First completed illustration for My Love for You is the Sun

First completed illustration for My Love for You is the Sun

By this time tomorrow, I will have embarked upon one of the scariest journeys I’ve ever taken.

I’m not exaggerating.

Tomorrow, I am launching the Kickstarter campaign (UPDATE: Now Launched!) to fund the production, publication, and printing of my next picture book — MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN. This book is my heart of hearts, and although I am exhilarated to be taking this step, it is also terrifying to put myself out there so publicly.

In fact, to say that I am going “public” with this project is a bit of an understatement, since I’ve also pledged to track everything do and everything I learn in order to create a course on crowdfunding for writers when all is said and done. If you missed my five-part series of blog posts on the theme “Why Crowdfunding?” a couple of weeks ago, you can catch up now by clicking here.

Here are the top five things I’ve learned so far.

  1. If you are going to crowdfund, make it count. Select a project you are passionate about so your passion permeates every aspect of the campaign.
  2. Crowdfunding is a TON of work and is by no means an “easy route” to publishing. Another reason why having passion for your project is critical.
  3. WHY are you crowdfunding? Know the answer to that question, because you will be asked to answer it hundreds of times. (Alas, my five-part blog series)
  4. Give yourself way more time than you think you need to pull everything together. I am reasonably prepared for tomorrow, but everything took longer than I expected, and there is SO much more I wish I could have done to prepare for the launch.
  5. Build a team. Even if you are crowdfunding a self-publishing project (mine is hybrid), pull together a group of people who will give you timely feedback on your video, your rewards, and your project description/pitch. You’d never publish a book without critiques and edits, so don’t launch a crowdfunding project without them either.

I hope to see you back here tomorrow to celebrate launch day! 🙂

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  1. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, Julie! Thanks for being willing to share all your learnings and experiences with us.

  2. Good luck, Julie!! I’m sure it will prove to be a worthwhile project in many ways.

  3. Good Luck Julie. Having survived 2 Kickstarter campaigns I know what you are going through.

  4. Best wishes for tomorrow, Julie. This is a fascinating adventure you are taking us on.

  5. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the moments.
    I’m sure all will be well.
    We’ve never met but your inner strength comes through your words.

  6. Wishing you heaps of success tomorrow, Julie! Thank you for sharing your process with us as you embark on this journey. The first peek at the final art is stunning! I love Susan’s work, and I’m a big fan myself( as I also illustrate in modeling clay).

  7. Julie, did YOU create this amazingly STUNNING piece of artwork?! I mean, STUNNING! Good luck, btw 🙂

  8. I feel like we’re at the countdown at Cape Kennedy. Let’s hope The Crowd falls crazily in love with your book and funds it generously!

    • Let’s hope so Pat! I wrote on my Facebook page that I feel like a five year-old on Christmas Eve. Equal parts ecstatic about what I’ll find under the tree and terrified that it will be a lump of coal – LOL

  9. Best of luck Julie. I’m looking forward to this! You will do great. Really love the illustration too.

    • Thank you Stacy! At this point I can hardly bear the waiting. Ready to push “launch” and just get it over with already – LOL. But there are good reasons to wait until tomorrow afternoon, so wait I will. 🙂

  10. Julie, I’ve been following your posts on crowdfunding. How exciting that tomorrow’s the big day! Thanks again for sharing everything you’re learning with us. I love that illustration from the book – beautiful and unique.

  11. I am so thrilled for you, Julie. The book will be absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to read it to my kids. Best of luck to you as you launch the campaign tomorrow. I’ll do what I can to spread the word!

  12. Good luck to you! My fortune rest on your shoulder! 😀

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