I DID IT!!! I MADE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE ARTIST’S WAY! I get to check that off my Bucket List now. 🙂  What a great feeling.

  • Week 12 Theme: “Recovering a Sense of Faith.”  In this chapter, we learn to trust and protect our creativity and recognize signs of slippage.
  • Morning Pages: I forgot to bring my journal to Breckenridge this weekend (AGAIN), so I missed two days.  Right back into it though.
  • Artist Date: No.  No excuses this time.  Answer is just no.

Any “Aha” Moments? 

  • This chapter asks us to write down any resistance or fears about going forward from here.  I already know my big resistance is in the Artist Dates.  I realize that, aside from a few of the weeks, I pretty much blew them off.  It always seems to be impossible to find the time.  I am good with the “grand gestures,” which are artist dates in the form of BIG events like conferences or travel, but not very good at all in the daily care and feeding of my artist.  I need to spend some time with that knowledge and figure out how to make changes.
  • I will have no problem continuing the morning pages.  They are life blood to me now.  I’ve even noticed that on days when I forget to write them, I feel off-kilter.
  • Even though I’ve “finished” the program, I realize I’ve only just begun.  I’ve barely scratched the surface.  For that reason, each week I intend to randomly choose exercises throughout the book that I didn’t get to and work on them.  So let the artistic miracles continue!

A few favorite quotes from the Week 12 chapter:

“It is a paradox of our creative recovery that we must get serious about taking ourselves lightly.  We must work at learning to play.” (This, by the way, ties in quite nicely with George Shannon’s post on this blog earlier in the month).

“Life is meant to be an artist date. That’s why we were created.

“The truth is that this is how to raise the best ideas. Let them grow in dark and mystery. Let them form on the roof of our consciousness. Let them hit the page in droplets. Trusting this slow and seemingly random drip, we will be startled one day by the flash of, ‘Oh! That’s it!

So, what did you think of this series?  Did it inspire you in any way? Do you think you might try The Artist’s Way?

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The Artist’s Way

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  1. Yay! Congrats on finishing! I just picked up the book from my library last week.

  2. Congratulations, julie!! I’d love to do this, except for the ALOnE part … I have 4 kids and am NEVER alone lol!!

    but you did give me some motivation to try Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and blog about it… I just may do that.

    I need the push and this is great.
    Thanks so much!

  3. You are inspiring me to try again. Congrats on a big finish.

  4. I am so impressed with you that you went through the entire book, and have obviously profited from it so much.

    I have thought about trying it again, but two things have put me off (so far, at least) — I really don’t want to do that week where one isn’t allowed to read. At this point in my life, I just can’t do that. (I equate writing with reading, because I’m always reading over my drafts and revising.) The other thing is, that last time I tried to do the morning pages, they sapped my “writing strength” so that I just didn’t have anything left for my “real” writing. They seem to have energized you, and I celebrate that with you, and perhaps at some point I’ll try it again.

    Right now, I just want to celebrate your achievement! WooHoo! You did it!!!

    • Beth,

      I think you can set your own rules about reading. The book was written before the Internet really took off. I allowed myself to read emails and my own writing – but not blog posts other people had written. The idea is to turn yourself inward to your own creations rather than always taking in other people’s. But I agree it was painful!

  5. Great job, Julie! I loved this series and followed it faithfully. It’s inspiring. I’m arguing with myself about how I should do the same thing, but I am trying to simplify and get more writing done. Not sure who will win the argument! 🙂

  6. I’m on week #2. It’s hard. Congrats to you on finishing – well done!

  7. Congratulations, Julie!! I’ve been a Morning Pages enthusiast for 10 years now and mysteriously – who knows why – I stopped doing them back in August ’11. Then started again 3 days ago, partly from your blogging about your progress with The Artist’s Way, and partly from a discussion with two other writer/artists I didn’t know had been doing them too, for a number of years. It’s just the greatest vehicle for mining the creative Soul. Hands down blessing for sure.

    • So glad you were inspired to start the pages again! It can be tempting to skip them, but I always find those days don’t feel as great as the ones when I do. Weird, but true.

  8. Yay for you! I’ve been reading your updates and hiding in the back of class because I bought these books after your FIRST post on them and I still haven’t read them or done the workbook. Ugh. I’m in a slump and maybe this is the kick in the pants I need. Not a slump with writing, but editing. It just isn’t as much fun as writing. Tomorrow, I will open the books and start on my Artist’s Way path.

    I don’t know what the artist date is, but I’m hoping I like it more than you did.

    Again, congratulations! From reading the comments, this is quite an achievement. Well done, my friend.

