The "We Miss Mommy" photo the kids sent a couple of days ago

Yesterday I wrote about solitude, whereas today I am thinking about companionship.  Phil and the kids arrive tomorrow, and while the one thing that will be difficult to give up is the ability to write whenever and wherever the mood strikes me, I am ready in every other way.

This is the longest I have ever been away from the kids, and it was a couple of shades too long.  I expect they will look older and fear that they will have gone through some micro-stages that I have missed.

BUT, they will be here tomorrow, and I am going to meet them at the airport in Milan.  I wouldn’t miss seeing their first impressions of Italy, and of being in a foreign country for the first time, for anything.

Truth be told, the evenings have been torture listening to the children playing and laughing in the square below my window.  Tomorrow (or as soon as they recover from jet-lag), my kids will play too.  I am ready to see and experience Italy through their eyes.

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  1. Have FUN with the bambinos! 😀

  2. How fab that you got that writing and travel time in and now your family joins you, enjoy!

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