Tricia LawrenceTricia Lawrence of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency (EMLA) will be accepting picture book submissions from 12 x 12 members in March.

I have never met Tricia in person, but that will soon change because she will be in both Bologna AND NJ-SCBWI! I will say that I’ve been impressed with her thoughtfulness and responses in every email exchange I’ve had with her. Plus, when she started at EMLA it was as a social media strategist – how cool is that? I’m sure her clients benefit tremendously from having an agent with marketing and promotion know-how.

Prior to joining EMLA, Tricia spent 17 years of working as a developmental and production-based copyeditor (from kids book to college textbooks).

As an associate-agent at EMLA, Tricia looks for picture books that “look at the world in a unique and unusual way, with characters that are alive both on and off the page.” When I asked her to share any insights into what she is looking for in PBs these days, this is what she said:

“With PB manuscripts, I am looking for an experience, all the questions I have are positive, not coming from confusion, but from “Oh, I love this; can I have more?” A really strong voice is a huge plus. What Anastasia Suen calls “picture writing” so that you can read it and then see it in both pictures and words, without massive and painful effort. 
Not very specific, but I’m really looking for something amazing (isn’t everybody!) with strong character, specific word choice, playful or sweet, with that wonderful hook that takes me in an unexpected turn.”
Full submission guidelines and requirements for Tricia will be posted in the Submission Station section of the 12 x 12 Membership Forum, accessible to Little GOLDen Book members by 2:00 p.m. EST on February 28. In the meantime, here are some links with more information about Tricia.
Good Luck!
Tricia’s profile on the EMLA website
Cynsations interview featuring both Erin and Tricia discussing social media for authors
Mother. Write. (Repeat). Author-Agent Interview
Profile on The Write Path
Interview on Forever Rewriting
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  1. Interesting and informative interview. Thank you for including the extra sites as I enjoyed learning more about Tricia. Was fascinated by the number of picture books your agecy has represented. Tricia, thank you for critiquing our manuscripts in March.

  2. Another fun month of revision and study ahead this month. Thanks for this information

  3. Meeting ‘our agent’ through the 12×12 spotlight post is fantastic, Julie! It’s a wonderful way to help us feel more comfortable before submitting. Thanks for all of the links that will tell us more about her. Tricia Lawrence sounds like a perfect agent to look at our work.:)

    And to Ms. Lawrence…thank you so much for taking us all on…we are most grateful!

  4. Excited for the opportunity to submit to Tricia Lawrence! Thanks Ms. Lawrence for the generous time and attention, and thanks Julie for the sites and overview. Like Stacey said…revision! Let the March winds blow!

  5. Awesome interview with Tricia! Julie, thanks for all the extra links, I have tons of research to do before submitting this month. Sooo excited!

  6. Great interview! Good luck everyone! It was nice to learn more about Ms. Lawrence. For sure. 🙂

  7. A great interview. Thank you Julia for the extra links too, as they were very useful. Thank you to Tricia for sharing your ideas. It will help greatly in trying to fine tune a suitable manuscript, rather than submitting anything and hoping for pot luck! 🙂

  8. Terrific interview! Lots of concrete info.

  9. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Tricia through her interview and links, and I’m looking forward to what March brings!

  10. I can’t believe March is almost over. Thanks for the wonderful interview.

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