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I can’t think of a sparklier, fizzier, fabulouser (yes I can make up words – I’m a writer) finale to the 2013 Tuesday 12 x 12 author series than Robyn Campbell. I’m going to keep the introduction short because Robyn’s one-of-a-kind voice comes through loud and clear in this post. You’ll see right away why WE heart Robyn — because she’s ALL heart. Folks, let’s all holler a huge Yeehaw to welcome Robyn!

Why I Heart You 12 x 12

Let me count the ways! Oh, wait a sec. I’m not Elizabeth Barrett Browning and this isn’t Sonnets from the Portuguese. Dang! I was getting into that. Side note: I’m in the group that believes Shakespeare didn’t write the sonnet How Do I Love Thee. (Yeah, I’m wacky like that.)

I’m good at counting from one to ten. (When you have seven kids you’re good to go on the countin’.) So let me see if I can come up with ten reasons explaining how much and/or why I heart this entire bunch of folks starting with J for Julie and all the way through the alphabet. (I can count, but my A, B, C’s leave much to be desired.)

I will tell you this is my second year in 12 x 12. So I’m two for two and haven’t even misbehaved. i.e. Julie and Kelli have not deleted my membership. *exhales* I will also say that I have not snagged an agent yet, so I can’t comment on that tingly feeling I believe will happen all over my body when that moment does arrive. (yeehaw)

I will tell you that I have learned much from this beautiful community of writers and artists. I treasure the laughs we’ve shared, the tears I’ve shed, and the general feeling of friendship that our group symbolizes. Isn’t that the most important message from 12 x 12? The down to earth, honest to goodness bonds we’ve made with each other?

So drum roll y’all.

1. Julie is just like our mommy. She cares for us and makes us feel better when we’re hurting. (agent rejection) Waaahaaaaaaaa.

2. Critiques help make our writing better and then we in turn give better critiques. See how that works?

3. We share the ups (someone was signed by an agent) and the downs (I wasn’t signed by an agent) and we console each other making the next month all shiny and new.

4. Our writing circles expand and we learn new and exciting ways to market our books, research new topics, and write query letters.

5. Speaking of query letters, I cannot tell you how much you all have taught me about this foreign language. So see? We learn new languages.

6. 12 x 12 is a win, win situation. We win even if we don’t find an agent by December. We’ve gained new pals and critique buds, and loads of information. (I’m telling you, you peeps are SMART!) My brain (the computer) has downloaded every bit of info it could possibly hold and I am all the better for it.

7. When the going gets tough, the tough get going should be our motto. We stand together through the good times and the not quite as good times. Kumbaya y’all!

8. I think of how much my writing wouldn’t have grown if I hadn’t heard of this fabulous bunch of people and I get all fidgety (or that could be the entire bag of Hershey Bliss I just ate). I’d be miles behind where I’m at now.

9. I’ve learned to write. I thought I knew how to write way back when. Pshaw! I was but a babe back then.

10. Which brings me to the last but not least reason I’m glad I’m a 12 x 12er. You guys have shown me the power of writerly love. Some of you know the struggles I’m going through right now with my son Christopher and the rare brain disorder he was born with. The love you have shown me will never be forgotten. (Special shout out to Susanna Hill, Cheryl Secomb, Julie Rowan-Zoch, Stacy Stenberg Jensen, Pam Courtney, Penny Parker Klostermann, Teresa Robeson, Meg Miller, Elaine Kiely Kearns, Stacey Byer, and the entire MPBM group.) *Waves*

Group hug 12 x 12ers. Thanks for listening to my drivel.

Robyn lives with her husband, six sons, one daughter (poor boys), horses, chickens, cats, dogs and assorted critters where she homeschools in NC. She writes short stories, picture books and middle grade novels. Robyn is in The Crock of Charms Anthology which comes out in December.

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  1. Double dose of Robyn today – what could be better! You make my heart sing, PAL!

  2. Glad to on the writing journey with people like you, Robyn. Happy holidays.

  3. Ahhh, one of my favorite people is featured!! Robyn, darlin’, it’s about time we saw your beautiful smiling face here! While I already knew you from elsewhere, I am thrilled to see you at 12×12 because we can never get enough Robyn!!!

