CONGRATULATIONS to all who entered. Comments are now CLOSED.  Finalists will be posted on the blog on February 25.  Good luck!!

Okay 12 x 12 in 2012 participants, I hope you have your pitches polished and ready to go, because today is the day that freelance editor Tamson Weston’s pitch contest goes live.

Tamson is published children’s book author and editor with over 15 years experience at several prestigious publishing houses including HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Disney Hyperion.  Adam Rex, Mac Barnett, Robert Weinstock, Adam Gopnik, Jane Leslie Conly, Anne Rockwell, Deborah Hopkinson, Jen Violi, Alexander Stadler, and Dan Santat are just a few of the authors/illustrators she’s worked with.  You can follow Tamson on her Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

THIS is your opportunity to win a manuscript critique from Tamson, a $300 value!!!


  1. You must be a 12 x 12 participant to enter.
  2. You may choose ONE of your Picture Books to enter.  If you enter more than once, all entries will be disqualified.
  3. To enter, you must leave the required information (as follows) as a comment to this post.
  4. Prepare a 140 character pitch for your story.  This is the same as the maximum Twitter message (so you can check it on Twitter).  If your pitch is more than 140 characters, it will be disqualified
  5. In addition to the pitch, you may submit the FIRST line and the FIRST line ONLY of your manuscript.  The only exception to this rule is if your story is written in rhyming verse.  In that case, you may submit the first four lines.  Once again, any entries that exceed the eligible number of lines will be disqualified.
  6. You must include your full name at the end of your entry.  No name = you guessed it — disqualified.
  7. You must pitch the story you want Tamson to critique.
  8. You must be ready to send your manuscript to Tamson within a few days after the contest results are announced on March 8th.
  9. The DEADLINE to enter is 7:00 EST on Sunday, February 19th.  Comments will be closed at that time.
  1. I will work with my volunteer elves judges to select the top 25 entries.
  2. The finalists will be announced on the blog on Saturday, February 25th.
  3. Finalists’ entries will be sent to Tamson, also on the 25th.
  4. Tamson will select winners and blog about the results on Thursday, March 8th.


In selecting prizes, I asked Tamson which were her favorite resources on writing picture books.  She selected Writing With Pictures, by Uri Schulevitz, for craft and Dear Genius, the Letters of Ursula Nordstrom as the best glimpse into the editorial process.  As such, these will be additional prizes.

  • The GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a manuscript critique from Tamson.
  • The FIRST PLACE winner will receive Writing With Pictures.
  • The SECOND PLACE winner will receive Dear Genius.
But, as we all know, everyone who enters is a winner for getting practice writing those oh-so-killer pitches.

Ready, Set, PITCH!

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  1. Can’t wait! And I assume these are pitches from our 12×12 challenge and not from previous picture book manuscripts we have??

  2. Great contest, Julie! Here is my entry:

    Pitch: Every year something happens when Moe tries to win the Halloween contest. Will this year be different?

    First Line: All the mice in Tiny Town scurried around, squeaking with excitement.

    Donna Martin

  3. I can’t wait to read all these great pitches!!

  4. Sooo. The pitch HAS to be 140 characters. Got it! Scribbling away. I’ll be BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Hi, y’all! Here’s mine: Follow a family of box turtles as they play their way through the seasons of the year.

    First Stanza: Turtles, turtles, warm blue skies,
    Turtles, turtles sleepy eyes.
    Blink awake,
    Stretch and run.

    Turtles, turtles, Springtime fun!

    Linda Boyden

  6. What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks, Tamson and Julie.

    PB: School Bus Buddies

    Pitch: Follow Reggie on a humorous quest to find a school bus buddy after her best friend, Jess, has moved away. Somebody shows up, but it can’t be him! Can it? Never say never.

    First Line: A bustling bunch of brand-new 1st graders stood on the busy street corner waiting for the school bus.

  7. Thanks for keeping us inspired and motivated!

    Pitch: PENGUIN’S PARTY invites readers to participate in the coolest birthday celebration this side of Antarctica!

    First Line: Let’s get ready for the best party ever.

    Donna Gephart

  8. Thanks for the chance, Julie and Tamson! What a great opportunity.

    Pitch: Dickey’s life is like a fairytale in more ways than one! As Dickey’s dad gets crankier, each moment brings him closer to becoming a dragon.

    1st Line: There is a legend, or more of a rumor actually, that dragons were once human.

  9. My we use the same pitch as we have submitted to Susanna’s ‘Would You Read It?’ Wednesday blog post, or does it need to be one we have never submitted before? Thanks for the help, Julie!