    • Tameri,

      Good luck with the program! The artist dates are supposed to be FUN, so I don’t know why I had so much resistance to them. I’m sure you’ll do better. 🙂

  9. Congrats on finishing! I liked following along on your journey. I would like to try it, but with all my little kids I don’t feel like it would be a success. Thoughts? Did it take a significant amount of time? Or was it more just fine tuning time? From my perspective it seems like it took a good chunk of time? But maybe I’d use my time better after something like this.

    (Also, is the add thing new or did I just not notice before… Welcome to professional blogging, eh?)

    • Hannah,

      I was never able to successfully complete the program when I had littles at home. That said, I know you are much more visually artistic than I am and find time to pursue that with your kids at home. It couldn’t hurt to give a try. Just stop if it isn’t working for you. Lord knows I did – 3 times!

  10. Congrats on making it through!
    I am thinking about picking this book up and giving it a try 🙂

  11. Sooooo, I was checking out “The Artist’s Way” on amazon.
    There are many of them out there!
    Hmmm, There is a starter kit, a workbook, Path to finding water, and many more!
    Which one to pick?

  12. Congratulations, Julie! This is major. I know a lot of people who started, but very few who finished. I tried once, and I’m definitely going to give it another shot at some point (when my kids are a bit older, I think). I have loved reading your updates and trying to think about the ideas and activities now, though.

    • You know, it is major. Even though I’ve stopped and started three times before, I don’t think I realized quite how major until now that I’ve made it all the way through. I’m sure you will too sometime later when your kids are a bit older and more independent.

  13. What a great accomplishment, Julie! Make sure to include it on your year end list! And btw, you inspired me to keep a list of my own accomplishments – and will post it at year’s end. I *have* to keep a running list due to my memory, so it’s kind of nice to do something and think, “Oh! That’s a good one for The List!” So thank you for that inspiration!

  14. Congrats on finishing! Woo-hoo! Well done you 🙂 I have enjoyed hearing about your journey and how much you learned!

  15. HOORAY! And Congratulations!

  16. Yay! Congrats on making it all the way through! Thank you for sharing your journey . . . you have inspired me to do the same, (I’m thinking of completing The Artist Way during the summer). 🙂

  17. Congrats Julie! Your journey inspired me so I bought the book. 🙂

  18. Maybe you didn’t fit in the artist dates because they don’t appeal to the ARTIST in you?

    Who says that Julia Cameron knows better than Julie Hedlund how Julie H. should feed her inner artist? 😀

    • Very true Nancy. I think I made a bigger deal out of them than I should have. Doing something simple, like reading for a half hour, should count (per Sallie’s comment).

  19. I did the Artist’s Way as a workbook, week by week working through all the exercises and writing morning pages religiously. It changed my relationship to my art and writing; it transformed my journals and gave them new depth; and I really enjoyed the process. I went back to the book about 3 years ago and read through it again, but not week by week and it helped me rededicate myself to my journals. My journals are where I organize my life and store and develop almost all my art and writing ideas. I think of them as a real conversation with myself.

    Give Artist’s Dates a try–and be light about them. They are meant to be fun! Is there a movie or TV show you’ve been wanting to see–snuggle up alone and do it. Is there a treat from your childhood you’d like to eat again, like chocolate pudding with a walnut on top, the way Mom used to make it? Make it for yourself. Pull a few weeds in the yard. Stop in a store or restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Buy yourself that magazine with the intriguing cover. Artist’s Dates are a way of recreating parts of you that have gone dormant. Do something just for fun just for you. And I’ve found that it does make a huge difference doing them alone. If you do it with a friend then your attention is not the same.

    • I am definitely going to take your advice Sallie, and not think of them as such a “BIG” thing that I have to plan for. THANKS for your wise insights.

  20. Julie, congrats on finishing the Artist’s Way! Your posts have been so inspiring. In fact, I started writing the morning pages again because of you. 🙂 While I haven’t had a chance to reread the book, it’s on the top of my desk as a reminder to get-to-it.

    The Artist’s Dates are always the hardest for me too. I think it’s got something to do with feeling as though we’re spoiling ourselves, which we’ve been taught not to do.

    • Sheila, you’re probably right about the Artist Dates, but I’m glad you’ve gotten back into your morning pages. Those I really do love.

  21. Congratulation Julie! Your posts have been an inspiration to me! The Artist’s way is very disiplined, yet you triumphed! Yea!!!!! 🙂

  22. You’re an inspiration, Julie. Congrats on returning to The Artist’s Way–and sticking it out. You’ve given me the kick in the butt I needed to do the same.

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