I still intend to write a post on my “lessons learned” from the entire “Unclutter Your Life in One Week” process, but first I must share the pinnacle.  As I mentioned before, we have a large master bedroom, but it’s an uninspired shape (long and rectangular).  Ever since the day we moved in, we’ve used the extra space almost exclusively as a dumping ground for: 1) unpacked suitcases and duffel bags; 2) book overflow (due to my book addiction); 3) unhung paintings and posters, and 4) anything else we can’t figure out what to do with.  This has always, always bothered me, yet I never seemed to have time to do anything about it.  Keeping the other areas of the house organized seemed more important because nobody “sees” the bedroom.

Except us.  Essentially what we were doing was devaluing our own space and need for a place of respite.  In the book Doland says, “Your bedroom is where you renew and pamper yourself.  Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom should be the most relaxing of all.”  Another book I have, Feng Shui Your Life, by Jayme Barrett, says this about the bedroom: “The bedroom provides a place to rest, revitalize, and reflect… It should be a nourishing sanctuary.”

Now brace yourselves for the before photos.  These are embarrassing to share, but I figure I might as well admit to warts and all so you can see how far it’s come.  Here is the back, unfurnished part of the bedroom before decluttering.

Back Bedroom "Before"

As you can see, there is nothing nourishing, relaxing or rejuvenating about this space.  This is also the first view we had in the morning upon waking up.  Every single day.  Here now is the “after” photo.

Back Bedroom "After"

I know it looks a little empty and forlorn, but the idea has always been to turn this into a sitting area/library, which I will be much more motivated to do now.  As a matter of fact, we have two wingback chairs in the garage that we got on freecycle, of all places, that we need to get refurbished.  We plan to put those chairs back here.  Still, much better to wake up to that view than the former.

Then our nightstands needed work too (and the dressers, but I didn’t take photos of those).  I think it was easy for us to be lazy about the clutter in other areas of the room because the rest of it was so messy.  If you will forgive me just one more cliché, the bedroom was the brass ring of the whole process.  Something I had wanted to do for so long but just never did.  It just got to be so big and overwhelming, yet the mess really bothered me (more, even, than I knew).  So without further adieu, here are the final before and after photos.

Nightstand 1 "Before"

Nightstand 1 "After"

Nightstand 2 "Before"

Nightstand 2 "After"

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  1. Awesome work, Julie. Way to take back your space!

  2. Emily on the Southern Prairie

    Wow! All of these posts are so impressive. You did some serious work. Personally I find the nightstands to be so tough. Ours are major clutter magnets — ick — so much so that I’m always accidentally knocking stuff off of them.

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