  10. Fabulous contest . . . here we go . . .

    Blurts! You know, those words that just jump out of your mouth before your brain has time to think. Maddy has a big problem with blurts until something amazing happens.

    Sunday morning started like most others.

    Robin Howard

  11. Thanks for this opportunity Julie and Tamson.

    Pitch: To attract potential clients to his law practice Mr. Otter hits on a new slogan, seriously offering to take on funny cases.

    First line: Mr. Otter rents an office around the corner from Mr. Beaver’s office.

    Author: Julie Rowan-Zoch

  12. Wonderful opportunity, and fun! Thank you Julie and Tamson!

    Pitch: In HERMAN’S SUPER-POWERED HEINEY, a feisty, rule breaking firefly learns firsthand why he shouldn’t drink soda. It’s Curious George mixed with A Bug’s Life.

    First line: Herman ached to taste the leftover soda pop.

    Author: Wendy Greenley

  13. Sounds like fun. Thanks Julie and Tamson. Here’s mine:

    Picture Book: Moon Cake

    Pitch: When the sun sinks in the sky, the stars start waking one by one. And what do stars do all night? They bake moon cake!

    First four lines:
    When blushing billows wave goodbye
    To Old-man Sun in westward sky,
    The diamond studded bears awake (Ursa Major and Minor)
    And mix a batch of full moon cake.

    -Hannah Holt

  14. Thanks for a fun contest!

    Pitch: Stan and Louie are planning a surprise party for their friend, Sylvia. Will they find her favorite foods or will the party be a bust?

    First Line: “Only one day until Sylvia’s surprise party,” said Stan as he washed berries in the stream and tossed them to his friend, Louie.

    Jennifer Rumberger

  15. Thank you for this opportunity!

    Pitch: Esther is a fashionista sheep trying to bring a little style to her flock, but finding the perfect accessories on a ranch isn’t easy at all.

    First Line: Nothing made Esther happier than trying on different outfits.

    Author/Illustrator: Heather Newman

  16. Thank you Julie and Tamson for this opportunity!

    Pitch: Rex the Rooster wants to hatch an egg. But when he sits on a nest in the hen house, the hens become furious!

    First line: Rex the rooster proudly crowed, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” as the sun rose on a new day.

    Author: Jennifer Kirkeby

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun following a contest I’m not directly involved. Best of luck to all you participants!

  18. Here is my pitch for my Picture Book:

    Pitch: “Shhh…The baby is Asleep” ~ With a new brother at home, Amy needs to be quiet all of the time. He is no fun at all. Or is he?

    First Line: Dancing around the room Amy sang, “I am having so much fun laughing and playing with everyone.”

    Author & Illustrator Nicky Johnston

  19. Thank for the opportunity!

    Pitch: A little girl overcomes all her fears in order to find her stolen cat. A big surprise is waiting for her at the end!

    First line: Last night a witch stole my best friend, Misty

    Author/illustrator: Niki Leonidou

  20. The Pitch: Space is a place of opposites. Burning stars and icy comets. Roaring rockets and silent stillness. An ancient universe and newborn planets.

    First Line: Space is a place of opposites.

    Submitted by: Kirsten Larson

  21. The pitch: Fascinated with hybrids, a boy imagines combining food, animals, and objects to solve such pressing problems as eating broccoli and dealing with a pesky sibling.

    First line: “Pluots?” I ask.

    Submitted by: Leslie Gorin

  22. Pitch: Terrible dragons make Knight Peter’s armor tremble. When the other knights tease him, he sets out on an adventure and meets a dragon! Uh oh!

    First Line: Knight Peter wanted to be the biggest, bravest knight ever.

    Nicole Zoltack

  23. Thank you for the opportunity Julie and Tamson…

    Pitch: Libby watches all the other young limpets play in the waves. She doesn’t feel she will ever be brave enough to join in, or will she?

    First line: “Incoming!” The young limpets squealed in delight as the wave crashed over them.

    Author: Ramona Davey

  24. PITCH:
    An unusual rendition near a hen house alarms the ruling barnyard bird. Will a newcomer ruffle Rooster’s feathers, or teach him a new song?

    I heard a rooster crowing—
    and I knew it was not me.
    for I never crowed like that,
    never would. No-no-sir-ree!

    Damon Dean

  25. Number One, I LOVE your 12×12 idea. Maybe I’ll set myself a challenge to write 10 in the next 10 months.

    And what a great contest! These pitches are awesome. 🙂

  26. Julie, Tamson…THANKS for a fun contest! All these pitches will give us picture book fever…I want to read them all!
    By the way…is that deadline 7:00 PM or 7:00 AM EST, Sunday February 19th (just to clarify)?

