idea! Thanks Julie.

  38. Great idea 🙂 Thank you Julie!

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