One of my crit partners, Alison Stevens, is hosting the Super-Snooper Blogfest today.  Instructions are to describe a setting that tells us something about a character’s personality. Characters can be of any age, living in any time or place. However, we cannot describe the character, just his or her stuff.  Then you get to guess what you think the character is like.  This exercise came at a great time for me because I am trying to get back into the head of one of my characters for purposes of revising a WIP (my crit partners will probably know who this is – don’t tell!).

Here goes:

The wide dresser is a mess.  A hairbrush rests on the edge, with threads of kinky amber hair coiled around its bristles.  Ponytail holders and headbands lay nearby, trailing the same hair.  On the other end sits a ball glove, wrapped around a baseball and tied with string.  In between is a flotsam of items including swimming goggles, a bicycle bell, a few plastic toy horses, stray crayons and markers, dice, Silly Bandz, one soccer cleat, mismatched socks, a red clock radio/CD player, plastic flowers in a cobalt vase, and a small cauldron filled with coins and buttons.  The pegs on the mirror above the dresser are draped with a beaded purse, a seashell necklace and a black bag filled with magic cards.  The books stacked on the floor next to the dresser include How I Became a Pirate, Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Fox in Sox, Ramona the Pest, Pippi Longstocking, and Sleepover Squad #3: The Trouble with Brothers.  Leaning against the dresser on the other side is the broom from last Halloween’s witch costume.

What can you tell about this character from this stuff?  Age, gender, personality?  Which things led you to which conclusions?

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  1. She’s a little girl about 8 -9 years old. Why? Her belongings appear to be a crosso ver from little girl to tween. Her favorite children’s books are on the shelf with the more age-appropriate Sleepover Squad. She has plastic horses and crayons but she also has magic cards and is old enough to do her own hair except for special occassions. She’s not particularly neat but she’s not a total slob, either. (She could go either way as she gets older). She has an age-appropriate. innocent fascination with magic or the occult–wouldn’t be surprised to find an 8 ball in her room somewhere. She enjoys playing outside, too and is probably involved in at least soccer (moms don’t buy cleats unless the kid plays on a team) and perhaps swimming.

    Am I close?

  2. I love the insight into your MC! The behind-the-scenes glimpse. 🙂 I won’t guess, since I know who this is, but I loved the description. Thanks for participating!

  3. What a great description. I think “Freedom, by the way” completely nailed it – I have nothing to add and agree completely with that assessment! So beautifully described 🙂

  4. This is certainly a girl’s room, the sports items may nod to a tomboy, but a like the thought that she has an older brother that she completely idolises.
    She likes fantasy and magic, the cauldron filled with coins and buttons could be a love of Peter Pan – he used such things to symbolize kisses.
    I agree, definitely a girl of the cusp of becoming a young adult. There’s something really quite sweet and touching about this.

  5. I’ll refrain too, but good job!!

  6. Sounds like a tomboy tween. I have one of those myself, and that’s exactly what her dresser looks like. lol.

  7. Hi,

    I think the ball/glove indicates heart flutters and love interest, because everything else implies romantic girlie things and witchy doings, so I’m guessing she’s a fan of paranormal movies! 😉


  8. I’m guessing a busy mom with kids of several ages and both sexes.

    She picks up after her messy kids on a regular basis, depositing their belongings on her dresser until she has 5 minutes to put them away.

    Then, disgusted with the mess, she pours herself a glass of wine and recites Dr. Seuss poetry in her head.

    Am I close? 😀

  9. Tomboy… has older brothers, she’s the youngest. Age around eleven going on twelve…

    At first she sounded exactly like my mc, named Amber.

    Conclusions. The book on boys…. she wants to understand her brothers.

    She’s a Tomboy… the baseball mitt, pirates, soccer cleats.

    Eleven, because she pushing her teen years with the beaded purse. Her feminine side is beginning to surface.

  10. I would guess a young pre teen girl. Someone who is inquisitive and likes a lot of different things. She has brothers and is a bit of a tomboy beacuse of it, but she still like girly things.

  11. Sounds like my teengirl. She’s a playful teen. She has beads on her floor, color pencils, pony-Os, trash under her bed, ugh… But I love the description and creativity you put into this!

    What do you think of my

  12. I instantly thought she was a mother because the objects seemed like they belonged to all kinds of different people (her kids). I thought she was a single mom because a person would have to be pretty frazzled to let her children take over her dresser like that.

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