I’ve been meaning to post about this gem of a blog I’ve discovered for a while, and decided what better day than today?  Author George Shannon blogs about the craft of writing picture books in such detail that reading his blog is like taking an MFA in picture book writing.  Every post is excellent, but my favorites are in his Writing to be Heard series.  The series includes instruction on rhyme, rhythm, narrative, sound and content – all aspects of writing books that are meant to be read-aloud.  All of his posts include a reading list for further study on whatever issue/technique his addresses in the post.  Picture book writers should take themselves there as soon as possible.  You’re welcome.



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  1. Dear Julie,

    You are so kind. I am pleased that you’re finding the posts of value, and grateful that you feel like spreading the word. I get the pleasure of writing the posts, and am finding that the process of doing this blog is re-energizing my own work on picture books.

    You post was also perfect timing. We had a snow storm and fierce winds here in Puget Sound. I had no electricity, no water, no phone, no computer and no heat for a day and a half. Thank goodness for a wood burning stove and candles. Your generous comments have really brightened my day as I start catching up with life in the 21st century.

    Best wishes for a lovely holiday…


    • George,

      I’m so glad the praise came at a time when you you could use some. It is very well-deserved. Actually, it sounds quite romantic to live by woodstove and candle in a big storm, although I’m sure it got old after a while. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I will totally be reading it next week!! Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for ways to learn this craft and that sounds perfect. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Thank you Julie, that sounds wonderful. And have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    May your cup overflow . . . in a good way. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the good links and good posts

  6. Thanks for sharing. Already tweeted and can’t wait to check it out!

  7. Thank you!!

    Am bookmarking and RTing!

  8. Thanks for sharing, Julie.
    Looks great.

  9. George Shannon’s childrens books are just delightful but how interesting to learn the process that goes behind the writing. Yikes! I thought writing non-fiction was hard work but who knew that childrens’ picture books had not only an ‘art’ but a ‘science’ behind it too! Thank you George Shannon for creating an insightful look on the process of writing for children. Childrens’ writing has played such an important part of every adult author’s sphere of literary influence. I am so glad you are sharing this gem of a blog with us Julie! I for one am going to revisit both your blog and George’s often!

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