The book I was going to choose for Perfect Picture Book Friday has already been featured – by none other than the host herself, Susanna Hill! However, I did want to bring attention to it again because it was written by one of our April Author-Palooza authors – Linda Ravin Lodding. The book is The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister.

Susanna’s review of the book is spot on – all the way down to the amusing names of the teachers. I also agree the book brings a very timely message about the importance of free, unstructured play.  So if you missed it the first time around, I recommend you take a look. To make it easier, I decided to share Ernestine’s wonderful book trailer. Enjoy!

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  1. So well worth highlighting again, Julie!

  2. Julie, what an awesome story. I have got to buy this. I really think it’s a good teaching book. (For writers) I love Susanna’s review and totally forgot that I wanted this book. I wrote it down this time. 🙂

  3. Lovely that you can mention this great book again, and great idea to include the trailer!

  4. that’s too cool! And a real reflection of what some kids’ lives are like. Play is so important…. we need more of it. So I’m turning off my computer and going out to play right no

  5. Interesting way to highlight a book again.:) Loved the book trailer. So cute.

  6. This is one of my all-time favs. I recommend it to everyone.

  7. Stacy S. Jensen

    I picked this one up after the first review. The illustrations are so lively and colorful — bright and vibrant. I added this book to my “future parent tips” file, because I want to remind myself not to get too busy when Enzo gets bigger.

  8. This book is really great! I like the trailer! I like the “just play” message 🙂

  9. Oh! I want to read this so badly, but it’s not at our library yet and I have blown my book budget completely! The trailer was incredible. Thanks for the re-mention.

  10. It’s great to see this book highlights the importance of unstructured play.

  11. I love that this book sends such an important message – especially in this age of overscheduled childhoods. Thanks so much for this spotlight!

  12. Thanks for adding the trailer, Julie!
    Linda did a fantastic job of weaving in the “busy can be a bust” lesson.

    This book would make a great gift 😀 [e.g. baby shower, Welcome Newborn, etc.]

  13. Excellent! I remember the years we had my girls so busy…too busy, to be honest. If only we’d made more time to play…a regret that almost any older parent can understand, a regret that any younger parent needs to avoid.

  14. And there’s an interview with her over at my blog! Here’s the AWESOMENESS!

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