Author Christine Fonseca had the idea to take each Tuesday in November and express thanks to different folks in the writing community.  Christine’s book, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children, debuted a couple of weeks ago to rave reviews in the gifted & talented community.  The book and her blog are definitely worth checking out.

First up for receiving thanks is critique partners — those brave warriors that plow through the weeds of our first and second (and 100th) drafts to help us sort out what we really want to say from what we actually have on the page.

I am very fortunate to have found such an amazing group of writers in my critique group, especially since it was truly luck of the draw.  I joined an online group without knowing much about any of the women in the group except that they wrote picture books.  Well, that was my lucky day!  They are all immensely talented, generous with their time, encouraging but honest, and always provide ideas that make my work better.  They are also all bloggers, and their blogs are most definitely worth checking out.  So without further adieu, please give a round of applause to my fabulous CPs!

Christie Wright Wild

Alison Stevens

Valerie Larson-Howard

Juliette Wilk

Megan K. Bickel

Thank you all for the community and friendship in addition to the critiques.  I am honored to belong to a group of such talented writers.

Whatever you do for a living, everyone needs people who push them to reach their full potential — parents, teachers, professors, colleagues, friends.  Who pushes you to do your best work?

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  1. Christine Fonseca

    I love all the CP love today. WOO HOO!!!! And thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate YOU too.

  2. That is so lovely, Julie! I feel just as blessed to have found our little group. It was also dumb luck for me to find it, but it is, as you say, an awesome group!! Thank you for the thanks, the mention, and your critiques as well!

  3. I find that internal motivation works better for me than waiting for an external push from others. 8)

    Glad that your critique group is so generous with their time and talents.

  4. Okay Julie, So I am a little teary right now. That was very nice, and I agree we have a great group. It is funny how we all found each other by accident. I think through the CBI message board. There are tons of groups on that board, so it was truly pure chance we all came together.

  5. How lovely. It’s very easy to forget to say out loud when we appreciate people in our lives.

  6. Awww! That is so sweet. And I feel lucky that you are a part of our group. Honored, really. I hope we stick together forever.

    (The fabulous Story Swappers! Although I think I like Picture Book Critters better…)

    Thank you for the love!!!

  7. Thanks, Julie! I feel the same way.

    I love Christine’s idea; wish I’d seen this sooner!

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