I “met” today’s Tuesday 12 x 12 in 2012 author, Bethany Telles, before 12 x 12 even started. She and I both participated in PiBoIdMo last year and in the MeeGenius Children’s Author contest. Needless to say, I was so excited when Bethany won a contract for her book – WAITING FOR JAMES IN A SEA OF PINK. Since then, she has been actively helping others navigate the writing and publishing path in our community. Please welcome Bethany!
If you catch me lost in thought, I can promise you one thing: I’m not thinking about calories, getting my nails done, or celebrity gossip. Odds are, I’m trying to figure out why in the world this new MC in my head absolutely must stub his toe on that table… or maybe I’m thinking about laundry. Either way, my brain won’t stop. It can’t! I have an entire WORLD of inspiration all around me, and lucky for me- I’m a WRITER!!
Wait, what the heck does that mean?
To me, writing is my passion; It isn’t something I casually decided to pick up as a fun hobby, one afternoon. Plain and simple, I love to write. I may not be the greatest at math, science, dishes, or gardening, but creating characters and stories from my inner thoughts is something I know I was born to do. And you know what the greatest feeling about being a writer is? Knowing I’m not alone!
In the last year, I have joined a critique group, entered into a rather large writing contest, belly-flopped into PiBoIdMo, began my blog, catapulted myself into 12×12, and… got published! Now, that might sound like a lot (sheesh… maybe it is!), but it doesn’t feel that way because of the insurmountable support I have received. There isn’t a single writer in my family. And my husband? Well, while he’s gung-ho supportive of me, he’s much more the He-Man, meat eating, biology majoring, military type… Definitely not a creative bone in that man’s body! So, to have like-minded writer enthusiasts around me- virtual or otherwise- is a blessing. I am able to vent my frustrations, throw out a dozen mindless questions, and share good news or ideas to every single member of this wonderful kidlitcommunity. And the 12×12-ers? Well, I can’t help but think that this group is a cut above the rest.
12×12 has given me a gift. It has enabled me to focus and LEARN. I couldn’t ask for anything better. When I signed up, it was a personal challenge and an overall goal for me to keep in my back pocket. Now that we are just about HALF WAY THROUGH (eeek!!), I have six manuscripts and a whole lot shoulders to stand on. My goal for the rest of the year? I would LOVE to wind up with six more manuscripts and have the chance to be a good set of shoulders for another writer to stand on.
Thank you, to all of you who constantly prove that we in the kidlit/Picture book community support and care for one another. And, BIG thanks to Julie… I wish I had a fraction of your generosity and brain power!
Bethany Telles lives in California, with her husband and two hilarious boys. She went to the Institute of Children’s Literature, and this last March, her book WAITING FOR JAMES IN A SEA OF PINK, was published by MeeGenius.  She constantly questions everything, loves trees, elephants, and fountain pens, but isn’t a fan of chocolate. She pretends to be witty, but the truth is, she rewrote this bio 14 times, in the hopes to say something to make you laugh.
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  1. Thanks for your bright encouragement, Bethany! Congrats on all your accomplishments in the past 6 months! So if you don’t like chocolate, what do you use for comfort food? 😛

  2. Great bio!! 🙂 You are full of life, creativity and enthusiasm. Love all your positivity in the 12×12 camp! And here’s to many more publications!

  3. Wow!! You are an inspiration to the rest of us. Congrats on your book.


  4. wow! it sounds like a lot of living – and writing – crammed into a few short months. Do you have a magic “time stretcher” for when you are working on your stories? Congratulations & I can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with.

    • “Time stretcher”? Hmmm… Well, ignoring the household chores and occasionally allowing my boys to watch an extra 30 mins of TV seems to work! Haha But, seriously… My house is pretty icky 88% of the time. 😉

      Thank you, Sue!

  5. I enjoyed the bio and loved it even more when I read the note about 14 times. You do great bellyflops!

  6. Goooo Bethany! Awesome article and I swear I nodded my head off as a read {and even as I type this I wonder what would happen if you really could nod your head off? poem? pb?} Thanks for sharing your passion!

    • Oooh! Nodding your head off sounds like a marvelous way to start your day! Although, I swear I thought you meant you were falling asleep while you were reading this, and I had a sad face going for a good minute. Reading is fundamental, Bethany (yes, even for writers)! *Facepalm* Hehehe

      Thank you so much, Deb! And good luck with that story… I expect a credit or two when it becomes a best seller!

