In just a few short hours, the Big Sur in the Rockies children’s writing conference will kick off.  I’m nervous and excited, but I’m also ready.  I’m proud of the work I’ve done these past couple of weeks, and I’m ready to expose it to the light of day.  I haven’t had any professional feedback on my work since the SCBWI conference in January, and it’s what I need now to take my work to the next level.

Since I anticipate spending a great deal of time this weekend indoors and seated, I took Rocky for a hike this morning.  The poor dog is neurotic from lack of exercise due to his convalescence from his surgery last week.  It’s actually very inspiring to exercise with a dog.  He knew big fun was coming, and he was beside himself with excitement.  A dog doesn’t think, “Ugh, I’ve been sitting on my ass all week so this workout is probably going to blow chunks.”  No.  Everything in his body language indicated he was thinking, “Oh, we get to go for a hike today?  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Please take me a very long way!”

Anyway, the hike was good for me too.  It helped clear my head and gave me some much-needed separation from my work.  Also, I saw my first bluebells of the season.  That seems like a good omen.

AND – at least now Rocky is sleeping for a reason other than boredom.

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  1. Have a great conference! Looks like Rocky had a full hike. 🙂

  2. Oh, I love bluebells! Glad you had a lovely hike with Rocky, it’s amazing what a good walk can do for your mind as well as your body. Hope you have a wonderful time at the conference and take a lot away from it 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to hear about the conference!!

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