  27. Ha! Neat story idea…and I see some of you aren’t OLD enough to remember the old Disney movie from the 60’s starring Don Knox (Barney Fife fame) named “Mr. Limpet.” He was a fish expert, and became a fish…neat reverse “Little Mermaid” plot.

  28. Wow, this is awesome! I just retweeted 😀

  29. What fun! Thanks, guys! Here’s mine.

    PB: Ghost Ranch

    PITCH: One night, hundreds of Coelophysis dinosaur bones come out to dance and invite fellow dinos for a special ho-down, sung to “Clementine”.

    In a canyon, called the Ghost Ranch,
    Are some dinosaurs divine.
    Coelophysis said, “Don’t miss this!
    Gonna do-si-do at nine!”

    AUTHOR: Christie Wright Wild

  30. Ooh, my first pitch ever. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Pitch: Sara’s plan to eat a whole pie goes awry each time she hears a knock, but it looks better once the ringing starts, or does it? Fraction fun!

    First Line: I make the best pie in the whole world.

    Author: Jan O’Neil

  31. Thanks for the great contest! Here’s my entry:

    Pitch: In a world where libraries lend out storybook characters, Eliza settles for a fairy godmother when the library runs out of princesses.

    First Line: Eliza and her mother waited in a line that wound around the library parking lot.

    Author: Margaret Greanias

  32. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. 🙂

    Gabe is one brave gator with a slight vision problem. He’ll wiggle and waggle and rush to the rescue of a friend in need.

    First Line:
    Gabe is the only alligator at the zoo.

    Authors Sharon K Mayhew and Lenny Lee

  33. Thank you so much, Julie and Tamson…what a fantastic opportunity for all of us! My first real pitch. 🙂

    Picture Book: The Boots of Dylan McGee

    The Pitch:
    How will Dylan learn to be a real cowboy? By lassoing his sister, riding his dog and absolutely refusing to take off his boots, of course.

    First four lines:
    Dylan McGee was a cowboy-in-training.
    Boots were his garb, whether sunshine or raining.
    “It’s time to go nighty-night”, Momma would say.
    But take off his boots? Nada, nix, no and nay!

    Author: Vivian Kirkfield

  34. Amazing contest… and perfect timing for me! A big thank you to Julie and Tamson for offering this. I’m really enjoying all the entries so far!

    The Pitch:
    Though an unlikely couple, a hippo and a lion dance their way around the world. They return home, exhausted… yet full of love.

    First four lines:
    Our friends said we’re a silly pair,
    with my big, round butt and your poufy hair.
    But, we found the rhythm and together we twirled,
    as we began our dance around the world.

    Author AND Illustrator: Andi Osiek

  35. Thanks for the great opportunity!!!

    There was no way Luka was going to leave Mimu alone at home, but bringing a monster to school is never a good idea. Especially not if it’s a HUNGRY monster…

    First line:
    After the please-oh-please look, the you-can’t-make-me look and the this-is-not-fair look, Luka tried what he called: his SERIOUS look.

    Sabrina Marchal

    • hi, Just saw the message on facebook that characters were included… I so hope my pitch will still be considered.

      No way Luka would leave Mimu home alone, but bringing a monster to school is never a good idea. Especially not if it’s a HUNGRY monster…

  36. Pitch :
    There is something a bit scary on the loose. It has two arms, and two legs, is BIG and BLACK, sneaky and creepy…. And it is following YOU!

    First line…… Something is following me.
    Kelly McDonald

  37. Three pesky, scary mice are loose in my house and we are counting on wild, whimsical auntie to come to our rescue. (Lisa Thompson)

  38. Pitch: If Tia could join a Tomato-Haters group, she’d be first to run up front and say: “Hello. My name is Tia and I hate tomatoes.”

    First line: Everyone in my family goes gaga over tomatoes, except me.

    Wendy E. BooydeGraaff

  39. PITCH: Rules should be followed not broken. It’s life or death out here. SEEKER must make a choice. Stay and obey? Or go? Will it be the right one?

    FIRST LINE: It’s so cold.

    WRITER/ILLUSTRATOR: Sheri Mills Cook

  40. Thank you so much for this contest!

    The Pitch: Elly is wild to save her favorite endangered zoo animal – but big brother claims there’s no such thing as Unicorns! Then what are those?

    First Line: I am the luckiest girl in the world.

    Author – Melissa Kelley

  41. I really am enjoying seeing all the other pitch ideas and thinking about the stories they are about. This was a great idea and I am so glad to take part in it.

