Single Manuscript Spotlight

Best for writers who need an in-depth critique of one manuscript

Do you have a picture book manuscript that needs a jump-start to go from good to great? If so, the Single Manuscript Spotlight is where to start, bringing a laser focus to your manuscript. This service works well for writers new to the craft of writing picture books and/or to receiving critiques. It is also a great choice for writers who have revised a manuscript a few times, but aren’t sure about its direction or whether it is submission-ready.  You will come away from this service with concrete, specific revisions you can make to improve your manuscript or to polish it to submission-ready shine.

With this service, you will receive in writing, within two weeks of submission:

  • A “big picture” analysis of what is working well in your manuscript and what needs work. This could include voice, story arc, character development and theme.
  • Line by line comments that address word choice, story flow, transitions, suggested edits or ways to tighten the text
  • If written in rhyme, a full diagnostic including rhythm and meter analysis, complete with suggestions for improving both.

Price: $75 Ready to polish your picture book?

“Julie really picked up on some of the problems with my manuscript that I wasn’t figuring out on my own. I especially liked her comments about how to improve the circling from beginning to ending. I am looking forward to reading her critique a few more times and letting all the good advice soak in!”Susanna Hill, author of Can’t Sleep Without Sheep, Punxsutawney Phyllis, Not Yet Rose and more

“Julie’s critique was helpful, complete, and gave me direction.”Jarmila del Boccio

Three Manuscript Special

Best for writers with multiple manuscripts who are looking to establish a portfolio of submission-ready picture books 

You’ve heard it many times. Most agents say picture book authors should have three submission-ready manuscripts written before they begin to query. Agents and editors want to make sure you have more than one book in you, and that you are dedicated to your craft. This service is designed to enable you to build a portfolio of picture books quickly.  You will come away from this service with concrete, specific ways to revise and improve three manuscripts.

With this service, you will receive, within 30 days of submission:

  • Everything that is included in the Single Manuscript Special for each of the three manuscripts
  • Feedback on overall strengths and weaknesses in the writing across all of the manuscripts, including the writer’s voice, writing tics, etc.
  • Evaluation of which manuscript might be best to query, which are/are not submission-ready, and which is strongest
  • After receiving the written critiques, a 30-minute phone or Skype consultation which can be used to ask follow-up questions about the critiques, to discuss query letter and submission strategies and/or to learn about additional resources available that will help you with your writing.

Price: $200 Ready to fast-track your way to three submission-ready manuscripts?

“Julie provides amazingly helpful critiques. She has a gift for pinpointing both weaknesses and strengths. I have been avoiding my picture books because I haven’t known what to DO with them. Now I am actually excited to get home and work on them again.” — Laura Barnes




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