RennToday I join many of my kidlit compatriots to help bring a little joy into the life of a special little boy named Renn who is spending several days in the hospital this week.

Renn’s mom is a member of 12 x 12, and her five year-old son Renn struggles with epilepsy. The doctors are having a difficult time figuring out how to control his seizures.  This is his third day in the hospital as he undergoes a number of tests. Nobody likes being in the hospital, but especially not an active, vibrant little boy. If you’d like to learn more about Renn, you can join the blog at The Brain Of A Jedi, or the Face Book Group at Purple Day. In the meantime, under the leadership of Susanna Hill and Beth Stilborn, we’ve come together to bring Renn some entertainment while he is in the hospital. If you want to join in, go to Susanna’s website for all the details.

Renn, I hope this little video I found makes you laugh. Know that your courage and spirit inspires us all and we’re combining our “forces” with yours to help you through this tough time. We all know that a heart as strong and full as yours is what makes you a true Jedi!

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  1. OMG – Julie, this video is the best! I think we’re having as much fun doing this as we hope Renn will have watching!

  2. hey renn!
    i hope you’re out in the fresh air before you know it. i have epilepsy too and life gets easier over time. hang tough!
    susan crites

    for renn’s mom: check out Looking Glass Natural Health with the link below. Alice Maher is a holistic health counselor and has literally saved my life! it took 5 1/2 years for the doctors to figure out what was going on for me. alice helped me through that stretch and continues to help me get stronger and healthier with FAR fewer episodes. (i also have encephalopathy where the brain slows to an abnormal level from a brain injury) my quality of life is mostly the result of Alice’s help. she works with people all over the country and world and is one of the kindest people i know who is dedicated to helping her clients thrive. (she LOVES working with kids!) the other link is a blog post that gives a glimpse into my life the past few years – hopefully a help to encourage you on your rough journey. hang in there! (my email address is below if you’d like to contact me.) keeping you and renn in my prayers!

  3. That was absolutely hilarious! Super find, Julie. Renn will love it!

  4. OMG! That was so funny! 🙂 ROFL indeed! Renn’s going to love it. Thanks so much, Julie! 🙂

  5. That was so cute. Here’s hoping Renn thinks so, too. Praying God will guide his doctors and help bring his condition under control.

  6. I laughed so much at the beginning I don’t know if I caught all of the conversations. This is too cute! I am sure Renn is going to love it.

  7. So fun! Renn is my hero. Not only is that an awesome name, but I love his adornments to his bandages. Total Rockstar.

    That video had me in stitches. Princess Leia cracked me up the most. “I’m not in love with you Han Solo! I’m not.” I need to watch it again.

  8. This is hilarious, Julie! I can tell from the comments that all of us loved it…and I’m sure Renn and his family will love it as well.:) Great video job! Just saw you little blurb on Katie Davis’ marketing piece for her video course…you are a pro now.:)

  9. What a sweet little boy…

  10. I hope Renn likes this one. I had to laugh.

  11. That was so funny! I’m sure Renn will love it!

  12. We are sitting here laughing SOO hard! Okay, maybe that’s just me… Renn keeps going, “Wait, why does Princess Leia look like a doodski?” (That’s what he calls men. So funny.) But this was the BEST start to our day!! Thank you, my sweet friend. You’re the best!

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