  42. Pitch:

    Arabella is desperate to keep Penweezle, an ex-witch’s cat, but convincing her family is not easy, especially when the cat tries to help.

    First Line:

    It was just before teatime when the doorbell rang and Arabella found a cat on the doorstep.

    Author/Illustrator: Abigail Rayner

  43. When Ichabinda Switch, apprentice witch, decides to “make” a cat she lacks the required ingredients and improvises with disastrous results.

    Ichabinda Switch was waiting for the Witch’s Council to arrive.

    Sharyn Marston

  44. What a neat idea! I love the twitter-length pitch, as tough as it was to get it down to 140 characters. 🙂

    Pitch: Logan has a new secret weapon to make the monster in his closet go away for good! But will he take back his bedroom, or make a new friend?

    First Line: Logan was just so tired of having a monster in his closet.

    – Kelly Karsner Clarke

  45. What a perfect challenge to grow our writer-selves in yet another way…thanks!

    PB: Waiting for an Idea

    Pitch: Jerry is waiting for an idea, but it refuses to come.  Not until he opens Aunt Polly’s gift, does an avalanche of ideas spill forth!

    First Line: I heard someone once say, “I’ve been thinking and thinking, but the idea isn’t coming to me.”

    Author: Jarmila V. Del Boccio

  46. Amazing idea for a contest. So glad to be a part of this group! Thank you!

    Pitch: They sing Mariachi, they merengue, they tickle… they’re muy macho? To these men being muy macho means being able to be silly and sweet!

    First Line: “Once there was a town, in the middle of Mexico…it was muy macho.”

    Author: Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

  47. What a great opportunity! Thanks bunches. :0)

    Pitch: Raisel is drawn to the mysterious bright light in the sky. It seems to hold a promise. She travels to Bethlehem to discover what it is and the greatest gift to give is her.

    First Line: Raisel awoke with a start.

    Author: Tracey M. Cox

  48. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

    Pitch: Charlie promised to keep Roger out of trouble. Roger is missing. Now it’s up to you to help him find his naughty dog before it’s too late.

    First line: I’m looking for my dog.

    Author: Rena J. Traxel

  49. Pitch: A young grasshopper dreams of playing in the orchestra. His journey to the stage involves giving up, a second chance and a hopeful mentor.

    First Line: Delightful music rose above what appeared to be an ordinary meadow.

    Author: Eric VanRaepenbusch

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  50. Thanks for a great opportunity!

    Pitch: Peter Potato is an average spud growing in the garden till he is uprooted. With much at stake, the garden veggies try to solve a who-dug-it.

    First line: Peter Potato woke up to the cool, crisp air and shivered.

    Author: Lisa Birenbaum

  51. Pitch: A java sparrow, too rambunctious for his quiet neighborhood, uses his boisterousness to save the local bakery from going out of business.

    First line: A bakery sat on a sleepy Maui street snug between two monkey pods trees.

  52. Pitch: Are you ready for a French nickname? To get fluffy? To save a flower? A charming dandelion enlists the your help in NAPOLEON BLOWN APART.

    First line: Bonjour. I am Napoleon. Yes, yes, I know, I am very beautiful. My lovely yellow petals shine like the golden sun.

    Author: Julie Falatko

  53. Pitch: How can a young boy be expected to go to sleep while baseballs bounce around the room, pillows fly over his head and a fire truck’s siren is blaring?

    First Line: Mama finished my bedtime story, tucked Sugarbear and I into bed and then kissed us both goodnight.

    Author: Kathy Phillips

    • 140 character fix:
      How can a young boy be expected to go to sleep while baseballs bounce around the room, pillows fly over his head and a siren is blaring?

      Thank you Julie!

  54. Pitch: When P and Q’s camping trip gets rained out, their day indoors becomes a struggle to find the balance between “Too Much” and “Not Enough”

    First Line: “Wake up, Q!” said P.

    Author: Gina Perry

  55. Pitch: Harriet the spider wants to be a butterfly and fly like her friend Ed and she isn’t going to let anyone tell her she can’t!

    First 4 lines (rhyming):
    Harriet the spider had some big thoughts.
    She had a really big dream in her head.
    Her dream began with her best friend,
    A small caterpillar named Ed.

    Author: Rebecca fyfe

  56. Pitch: How can a duck be expected to live without tomatoes? They’re Quacker’s favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. What’s a duck to do?

    First line: “Quack, Quack!” Tomatoes are my favorite, thought Quacker.

