This is the fourth annual Random Acts of Publicity week, founded by Darcy Pattison as a way to promote favorite books or favorite authors.

Today I’m going to talk about an author who has taken me under her wing and mentored me beyond my wildest imagination – Katie Davis.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you already know how much Katie does in service of authors, illustrators, librarians and teachers in her FREE podcast – Brain Burps About Books. With more than 100 episodes, Katie is the best in the industry at “spreading the gospel” of kidlit. Now she’s even making ebooks out of the transcriptions from the podcast for visual learners like myself.

You also probably know that Katie is a social media and marketing maven. She shares her vast knowledge in her ebook – How to Promote Your Children’s Book (soon to be published in audio book form) – the definitive source on book marketing. She also has video tutorials about using social media and making a Picture Book Dummy.

Why, you may ask, does a master of marketing like Katie need publicity? Two reasons:

  1. With as much as she does to assist and promote other authors, I think she deserves to put the megaphone down for a moment and let someone else pick it up on her behalf.
  2. In the midst of sharing all of her marketing, promotion and other expertise, I think people sometimes forget she is an author/illustrator. Therefore, she’s written books. GREAT books!

In March, I featured LITTLE CHICKEN’S BIG DAY for Perfect Picture Book Friday. Even though my kids are older, we all love the sweet simplicity and cuteness of this book.

Also, what could be a better book for the beginning of the school year than KINDERGARTEN ROCKS? For the preschool set you could pick up the perennially popular WHO HOPS? or WHO HOOTS? If you need activities to go along with them, Eric VanRaepenbusch over at the Happy Birthday Author blog played a very fun hopping game with his kiddos.

Did you know that Katie wrote a middle grade novel called THE CURSE OF ADDY McMAHON? Did you also know it’s on sale at Amazon right now? Go grab it!

Back to marketing and promotion for just a minute, because Katie is running a great deal right now on the soon-to-be published audio book version of How to Promote Your Children’s Book. If you preorder, you not only get a great discount on the audio book, but you’re entered into a weekly drawing to win Katie’s Golden Ticket plus bonus prizes!!

Do you own any of Katie’s books or products? Feel free to sing their praises in the comments, as that’s what RAP is all about!

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  1. Great post! I am going to check out THE CURSE OF ADDY McMAHON! Thanks for telling us about it 🙂

  2. LOVE this well-deserved shout-out for Katie! I’m with Erik, I didn’t know Katie had written an MG novel and want to read this, now! A special mentor like this is worth gold, Julie. YAY!

  3. I didn’t even know I’d taken you under my wing, Julie – hope it’s not too stinky under there. Okay, yes, I go straight to the immature (childlike?) comedy when complimented. Thank you for this lovely post. I am blushing! 😎

  4. Katie has taken me under her wing too. It’s getting crowded under there. You’ll all love ADDY MCMAHON (the book, and the character!). Best white-pants-in-cafeteria scene ever.

    Rah rah Katie!!

  5. “I hear you clucking, Big Chicken” has become one of my oft-used comments. And that trailer is beyond adorable. I absolutely NEED to read Katie’s other books, however.

    I can’t say enough in praise of “How to Promote Your Children’s Book” — and I particularly want to point out to pre-published writers that there’s no need to wait until you’re published to get this book and begin implementing the fabulous advice in it. There is so much of worth for pre-published writers as well. Get it! Read it! Listen to it! Heed it! Katie knows what she’s talking about!

    What a fabulous mentor to have, Julie.

    • You make an excellent point, Beth. I think a lot of people think they need to wait until they’ve published something before they think about marketing and promotion. But it is overwhelming to try to learn and do all of it at once. Far better to start early before it becomes an emergency.

  6. I am a big fan of Katie Davis! Not only have her books had a big influence on my family, but I personally have learned so much from her about being a writer.
    Thanks Katie!

    Thank you Julie for the mention of Happy Birthday Author too!

  7. This is a great shout out!
    I had wondered if you had been introduced to Elaine Pease. She is a Boulder resident who just got a children’s book signed with Pelican.

    • Susie, I haven’t been introduced to Elaine but I’ve heard of her. Does she have a blog/website?

  8. What a great shout out! Can’t wait to check out all the links. I just read Katie’s Kindergarten Rocks to my 5 year old and she loved it!

  9. My son, Renn, came home from Kindergarten last week and said, “Mom! We read KINDERGARTEN ROCKS today. It was awesome! Do you know the girl who wrote it?” (he assumes I know every PB author out there!).

    It’s so cool that you chose Katie, because the impact she has on not only the children she writes for, but also the authors she helps everyday with her sound advice, is impecable. Bravo!

  10. Julie…so glad you picked Katie for Random Acts…I’m a new fan and can’t believe all that she has done and is doing.

  11. Julie, Katie is so deserving! She herself is a Random Act of Kindness (okay…as much emphasis on the Random as on the Kindness..ha!) and should be showered with RAPs so others will know about her and her craft. She preaches doing for others constantly. I swear, she’s planted that mantra into my yet-unpublished-author consciousness. She’s nurtured the notion that we are a community of writers and we help one another. Thanks for giving her the kudos!

  12. Fabulous choice for RAP day, Julie! Congrats, Katie! I’m running out to look for ADDY MCMAHON right now. And the trailer for LITTLE CHICKEN? So Clucking Cute!

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