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When you’re starting on your picture book writing journey, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Then you discover there’s a LOT you don’t know and you have a whole lotta learning to do!

A few years ago in 12 x 12, we decided to shorten this learning curve by hosting a webinar each month with an industry insider. We’ve hosted bestselling authors, illustrators, agents, editors, publishers, and more.

Here are three webinars that will shorten your picture book learning curve and get you closer to a publishable manuscript and they are on sale now through Monday, October 23, 2017. Use code BOO for 50% off HERE:

Picture Book Beat Sheet with Heather Preusser

Inside this course is a BRAND NEW way of evaluating the strength of your picture book manuscripts using Blake Snyder’s beat sheet tool from his book, SAVE THE CAT. Author Heather Preusser has applied the beats to picture books and teaches how to use them in both the writing and revision process. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How a book on screenwriting can help us with picture book manuscripts.
  • The 15 beats in most stories.
  • A hands-on way to apply the official “Blake Snyder Beat Sheet” to a model picture book text.
  • An impromptu exercise applying the beats to a picture book.
  • Where to find additional resources.

Picture Book First Pages with Deborah Warren & Erin Dealey

Building Momentum: Taking Your Craft (and Yourself) Seriously with Miranda Paul

Click here! That’s 50% off with lifetime access and a quicker way to creating submittable manuscripts agents and editors are looking for.

A few things to remember:

  • You can use the coupon code, BOO, as many times as you like through midnight Monday, October 23rd to get 50% off all courses.
  • All courses are LIFETIME access. Purchase once, keep forever.
  • ACT FAST! This deal disappears into the dark night at midnight, October 23rd.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of courses.

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