    Author: Robyn Campbell

  57. Pitch: A book is for reading and a whole lot more in the hands of an imaginative boy and his stuffed penguin, until they realize it is a library book.

    First Line: Eric jumped for joy when Mom gave him a book with Beaky’s photograph on the cover.

  58. Pitch: A frightened boy, who believes Night is behind the scary sounds in the dark, tries to trick Night into leaving.

    First Line: When Paul climbed into bed, he heard sounds in the dark.

    Author: Pat Haapaniemi

  59. TITLE: Fairy Godmother School

    PITCH: Frenella magics up a baseball gown, a spaceship, and bunny slippers, and discovers there’s more than one way to make a dream come true.

    FIRST LINE: “I’ll be the only fairy there without grey hair,” moaned Frenella.

    AUTHOR: Rebecca Colby

  60. Title- Planet Vacation

    Pitch- Rose visits the planets on her vacation. Will she get a chance to rollerblade on the rings of Saturn or scuba dive for starfish on Jupiter?

    First line-
    With a zippy, zoom, whizz,
    In her speedy red ship,
    Leaving Earth and it’s moon,
    Rose’s was on a space trip.

    Author- Jennifer Young

  61. Pitch: When Cake ruins both Pizza’s lemonade stand and his day, he leaves and Pizza says see ya! Can Apple and his basketball save this friendship?

    First line: It was the beginning of summer vacation and Pizza had a great idea!

    Author: Tracy Bermeo

  62. Pitch: A little girl’s spunky ingenuity transforms a cardboard box into much more, when going to Grandpa’s for “Think-Up Day” becomes an adventure.

    First Line: “Finally…it’s Think-Up Day” Joey sang as she hopped down the stairs.

    Author: Suzanne Del Rizzo

  63. Title: NO TIME FOR BATH 

    Pitch: A baby engrossed in learning refuses bath time. When Momma asks, “What’s that smell?” He morphs their couch into a skunk, and so it begins.      

    First Line: “It’s time for a bath,” said Momma.

    Brenda A. Harris

  64. Thank you both!

    Pitch: Louella LONGS to holler. A loud parade rallies to help find her voice, including a squeaky otter, a loyal hummingbird, and a bump on a log.

    First line: Louella McGuffey wanted to holler, but all she could do was hum.

    Author: Carter Higgins

    • I love that name too! You might enjoy, if you haven’t already, Louella Mae, She’s Run Away, by Karen Beaumont Alarcon with fantastic artwork by Rosanne Litzinger

  65. Title: Good Night Me

    Pitch: Quinn wants to sleep in his parents’ bed. His mom wants him to sleep by himself. Will anyone get a good night’s sleep tonight?

    First line: I’ll be a bigger boy tomorrow. I’ll sleep in my Big Boy Bed then.

    Author: Shai Stephenson

  66. Title: Secrets of the Not So Deep

    Pitch: After a week Maya’s mud puddle is teeming with life. What are those fast swimmy things, and how did they get there? Nonfiction/ecology.

    First line: After yesterday’s rain I am ready for puddle stomping.

    author: Sue Heavenrich

  67. This was a good exercise for me. Thanks!

    Pitch: Jay wants to be a Police Bird, but his super-sniffer dashes his chance at the Academy. All is not lost when he saves the day.

    First Line: Jay wanted to be a hero like his family members.

    Author: Darshana Khiani

  68. Pitch: She called me runt, left me at the pound with others called stray & unwanted. But I got a family! Then one night: “BAD FIRE! BAD!” I barked.

    First line: All I ever wanted was a family and a bed of my own.

    Author: Carol Munro

  69. Pitch: Rilla will not cut her bangs, but when they grow and butt into her life, causing chaos, she finds a strength she never thought she had.

    First Line: Rilla loved her curly, long bangs.

    Author: Denise MacLennan Bruce

  70. Pitch: We all have our favorite undies, but Simon’s take him sailing in treacherous waters, roping in the wild west, and exploring in the stars.

    First Line: When Simon smelled pancakes he tossed off his pajamas, jumped into his Jolly Roger underwear, and ran downstairs still pulling on a T-shirt.

    Author: Teresa Vens

  71. Pitch: Dewey Bookworm is bored with books until a reluctant reader arrives. Can Dewey’s charm dazzle them both to falling in love with books?

    1st Line: Dewey enjoyed curling up with a good leaf rather than a good book.

    Tina Cho

    • A kid showed up at a costume party last night with a leaf hanging from his baseball cap. He blew on it and said, “I’m a leafblower”!