    I need to get you to sign my copy of Charms one day… Visit? 😉 xoxo

  4. I love this! Such an encouraging post. Me thinks I need to bump up my membership level. 🙂 Thank you, Robyn! (waving back) We love you, too!

  5. Cute and hilarious post, not surprising coming from the lovely Robyn! *waves back* BIG HUGS lady. 😀

  6. Wow! Seven children and you find time to write in 3 genres?! And you homeschool?! You are a Wonder Woman! I’m filled with admiration, and with prayers for your son’s improved health, and for all your family. I know this can’t be easy.

  7. Ditto what Pat said! Wonderful post!

  8. You are like Florence Nightingale for writers Robyn. We all love and appreciate you dearly. Your upbeat manner in the face of adversity is amazeballs *hugs*

  9. Hey Robyn, your words ring true on all of your ten reasons 🙂 I too am so happy to be sharing the 12×12 journey with some very intelligent, creative and extremely generous folk.
    Have a great Christmas 12x12ers.

  10. What a great way to end the year than with you and your fun-loving humor! Your top 10 reasons are wonderful. So glad I had the pleasure to get to know you.

  11. Robyn, I so agree that 12×12 is a win-win situation. You all have been a blessing to me in one way or another. I pray that God will give you strength as you deal with Christopher’s medical issues.

  12. ROBYN!!!!!! So glad to read your post, and nod my head with each of your 10 points. 12×12 is totally WIN. I’m joining everyone in hoping that you’ll continue to have strength and courage in dealing with all that’s happening with Christopher, and that all will be well. I am grateful for your presence in our midst, friend!

    ***waving back*** (and a hug for good measure)

  13. Glad to meet you, Robynn. Kudos to you for finding the time and space in your life to write.

  14. Great post! Lots of wonderful points about 12 x 12 – so agree.

  15. So upbeat, just like you, friend,

  16. What an awesome post. It is exactly how I feel as well, and you have even listed quite a few of my favorite people as well. Well done!

  17. Great NC voice shinin’ through here, Robyn! I agree with your list of 10!

  18. Love the counting and glad we are buddies. 🙂 Here’s to 2014!

  19. Very uplifting post. Enjoyed your 10 points about 12×12. Looks like we all agree! Great interview.

  20. Thanks be to all you guys stopping in to share my 12 X 12 post. (I wondered if anyone would.) Robyn has sighs of glorious relief. 🙂

  21. You’ve summed up 12×12 perfectly, Robyn! And your happy, bubbly voice comes through loud and clear 🙂 Now I’ll count the ways I heart you:
    R. You’re radiant, remarkable, and right-neighborly 🙂
    2. You’re always cheerful even when times are tough.
    B. You’re always willing to help your fellow writers.
    19. You write fun stories!
    N. No one could be fabulouser than you 🙂
    And see? I can count as well as you do 🙂 Best of luck with your writing in 2014. The right agent is right around the corner 🙂

  22. Wonderful wrap-up for us to reflect on all the good 12×12 brings.

  23. You’re 10 for 10, Robyn! And you are a 10!!! And you’ve made my day a 10! Thanks for such a great wrap-up post for 12 x 12! You’re the best 🙂

  24. Yes, Robyn, you are a capital TEN in a very large way. I heart you for all the reasons stated above. Your amazing spirit shines through during all the gray days and Christopher has numerous reasons to love you as we all do. May your struggles with Christopher lighten up soon.

    Kisses and hugs
    and smooches too.
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  25. YEEHAW! 🙂 My score 5 bajillion out of 5 bookworms (because we’re authors, the bookworms help vote)!

  26. You hit the nail on the head with your ten reasons to heart 12 x 12. I am always amazed at writers like you, Robyn, who have so much going on in their lives and still make the time to write. Congratulations on your second year of 12 x 12 and the growth you have experienced. I enjoyed this post. “Learning a new language” along with many other funny things, got me smiling. And your mention of the circle expanding really hit home – that is the magic of 12 x 12 it has rippled out into the writing community in the form of other groups – absolutely amazing.

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