Over on the 12 x 12 blog today, Susanna Leonard Hill is kicking off the year. You may know Susanna from her popular kidlit blog with features like Perfect Picture Book Friday, her Annual Holiday Contest, her Halloweensie Contest, or her Making Picture Book Magic course. She is a wealth of information on picture books with her fourth picture book WHEN YOUR LLAMA NEEDS A HAIRCUT coming out TODAY!

Her post is so perfect for the start of the new writing year, I don’t want you to miss it. Here’s a snippet:


I want to ask you a question.

Let’s say you run into an acquaintance you haven’t seen in awhile at the grocery store, or go to a high school reunion, or meet someone at a party, and they ask you what do you do?

What is your answer?

If you’re like me, your answer is probably some kind of mumbled jumble of being a mom, maybe doing some other kind of work in the home or outside it, volunteering in the community, etc. But the words, “I am a writer” stay locked up tight in your heart, too precious to speak aloud lest the person you’re talking to dismiss your answer, disbelieve it, demand some kind of proof, make light of, belittle, or make fun of this thing that is essential to what makes you you.

Because let’s face it: for writers it’s not really what you do.

It’s so much more than that.

It’s who you are.

But a lot of us have two problems.”

What are those problems? How are we going to solve those problems in the coming year? Check out her post and you’ll be feeling confident and encouraged as you head into 2018!

In case you’re not a regular follower of the 12 x 12 blog, you can find it here.

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  1. My problem is even greater than saying I’m a writer, or a children’s writer. I have learned to proudly state, “I’m a children’s poet.”
    You should see the response I get to that!


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