Not red wine with a bath, but red wine IN a red wine bath. So what I need right now!

…stay close to me eee  eee…

Unexpected storm in Boulder dumps 4 inches of snow in two hours.  Roads covered with an inch of black ice.  I spend 3.5 hours in a car driving a grand total of 20 miles.  Three of the 3.5 hours are spent with my two tired and hungry children, both of whom have to go to the bathroom well before there is any chance of stopping or getting home.  Mommy did NOT bring the iPad along (probably the first trip since I’ve gotten the thing that I’ve been without it).  Upon arriving home, I find that the four pairs of ski boots I set in the driveway (so that I could fit the dog in the car) are now full of snow.

So, I’m declaring this a “special occasion” night, where I am allowed to break my resolution to skip wine on weekdays.

Bottoms up everyone!  🙂

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  1. Definitely a special occasion. {{clink}}

  2. Most definitely worth breaking a resolution. Glad you all made it home safely!

  3. Agreed! What a mess! Tired, hungry, have-to-pee kids are never fun…can’t imagine 3.5 hours of it!

  4. Oh, you’ve earned that wine my friend! Enjoy…

  5. Goodness me. Hope the ski boots weren’t ruined. I’m officially declaring it a “4-glass of wine a night week.” Never mind “day”!!! 😉


  6. Oh, dear. The weather is conspiring against you! Wine is needed!

  7. Ouch, that is rough! Cheers. I will have a glass in your honor. P.S. Thx for commenting on my friend’s “afternoonstorm” blog, in response to my tweet!

  8. You totally deserve it! Have some chocolate too!!!

  9. Sounds like a well-deserved break– and I’m awfully jealous of your red wine bath right now. I’m going to have to settle for a grape juice bath if I want to relax. *sigh*

  10. Oh dear! I thought you were going to say someone pinched the snow boots, but being wet is almost as bad. We’ll let you have the whole bottle!

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