  72. I posted an entry, but I don’t see it here, perhaps because I used the wrong e-mail address and wasn’t recognized as a 12×12 member. So I’m re-posting the SAME entry. Please don’t disqualify me if it appears I’ve entered twice. Thanks so much!

    Pitch: She called me runt, left me at the pound with others called stray & unwanted. But I got a family! Then one night: “BAD FIRE! BAD!” I barked.

    First line: All I ever wanted was a family and a bed of my own.

    Author: Carol Munro

  73. I had fun with this exercise. Writing a pitch in only 140 characters was very challenging!

    Pitch: Herman is waiting for his nightly visitor. Only this night is different. Join Herman as he outwits Barry into making him a monster too!

    First line: Herman heard the closet door creak.

    By Romelle Guittap

  74. Title: Grammy in the Moon

    Pitch: Emily is tugging on heartstrings, and trusting her Grammy in the Moon to guide her as she faces the joys and pains of becoming a big sister.

    First line: At night, when the sun has gone to bed and the stars twinkle, Emily leans into the moonlight.

    Thank you so much,
    Beth Thaler

  75. Thank you for having this contest, Tamson and Julie! It’s been fun reading all the creative pitches and first lines.

    Pitch: Sydney sets traps when the special socks Grandma Gertie made for her disappear, and discovers a horde of monsters having a sock-a-palooza.

    First line: Sydney skipped across her room chanting, “Heart socks, striped socks, animal socks, hooray—what will my sock calendar say to wear today?”

    Author: Mindy Alyse Weiss

    • Pitch:
      When Little Dragon creates a royal hassle in the castle, Princess declares he must depart. But he doesn’t. She demands he stop. But he doesn’t. She’s doomed. Maybe not!

      Rhyme (first four lines):
      There’s a dragon in my castle
      Who’s quite the royal hassle.
      He MUST depart my kingdom NOW
      For dragons I will NOT allow!

  76. The Emperor’s Hat

    Pitch: The Cud Chewing Clique ignores Josie until she finds a lost hat. Now chic, she’s in. But the hat’s owner wants it back. What’s a cow to do?

    First line: Josie was the new cow in town.

    Dana Carey

  77. Title: Edgy Wallop and the Munchy, Crunchy Endings

    Pitch: Paige, a dedicated reader, strives to save the library from an ending-eating wallop.

    First Sentence: Sitting in the front row at storyhour, Paige leaned forward, eager to hear the ending of the story.

    Ellen L. Ramsey

  78. TItle: Brianna’s Businesses

    Pitch: Brianna’s parents won’t buy her a new doll so she creates businesses to earn money to buy one herself but she buys something she needs more.

    First Line: Brianna stared at the doll.

  79. PITCH: A young boy excited for adventure leads his family on a harrowing beach adventure that leaves his mom more than ready for bed.

    First four lines of verse:

    Hurry, Hurry, Mommy Dear!
    The seagulls cry “the tide is here!”

    Grab the towels and picnic bag,
    buckets, spades and castle flags!

    Full Name: Melissa Mead

  80. Title: Goodbye Mom!

    Pitch: A small boy has decided to leave home.He describes the adventures he’ll have, getting into trouble or CAUSING it!‘ But will he get that far?

    First Four Lines:
    Goodbye Mom!
    I’m on my way.
    With a big world to see,
    I really can’t stay.

    Helga Lynn Pearson

  81. Title: Mad Kid Scientist

    Pitch: Eugene invites you to take a tour of his laboratory. Things don’t go as planned when you mess up his experiment.

    First line: Ka-Boom!

    Author: Debbie Bernstein LaCroix

  82. Pitch: Six-year-old Lucy Tumbleweed, feel-good guru at The Treetop Spa, invites used, worn-down stuffed animals and friends to come to her clubhouse resort to re-ignite their inner fluffiness.

    First Line: Do you or a stuffed one need a little TLS (tender-loving stuff)?

    Author: Kerie Frances Miller

  83. Pitch: There was a fight in the art room! Paper scraps are everywhere! What could have happened and why?

    First Line: Did you hear the argument between the paper and the scissors yesterday?

    Author: Louise Nottingham

  84. Sorry mis-read the instructions, oops- revised

    Pitch: Lucy, feel-good guru at The Treetop Spa, invites used, worn-down stuffed animals to come to her clubhouse to re-ignite their fluffiness.

    First Line: Do you or a stuffed one need a little TLS (tender-loving stuff)?

    Author: Kerie Frances Miller

  85. Pitch: The life of Mr. Frog is seen by his interactions with the other animals living around the pond. He is not afraid of being different.

