I’m now into Day 3 of my Rancho la Puerta week, and I already feel transformed.  The minute the bus glides through the gates, my shoulders loosen their death grip.  Ahhhh.  That’s all I can think. 

It turns out the focus of this week’s guest presenter series is on cracking creativity open.  How perfect!  It is way too soon for me to write anything profound about what I am experiencing because I haven’t had time to absorb it all and the week is still very much in progress.  However, here are a few snippets from the sessions I’ve attended so far with Irene Borger – a writer, teacher and wellness consultant.  Her workshops series is entitled “Writing from Your Life,” but it’s really about unlocking the creative within all aspects of life.  A few kernels of wisdom:

  • “Try substituting inquiry for judgement.”  This applies to everything in life, whether it is to your work, your relationships, your interactions with people.  Every time you feel yourself starting to judge, ask a question instead.  Instead ofThis paragraph is the worst I’ve ever written.  S/he is so mean.  This dinner I made tastes terrible.  Substitute: What am I really trying to say in this paragraph?  I wonder why s/he is so angry right now.  What can I do with this recipe now to make it better?   Then see what happens.
  • “Waste no time evaluating early.”  I love this one.  Irene also referred to this as “protect vulnerable beginnings.”
  • “Creative people can delay closure on a problem.”  They are willing to wait in the “unknown” for a long time, without rushing and without judging.  In other words, play with your work.  Have fun.  Let it emerge.  Let the spring well up from the ground into a fountain.
  • Or, as Annie Dillard says of her writing process, “First I make a mess, then I clean it up.”

That’s all for now.  I’m leaving off the creative and going to work on flattening my abs on the Pilates arc barrel!  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I have heard Annie Dillard’s quote, “First I make a mess, then I clean it up.” I love it! It also goes right along with my featured quote for the month.

    I also love the sentence, “Creative people can delay closure on a problem.” This is so true! I’ll wait in the unknown forever. I can be quite indecisive sometimes – about everything.

    Hope you’re having loads of fun!

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