There are two things I am going to miss about having young children.

  1. They believe anything is possible
  2. They will express that belief openly and without inhibition

Take the following conversation as a case in point.  At the dinner table one night this week, the kids were naming all of the holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day.

Em:  St. Patrick didn’t become a saint until after he died.

Me:  Yes, that’s usually the way it works.  A person doesn’t become a saint until after they die.

Em:  Like Grandpa Foster? (my father)

Me:  Well… Sort of like that, yes.

Em:  How does a person get made into a saint?

Phil:  Usually it starts when people write to the pope to say why they think that person should be a saint.

Em:  I should write to the pope and ask him to make Grandpa Foster a saint!

Phil:  You can do that.  But don’t be too disappointed if he writes back and says no.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I fully believe that every person performs countless miracles in the course of his or her lifetime, and my father was no exception.  I’m talking here about the everyday miracle – expressing love, making someone laugh, teaching life lessons.  Those things that seem small at first but bloom into something large and significant over time.  But in terms of an actual, physical miracle?  Well, the closest I think he got to one of those was being able to balance a cocktail on a jet ski.  And I say that with the greatest amount of love possible.

Still, Em is undeterred.  The pope may beg to differ, but in her eyes he’s worthy of sainthood.  Looking at these pictures of them, I can see why she feels that way.

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  1. Hi Julie! I love what you wrote today! I miss your dad too

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