Lynda Shoup is one of the nicest virtual friends I’ve had the pleasure to “meet” this past year.  We got to know each other last year during NaPiBoWriWee and caught up again last week for the 2011 version.  She recently bestowed upon me this award:

It came at a pretty ironic time because I have a terrible cold and am currently sporting sweatpants and a sweatshirt with my hair pulled back in a scrunchie.  Ordinarily I stay away from blogger awards just because I never have the time to “pass them on,” and I feel bad that by listing some, I skip over others that I also love.  However, this time the award really did boost my spirits so I figured it was time to join in.  The rules are to reveal 7 things about yourself that readers might not know and then to pass the award on to up to 15 bloggers whose blogs you enjoy.  So here goes.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me (and that aren’t already listed on my 100 Random Things)

  1. I wish I would meditate every day.  I don’t know why I don’t.
  2. I will turn 40 later this month
  3. Surprisingly, I’m not upset about #2
  4. I’ve always fantasized about being an actress or a dancer (I have no talent at either)
  5. I once thought my car had been stolen, but really I had just forgotten where I parked it.
  6. I experience all five senses in my dreams – weird but true.
  7. I loved Charlotte’s Web so much as a child that I had a stuffed pig named Wilbur.  My mother sold it in a garage sale.  I’ve just barely forgiven her…

And now, onto some great blogs I think you will enjoy:

First up are three of my awesome critique partners who blog regularly.  Their blogs all have tons of great information!

  1. Alison Stevens
  2. Megan Bickel at The Write at Home Mom
  3. Christie Wild at Write Wild

Other virtual friends:

  1. Cheryl Reifsnyder at The Rich Writer
  2. Jean Reidy at A Totally Random Romp
  3. Ingrid Sundberg at Ingrid’s Notes
  4. Corey Schwartz at Thing 1 and Thing 2
  5. Julie Musil
  6. Catherine Johnson
  7. Katie Davis
  8. Nancy Hatch at Spirit Lights the Way

Eleven is probably enough for now, but I encourage you to check my blogroll for more ideas.  I read each and every one that is listed and enjoy them all.  Thanks again Linda!

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Author Christine Fonseca had the idea to take each Tuesday in November and express thanks to different folks in the writing community.  Christine’s book, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children, debuted a couple of weeks ago to rave reviews in the gifted & talented community.  The book and her blog are definitely worth checking out.

First up for receiving thanks is critique partners — those brave warriors that plow through the weeds of our first and second (and 100th) drafts to help us sort out what we really want to say from what we actually have on the page.

I am very fortunate to have found such an amazing group of writers in my critique group, especially since it was truly luck of the draw.  I joined an online group without knowing much about any of the women in the group except that they wrote picture books.  Well, that was my lucky day!  They are all immensely talented, generous with their time, encouraging but honest, and always provide ideas that make my work better.  They are also all bloggers, and their blogs are most definitely worth checking out.  So without further adieu, please give a round of applause to my fabulous CPs!

Christie Wright Wild

Alison Stevens

Valerie Larson-Howard

Juliette Wilk

Megan K. Bickel

Thank you all for the community and friendship in addition to the critiques.  I am honored to belong to a group of such talented writers.

Whatever you do for a living, everyone needs people who push them to reach their full potential — parents, teachers, professors, colleagues, friends.  Who pushes you to do your best work?

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