As I said yesterday, we’re in the middle of the fourth annual Random Acts of Publicity week, founded by Darcy Pattison as a way to promote favorite books or favorite authors.

Today I am featuring author Esther Hershenhorn and Carolyn Crimi. Here are two things I love about them.

  1. Their picture books!
  2. They were the first two people to register for the Writer’s Renaissance retreat!

I promised Esther I’d recognize her in some way for honoring her need to nurture her own creativity and writing. Since she and Carolyn basically signed up together, I am giving them both kudos and some well-deserved publicity. Luckily, they’ve made my job very easy by writing such terrific books.

First Esther. How happy was I to find S is for Story? I already owned R is for Rhyme, also done by Sleeping Bear Press, and Esther’s book makes the perfect companion. The poems are both practical and fun (R is for Revision, but T is for Tall Tales, and Z is for masked Zorro). As if that weren’t enough, most letters have quotes from other children’s authors offering tips and advice – Katherine Paterson, Linda Sue Park and Lois Lowry, to name a few. The best part is that the book is as helpful to us grownup writers as it is to kids. Seriously.

Another of Esther’s books I was delighted to discover is Chicken Soup by Heart, which won the 2003 Sydney Taylor Award for Younger Readers. I love to cook, and I love cooking chicken soup even more. I make homemade chicken noodle soup at least a few times a year – always with homemade noodles. My kids love helping, especially with the noodles. In this book, little Rudie makes soup for his babysitter who has the flu. Rudie knows the most important ingredient for the soup is love. That is what cooking is really about, and this book captures it perfectly.

Now Carolyn. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I am an absolute sucker for “punny” books, so Where’s My Mummy? is one of those books that calls to me from the shelves. It’s also perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, no? Want to play Hide & Shriek anyone? Although the suspense does build in the book, it’s not too too scary for the younger set. The funny, punny balances out the scary.

Carolyn also tackles the perennially popular subject of pirates in Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies, only in this case our hero is a plunderer of books, much to the chagrin of his ‘harey’ crew.  (Get it? ‘Harey’ crew? I told you I love puns!) Of course books save the day. Don’t they always? Fans of Henry can get another dose in Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates, where this time our hero must write the book that saves the day.

Both Esther and Carolyn have written many more books, so please go check out their websites and read their books!

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  1. FUN FUN FUN FUN! You all will have a blast in Florence! Love those buccaneer bunnies. (BuccanEAR bunnies har har)

  2. Wonderful post! I now have several new books to add to my “Need to Read” list. One of these books will not be on the list because I have already read it!!! I’m excited to say that when I was selling books to school and public libraries that S is for Story was one of my best sellers!!! And one of my favorites! I always pointed it out to the librarians and they loved it. It is a great book! I was crazy about the alphabet books published by Sleeping Bear Press. They are just beautiful!
    I love funny, punny too, so I can’t wait to read Carolyn’s books!

  3. Thanks, Julie. I’ve got a few, but not all, of these books. I’ll definitely be adding them to my library.

  4. Well that’s funny. Here I am about to make chicken noodle soup and my brother calls the kids cheeky buccaneers. I have to read those books they look adorable. Great shout out Julie. I’d love to come to Italy but just been to UK.

    • Well, Catherine, these sound like the perfect books for you then! I’m sorry you can’t make it to Italy, but maybe next year…

  5. Great book recommendations, Julie! We’ve read a few of Carolyn Crimi’s books, but not those. I’ll look for them.

  6. Thanks for highlighting these authors and their books. I’ll be on the lookout for them!

  7. Coincidentally just checked out Carolyn Crimi’s “Tessa’s Tapping Toes last week from the library. Granddaughter had me read it three times! I had noted the author and so when your post arrived in my email it rang a bell. Thanks for these recommendations…will have to look for more of Carolyn’s and Esther’s work!

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