    First Line: Once upon a time, out in the woods, near a pond lived a funny looking frog.

    Author: Kathy Van Duzer

  86. Pitch: Penny doesn’t like to travel, explore or buy things. How can she find happiness if she doesn’t like doing what pennies are suppose to do?

    First Line: Penny looked like all the other cents.

    Author: Lita Van Wagenen

  87. Pitch: After trick-or-treaters go to bed, Jack O’Lanterns gorge on leftover candy, play streetball, and do jumping Jacks in leaf piles.

    First line: After the last trick-or-treater toddles home, weighted down with candy,

    (this is in free verse, so I realize it’s not a complete sentence)

    Author: Marcie Flinchum Atkins

  88. Pitch :
    The lights are out but don’t be scared, dance the fright away. Get on over to Lightning Drive and join Avery’s party, everyone’s invited.

    First line:
    On Lightning Drive the lights were out.

    Ron Rauss

  89. Pitch: Paula McHale must deliver valentines, but her wagon’s busted and her horse is lame. A devoted hound brings suitor Sean the answer he seeks.

    First four lines (rhyming):

    Paula McHale delivers the mail
    From Tillinocket to Blarneyvale,
    From Dingle Bay to Barkley-on-Fen,
    To Ballybunion and back again.

    Author: Lisa Rogers

  90. Pitch: A family has to figure out how to lose the alien ships hot on their tail on their ride home from the grocery store.

    First line: “The aliens were on our tail.”

    Authors: Christopher and Melissa Bugaj

  91. Pitch: Thym and the gnoflings are in charge of counting the seconds on the clock, but when Time hiccups and stops they meet the Pirates of Planck.

    First Four Lines:
    If Time had a pocket
    and that pocket had a watch,
    you’d see six old gnoflings
    play Hip Skippity Hop Scotch.

    Name: Lissa Clouser

  92. Oh, yay! Here’s my pitch…

    Title: IF YOU PLEASE, PENELOPEAS! A pair of peas want to go on a pirate adventure, but it’s bedtime, and Momma Pea has other plans.

    And here’s my first line(s)…it’s in verse:

    Penelopea One and Penelopea Two

    Had something very important to do:

    Maps to read, seas to sail,

    Treasure to find. They would not fail.

    And my name is Cathy C. Hall. Thanks SO much!

  93. Pitch: Purple Cow wants to learn how to dive. When he asks his distractible friend Moose to teach him, he gets more than he bargained for.

    First line: Purple Cow’s four stomachs somersaulted with excitement.

    Thank you,
    Heather Cyr

  94. PITCH: Mom said, “Don’t make a mess!” But Martin’s stuffed monkey, Cyril, falls behind the couch. Martin must do anything to help him survive.

    First Line: “It would be a very memorable day in Martin’s house for reasons not even imagined yet.”

  95. Title: Kaboom

    Pitch: When Milo overstuffs a crayon box, it leads to an explosion that turns everything the wrong colour. How will he fix the color conundrum?

    First Line: Milo wished the sun would come out, just like in his drawing.

    Author: Sarah C. Pilon

  96. Pitch: It’s a sleepless night of baaing, bleating, mooing?, dancing, chewing. Sleep’s illusive, counting sheep only makes it worse, until sunrise.

    First four lines:
    I want to sleep, I cannot sleep
    My brain won’t understand
    I count some sheep, then count more sheep
    Enough to fill the land

    Author: Lynn A. Davidson

  97. TITLE: Dora and the Scaredy Cats

    PITCH: Plagued by a herd of petrified cats, Dora must invent a way to un-petrify her furry housemates before she ends up as kooky as they are.

    FIRST LINE: Little dimpled Dora had a horde of frightened cats.

    AUTHOR: Renee LaTulippe

  98. Title: PAST BEDTIME

    Pitch: Ever since he fell asleep on a book and a wolf illustration jumped in his ear, Jack’s been acting… oddly. Will life ever return to normal?

    First Line: Reading after bedtime isn’t the best idea — just ask Jack Horner.

    Author: Ella Kenne

  99. Pitch :
    There is something a bit scary on the loose. It has two arms, and two legs, is BIG and BLACK, sneaky and creepy…. And it is following YOU!

    First line…… Something is following me.
    Kelly McDonald

    ( i posted this last week… but cant see it? Was there somewhere else we posted too??)

  100. PITCH: A bored little boy decides its time to do something interesting…. why not learn how to fly!

    I want to fly I told my mum,
    I want to do bird things.
    That’s fine she said, go out and fly,
    but first you need some wings.

