My official Week 6 check-in will be postponed until next week.  It’s not because I took another Bye Week; it’s because I need more time with the Week 6 theme – Abundance (read: money).

I admit I missed the morning pages a couple of times this week simply by accident.  The whole family was home due to the holidays, everyone was off-schedule we lacked any kind of routine, so a couple of mornings I got up and started going about the day, not realizing until later that I hadn’t done the pages.  Neither did I take an Artist Date since I had next to no time alone.

Most importantly, however, I did not do any of the exercises set for Week 6, nor did I keep the theme in my consciousness throughout the week as I have with the previous weeks.  All of this has left me disconnected from the program, and I don’t want to charge forward into the next “lesson” without feeling like I’ve integrated this one.

Money is a huge issue for everyone, but especially, Cameron maintains, for artists.  For many, it seems anathema to earn a living or (God forbid) become wealthy doing something that you love.  Cameron claims it is not only possible but probable.  Obviously, that is a thought I want and need to spend more time with.

So stay tuned for the real check-in next week! 🙂

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  1. I’ve read and worked through several of Julia Cameron’s books, Julie. This one has a very interesting history. I think I read it was self-published initially and, of course, is one of a long line of self-published books that went on to amazing success. That alone is inspiring for Week 6, right?

  2. I hope you find an abundance of time this week to focus on the abundance in your life.

    Vix (in England) is thinking about finding a writing critique group. I seem to recall that you LOVE your group. If my recollection is correct, and you have any tips for her:

  3. You are doing great, Julie. I am so proud of you. I returned my book ” the Artists Way” to the library without reading it.

    However I do do the morning pages most days except when my grandson was here so I know how you forgot to do them. When there isn’t any alone time it’s hard to do anything for yourself.

    Good for you for trying on abundance for size. I’ll definitely cheer you on.

  4. Good for you for sticking it out. Seriously.The holidays have thrown us all off schedule, but don’t look at the dates just concentrate on your own artist progess. Good luck!

  5. Good for you for taking another week on it. There’s no rule that says each “week” in a self-directed program like this has to be exactly seven days. One does what is necessary to gain the most benefit from the experience.

    I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts next week.

  6. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear more next week! Very interesting 🙂

  7. We all can get “rich” by pursuing our creative passions, Julie. I so believe that! And there’s a huge emotional price tag in not doing so.

    On the other hand, Cameron’s right about artists more often struggling financially, for a variety of reasons. I think we all dealt with/are dealing with the economic downfall because we’re somewhat acclimated to the feast or famine life… I personally live frugally year round, knowing that work may or may not come. (I’ll keep making work and hustling regardless.) So far it’s always worked out. KNOCK ON HUGE CHUNKS OF WOOD! 😉

    • It’s a combination of scarcity thinking and the belief that art isn’t work. Neither is true.

      Here I am knocking on huge chunks of wood! 🙂

  8. I worked my way through this book several years ago. I remember it taking me about twice as long to complete, having to repeat weeks for similar reasons. I was glad that I took the time to do so. Holidays are so challenging – I hope you enjoy hitting the restart button on this one!

  9. The holidays do have a way of throwing a monkey wrench into our time 🙂 Hopefully you got some quality time with your family and now that the kids are back in school maybe you’ll be able to focus and get back in the groove of the artist’s way. I think you are right not to gloss over week 6 and move on – better to take your time 🙂

  10. You should check out my latest blog post. It fits perfectly with your abundance (money) theme. A book “review” about a GREAT money book!

  11. You’re doing the right thing by not rushing. Rushing never teaches us anything. I’m looking forward to next week’s report. With the kids back at school, it will be quieter!

    • @Gina – repeating weeks is better than missing out on whatever wisdom is to be gained from that week.

      @Susanna – yes, now that the kids are back in school I’m going gangbusters! 🙂

      @Christie – will check it out – thanks!

      @Sheila – thanks for the support!

  12. I think CB says the most important thing!! You are forgiven. The second most important thing is to remember that abundance is so much more than money. Sometimes it’s that abundance of creative juice to accomplish our dreams or the abundance of love and support. Maybe a making a list of all the things you have in abundance would lift your spirit and start you doing an A-BUN-DANCE! Shake your booty!!! Money is a flow like the tides – it flows in and out constantly – it doesn’t dry up. There is always flow back and forth.

  13. Melissa – very true! It’s abundance in all areas of life and not just financial. But a lot of us (myself included) get tripped up in the financial morass.

  14. I think it’s great you are taking another week. No reason to rush it.

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