Okay, so there are definitely worse rejection letters than the one I got today (click on the one to the left, circa 1938).  This would be rejection letter #2 (out of 2 responses) for my first children’s picture book.  I expect them, but it still stinks to see that SASE sitting in the mailbox.  One more pinprick in the balloon of hope.

My father-in-law said, “Don’t most writers get hundreds of those before they get published?”  Yes, it’s true even the most famous, talented and beloved writers have tales of woe and piles of rejection letters.  J.K. Rowling got multiple rejection letters for Harry Potter, for chrissakes!  Why should I be any different?

In my fantasy, I would be the exception.  In my interview with Oprah I would say, “You know Oprah, I didn’t receive one rejection letter.”  She would then turn to face the audience and say, “Not ONE rejection letter people.  Amazing!”  The fact that I would probably be the first (non-celebrity) writer to be published without receiving any rejection letters is what would make my story so fascinating.  No perseverance here.  Just pure, unadulterated, overnight success.

Alas, not so much.  Turns out I’m normal after all.  Still, I should probably be happy because, in theory, each rejection under my belt should get me one step closer to acceptance.

I’m all about glass half-full today.

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  1. LOL! Someone told me that Stephen King had a nail that he hung all his rejections on he eventually had to change from a nail to a stake! Rejections totally suck but the only way to avoid them is to quit sending out queries. Keep sending them out!

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