Just call this the advent calendar of my last week of work (but without the little treats behind each door).

In five days, I will voluntarily leave my well-paying, flexible job in the midst of the worst economy since the Great Depression.  This so I can pursue a dream of earning a living by writing – a dream no doubt shared by approximately half the planet.  To make this dream a reality, I’ll have to differentiate myself and my work from the glut of others out there working toward the same goal.  No easy task, I’m sure.

I emailed my resignation letter to my boss last week, and when I hit the “send” button, a cold stone of fear turned over in my stomach.  Every doubt I’ve ever had about my talent as a writer came to my mind not as a whisper, but a scream.  How to silence the screams?  I need to follow my three year-old son Jay’s example.

Over the weekend we visited the local hardware store, which always drives the kids into sensory overload.  They just can’t contain their excitement with all that “cool stuff” within arm’s reach.  On this particular visit, Jay started running down one of the aisles right past a store clerk, who shouted after him, “NO RUNNING!”

Did Jay cower and walk away?  Did he come running to us for protection?  Did he cry?  No.  Instead he went in hot pursuit of that store clerk, put his finger to his lips and said, “SHHHHHHHHH!  You need to be quiet.  Shhhhh!”

Precocious?  Perhaps.  But also brave.  I will try to follow his lead when those doubts harass me in the future.  I will turn around, face them, and tell them (in so many words) to “shut up.”

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  1. Hi Julie,


    Nicole Rigets
    P.S. Loved: Zen, Interrupted

  2. Julie – I just read this (12/22) and know that you’re doing the right thing! You’re an excellent writer (I expressed this regarding your recipes!) and if you like what you do it’s a HUGE bonus.

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