    Author: Steve Sagovac

  101. Pitch: A gigantic, never-ending noodle barrels through town and stops at Lester Slyvester’s house. Will this be Lester’s first real life adventure?

    First line: Lester Sylvester was not one for having adventures, no siree Bob.

    Author: Kathy Ellen Davis

  102. PITCH: Spine tingling shadows of menacing monsters roaming his house after dark have Alex spooked, until he makes a surprisingly silly discovery.

    FIRST LINE: Every night, at the same time, something crept, slithered, or thumped past the doorway to Alex’s bedroom.

    AUTHOR: Ashley Barth

  103. Pitch: A flower pot? A mail box? A birdhouse? A bird bottle? Which will make the best nest for the House Wrens?

    First Line: Ricky House Wren needs to make a nest that has plenty of room, is high off the ground, and is warm and dry.

    Bobbie Henry

  104. Ricky’s class is captivated by a battle of wits between their teacher and a zoo keeper. You’ll be amazed who the kids end up cheering for.

    First line: Ricky flashes the biggest grin his class has ever seen and introduces his special guest.

    Author: Gary Masskin

  105. Pitch:
    When Prince Phillion is taunted by the Bully brothers, his feelings are hurt. He uses kindness instead of mean words to try and make peace.

    First Line:
    Prince Phillion loved everything pink.

    Author: Mona Pease

  106. Lori Grusin Degman

    Thanks for the fun contest!!

    Pitch: Mom’s glasses break the day of Chloe’s b-day bash. She calls the Dairy Made Farm, not Daily Maid Firm and a heifer, not helper, shows up.  

    First four lines (rhyming):

    When Chloe’s birthday came at last, she never could have guessed,
    the party they had planned would make her mother so distressed.
    As Chloe filled up goodie bags, she sang the birthday song.
    She heard a crunch and then a scream; she hollered, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

    Author: Lori Degman

  107. Pitch:

    . Horatio the squirrel has bigger dreams than gathering nuts for the winter like the rest of his friends and relatives. How can he possibly follow his passion without running out of food?

    First line:

    PLOP! DROP! PLOP! Plump acorns fell to the ground from the old oak tree.

    Author: Joan Waites

  108. Pitch:
    Rockin’ Ross the Albatross is a jivin’, jammin’ bird with a dream; when he finds the Hollywood Bowl empty, he manages to get things rockin’.

    First four lines:

    Rockin’ Ross the Albatross
    Soarin’ high,
    Divin’ low;
    He’s one jivin’ bird
    On the go, go, go!

    Patricia Nozell

  109. TITLE: Marcus and the Funtastic Brobot

    PITCH: Marcus wants a brother. So he builds his own “brobot”, only to find that having a little brother – especially a robotic one – isn’t easy.

    FIRST LINE: Marcus wanted a brother to play with, but his mom wouldn’t give him one, and he didn’t have enough money to buy one.

    AUTHOR: Angela Padron

  110. Pitch: Henri, a lonely and ignored fly, falls hopelessly in love with the mysterious Mona Lisa and is surprised when he discovers where his true passions lie.

    First line: “Shoo fly! Shoo!” Henri swerved out of the way.

    Author: Angela Peña Dahle

  111. Pitch:
    An adventurous kitty traveling the world in her hot air balloon lands in Rome for pasta and helps a scaredy cat become a courageous kitty.

    First Line:
    I’d like 16 orders of fusilli with extra cat nip, half anchovies, half sardines and 10 cartons of milk. Grazie, Thank you, Luigi! See you soon!

    Shannon Jones

  112. Title: Ant…Ant…ANTEATER!

    Ant Hill is crawling with uncertainty when 2 ants bring home a baby anteater. Will he remain adorable when he has a taste for solid food?

    First line: Hattie and Humphrey Ant were marching through the jungle when they heard a sound.

    Author: Penny Klostermann

  113. Pitch: Jose leaps nightly from the door to the top of his bed as he eludes being captured by the monster below. How will he manage kindergarten?

    First line: Even though I could not see them I could hear the chicharras (cicadas) singing their summer song in the trees as I sat near the screen door of the kitchen.

  114. Pitch:
    Let’s Go to the Symphony tells what happens at a concert from beginning to end, from A to Z. Because I is for imagination, anything is possible.

    First four lines:

    A is for audience. Sitting. Watching. Waiting for the concert to begin.
    B is for baton. Tapping. Tapping. Telling the musicians to tune in.
    C is for conductor. Bowing. Turning. Raising the baton in his hand.
    D is for drums. Banging. Booming. Drumming the beats on command.

    Author: Susan Halko

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