  7. It was lovely hearing about you. Yes you did make me smile with your bio and post, you do have a sense of humor which comes through in your writing. Great meeting you in the 12×12.

  8. Congrads on all your goings-on, Bethany! It is lovely to know you and to know about your sweet book. Cannot wait to read it. *cheers*

  9. I love Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink! I was so happy when I saw Ms. Telles was doing this post! I like being a writer. 🙂

  10. I so enjoyed reading this, Bethany! You’re a powerhouse of energy and creativity. I appreciate your enthusiastic encouragement in 12 x 12 so much. Thanks, Bethany!

  11. Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

    Bethany, I’m so impressed by you! You are delightful and so uplifting. So glad you have the support of your wonderful husband and that you feel the need to write. You have accomplished quite a bit these last few months and I can’t wait to see what you do in the years to come! Great post and thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Holy moly! Coming from YOU?? That means a lot!! You’re the greatest, and I simply aspire to be just like you!! Thanks for making my day, pretty much EVERYDAY!

  12. Doing what we love is a blessing indeed. Especially doing it with other like-minded people makes it even more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. What a fun surprise to find you here this morning! You are such an encouragement to us all, and we are blessed to know you!

    And the chocolate thing, I just can’t wrap my mind around it. Though I do share your love of popcorn. Have you ever tried Moose Munch? Chocolate + popcorn. It is heaven.

    • Thank you, Amy!! You are too sweet!

      And Moose Munch? Why would someone ruin a perfectly nice jernal of popcorn by putting chocolate on it?! Hahaha! We shall see… 😉

  14. Bethany, you definitely made me chuckle a few times! I’m always lost in thought, my poor kids think I’m talking to them half the time. And btw you already do have a good set of shoulders to help others with their mannys <—stole your word again! 😉

  15. LOVE your energy and congrats on all the wonderful things happening for you right now!

  16. It’s so nice to know a little more about you, Bethany. Does anybody actually write as a casual HOBBY? Who are these people? Are they mental??

  17. You are so full of fun, ideas, and enthusiasm it’s a joy to read 🙂 So glad all the writing projects are going so well. And amen to thanking Julie for starting 12×12! 🙂

  18. Bethany, it has been great getting to know you. You are a funny lady that I’m sure will continue to have success in your writing career.

  19. Such a fun post! I am having a love affair with white chocolate right now. What? It’s not even real chocolate! It’s crazy delicious though. AND so are sweet potato chips. And popcorn. Mmmm.

  20. Bethany, I understand about having a supportive husband who is not a writer, although my husband is creative building things but not with words.
    You also are fortunate to belong to writers groups and be able to tap into that like-mindedness. Enjoy it while you can.
    My priorities have had to change, but I still have my dream.
    Oh, and I don’t eat chocolate either. 🙂
    Thanks for this post.

  21. Great post Bethany! I am so happy to have gotten to know you! Your energy is contagious! Thank you for all you do!

  22. Nice to get to know you better, Bethany. Laughed at the bio! It’s great!

  23. This interview exudes enough energy to help solve California’s crisis! I won’t be amazed to hear of Bethany’s future success, but of it’s speed! And I certainly can’t imagine the boys are any less ‘spot on’ with their humor! Thanks Bethany and Julie!

  24. Wonderful post Bethany! I’m so glad you joined 12×12. Your blog always makes me ponder. I’ve also enjoyed seeing your success with James in the Sea of Pink. I’m sure more success is just around the corner. Congrats with your SIX manuscripts this year!

  25. Congrats on all your successes, Bethany and I’m wishing you many more! It’s been fun reading your post and your posts on the 12X12 facebook page. 🙂

  26. Bethany I can’t read your name without reading it ‘tales’. Seems like you were born to write. Welcome to the community and congratulations on the book!!

  27. You go Bethany! Wonderful bio. I am happy to get to know you a little better. It is always a pleasure to see your posts pop up on the 12 x 12 page. I have to comment, again, on your head shot – very nice. And congratulations on your success with “Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink.” I am glad that you are having such a great writing year. Thank you for the inspiration!

  28. Ooooh I so loved reading this. Congrats Bethany! I have always smiled whenever you appear on the facebook group page, your enthusiasum, stamina and caring words are always a joy to read. (sorry I am so late getting here)

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